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  • Microcement in Adelaide - Highly decorative spaces with smooth cement

    We are Topciment®, a company specialized in the manufacture, design and sale of smooth cement for more than 17 years. With our origins in Valencia, our presence has grown to become a worldwide organization. We started with a dream, which over time has been fulfilled, to create a coating of unparalleled quality that guarantees the best results wherever it is applied. For this reason we bring our microcement to Adelaide, in order to provide professionals with a material that is revolutionizing the decoration sector.

    Our constant effort to keep growing has made that today we have a wide network of distributors internationally and allowing us to bring our presence to cities as relevant in the international scene as: New York, Vancouver, Sydney, London, Berlin, Madrid, Paris and much of the Asian territory. It is undeniable the influence we have acquired in recent years, however, we are aware that to get here we could not have done it alone. It is thanks to all the people who have decided to trust us and who continue to do so today, that we have become what we are today.

    This trust is earned over time and with a job well done, but also by giving guarantees of success from the beginning. Because maintaining a long-term professional relationship is a great effort, but to be trusted the first time is not an easy task either, however, we have the feat of having one of the most prestigious and distinguished quality certificates, the ISO 9001:2015. A seal of which few companies can boast and that allows us to stand out guaranteeing success in every project.

    We have never imposed limits to our professionalism. We have a product that guarantees excellent finishes in any area or environment where it is applied, as well as highly qualified and experienced professionals who strive like no one else to give the best of themselves every day. This has made our microcement to be requested for all types of rooms regardless of the dimensions or conditions in which they are located, since our microcement is equally effective in any environment: hospitals, factories, homes, residences, supermarkets, swimming pools, restaurants, offices, terraces... These are just a small example of all the areas in which they can be applied.

    Microcement: decorative coating ideal for all environments

    In a very basic way we would say that it is a material that is composed of cement, additives, resins and mineral pigments. However, as simple as it may seem, the microcement is a decorative coating that stands out above the rest, becoming one of the most demanded in recent years by professionals in the decoration.

    Its use has increased drastically in recent years as it is a decorative material capable of renovating spaces more quickly and easily than other coatings, and all this while guaranteeing fantastic performance and durability.

    Smooth cement has a low thickness of 2/3 mm, which, added to its incredible adherence, makes it possible to apply it on any type of material or support: plasterboard, plaster, marble, brick, cement, metal, stone, ceramic, tiles, etc. Without having to remove the original surface. This is because microcement is applied directly on the existing material, thus avoiding the generation of debris, as well as affecting the infrastructures where it has been installed, thanks to its light weight.

    A decorative coating that knows no limits, as it can be applied in all kinds of environments: floors, walls, ceilings, stairs, terraces, balconies, showers, bathrooms, kitchens, furniture, swimming pools... Its wide versatility is responsible for giving us so much freedom in its use, since we offer the professional a specialized microcement for each situation. Something that has attracted the attention of different professional profiles such as architects, interior designers, construction companies, designers and even individuals; all of them have found in our microcement the right product for their decorative projects.

    The qualities of microcement make it the leader in decoration

    If you thought this was all, wait and see, because if microcement is known for something, it is for offering a great number of advantages as a decorative coating, making it the ideal solution for all types of rooms.

     Modern microcement room in Adelaide overlooking the garden...

    Rubble makes history

    As mentioned above, microcement is a product that innately offers great adhesion. This characteristic allows it to adapt to any support, surface or material without the need to carry out a construction process or generate any type of debris.

    A singular resistance

    Its use has been extended to all types of areas as it offers fantastic resistance that makes it an excellent product against any factor. It stands out for its great resistance to wear and tear due to pedestrian traffic, abrasion, temperature changes, UV rays, knocks and scratches.

    No more accidents, anti-slip finishes

    We guarantee the safety of using our product through its anti-slip finish. We are aware that our microcement is installed in environments where an accident could result in an accident: hospitals, industries, kitchens, bathrooms... In this way, we want to reduce as much as possible the unfortunate slips by using our anti-slip product.

    Unique results

    We know that each project is different. The tastes of the client and the environment where the microcement is installed can vary a lot, for this reason, we have a product that fits the desires of each one, offering personalized results of high category.

    Without joints you enjoy more

    With microcement, continuous surfaces are achieved without any joints, giving spaces an elegant and sophisticated character. Hygiene also benefits, as it prevents the accumulation of dust and dirt in the grooves and facilitates cleaning.

    High-end kitchen designed in microcement cladding in Adelaide.

    Moisture is no longer a problem

    A coating that is already naturally very resistant to environmental humidity, but this characteristic can also benefit from the application of varnishes or sealants that will make microcement an almost impermeable material. This characteristic is indispensable in coastal areas such as Adelaide, where humidity is a factor throughout the year.

    And that's why we are microcement specialists in Adelaide

    Our goal as a microcement company in Adelaide is to ensure the complete satisfaction of all our customers and partners. To this end, we strive to offer a high performance product and service to ensure the success of each project and to respect the trust placed in us.

    We are aware that a good product is not enough, it is the whole process from start to finish, from the development of the microcement to the final evaluation, which makes us true professionals in our field. We create and maintain links with those who bet on us and we make sure to guarantee the satisfaction of all of them.

    ISO 9001:2015

    Our good work as a microcement company in Adelaide and the rest of the world, has given us one of the most recognized certificates in the coatings industry, the ISO 9001:2015 quality seal. A prestigious title that only a select few enjoy and which enhances our value as a company in the design, manufacture and sale of microcement.

      Hotel entrance with bar counter and microcement surfaces in Adelaide.

    Innovative SME

    Our goal to continue progressing and evolving has allowed us to advance towards technologies and facilities at the forefront that guarantee products of unparalleled quality. This effort has led us to be awarded the title of Innovative SME, a recognition that highlights both our professional and business trajectory.

    Personalized advice

    In order that you feel accompanied throughout the process we have a specialized technical service through which you can contact us with any questions, suggestions or advice, and one of our experts will be in charge of helping you until they have been solved.

    We train microcement applicators at all levels

    In Topciment® we are experts in the training of microcement applicators for over 17 years, offering a complete theoretical and practical course at all levels and that is aimed at both advanced professionals seeking to perfect their techniques or learn about new products, as well as for beginners who are starting in the coating. These courses are taught by experienced applicators who are up to date with the latest trends in the microcement sector.

    The training courses are classified according to the individual level of the student, so that an adapted teaching is offered. The classes will cover all the essential aspects of microcement: application process, techniques, curiosities of each type, tips, etc.

    It is not necessary to be part of our company, any applicator interested in progressing professionally, is suitable to carry out our microcement training.

    Spacious restaurant room with microcement flooring in Adelaide.

    Maximum customization with our microcement in Adelaide

    We guarantee to respond to all the demands that arise every day through an elaborate and wide range of microcements. Each one different from the rest, with unique properties and finishes that allow us to provide customized finishes and tailored to the tastes of each client.

    Below we will show you the different lines of microcement, going in depth into their characteristics and functions:

    Microbase, traditionally manufactured microcement.

    Our most traditional microcement line, Microbase, is available in single-component (Evoluttion) and two-component (Sttandard ). This cement-based coating offers surprisingly high hardness and strength, making it the ideal line for the preparation phase. In some cases it has also been found as a finishing product, offering characteristic results of its own character with greater texture and a rustic tone. Granulometries in L, XL and XXL.

    Microfino, specialized microcement for walls.

    This coating is available in both single-component (Evoluttion) and two-component (Sttandard). It is a specialized microcement for application on non-trafficable surfaces due to its finer grain. In recent years, some professionals have also used it as a flooring product because, despite its thinness, it offers fantastic mechanical and chemical resistance that guarantees maximum safety. A product of a sophisticated nature, it has the ability to create environments of great elegance. Find it available in sizes XS, S and M.

    Minimalist style shared bathroom with microcement surfaces in Adelaide.

    Microdeck, microcement specialized in floors

    Unlike the previous line, Microdeck is a product designed to be applied on floors and walkable areas. This product is available in single-component (Evoluttion) and two-component (Sttandard ). It is recognized for offering resistant results that are not devalued by the wear and tear of pedestrian traffic or abrasion, and it also provides surfaces with an amazing slip resistance. Its grain size is classified in M and L.

    Microstone, the microcement for exteriors

    The Microstone line of microcement, the specialist coating for renovating outdoor surfaces thanks to its attractive appearance that blends in with its surroundings and simulates the look of natural stone. A material with high resistance to abrasion and anti-slip properties to create safe surfaces. It is available in L and XL grain sizes.

    Atlanttic Aquaciment®, ideal for high humidity areas.

    If your idea is to cover a space in an area of high humidity or directly in contact with water, Atlanttic Aquaciment® is the line you are looking for. This waterproof and non-slip microcement is ideal for coating swimming pools, bathrooms, showers and any surface affected by high humidity. It is made from an innovative formula that enhances its properties when in contact with water.

    Its aesthetics is also worth commenting on, since it has the capacity to generate distinguished environments in the purest style of high decoration. Atlanttic Aquaciment® is available in L and XL granulometries.

     House with open space in the center clad entirely in microcement in Adelaide.

    Industtrial, epoxy-based microcements

    The microcement stands out for offering durable and resistant surfaces thanks to its exclusive formula composed of epoxy resin and aggregate. This coating is created to respond to those environments subjected to heavy weights on the floor, such as warehouses, industries, etc. A product with high resistance to traffic, ideal for interiors.

    Find this product in up to 16 different colors and 4 grain sizes: Industtrial XL, Industtrial Base, Industtrial Medium and Industtrial Smooth.

    Quartz Effect, ready-to-use line

    Ready-to-use microcement line, Efectto Quartz, elaborated free of cements that may cause possible future cracks or shrinkage. A product that provides great workability to the applicator and allows him to do his job faster and more efficiently, achieving outstanding results, which makes it the most suitable microcement for the renovation of inhabited houses.

    Natture, microcement tadelakt

    The Natture range of cladding is our lime-based microcement with which to achieve unique environments that resemble traditional tadelakt cladding, but reinvented, in order to guarantee better properties in terms of resistance and durability. Spaces will be more attractive and elegant, as well as out of the ordinary. This microcement is available in XL, L, M and S sizes.

    Restaurant designed with microcement stairs in Adelaide.

    Residential and commercial areas, with microcement, are more attractive

    In the microcement we find a material that no matter where it is intended for use, the effectiveness of its results will be accurate, providing attractive decorative finishes in symphony with the strength and durability that will provide all rooms.

    As we mentioned in the previous section, the coatings we have are varied and their characteristics are ideal to meet the requirements of any space, thus, in the microcement you will find a material that either for residential or commercial areas, the result will be equally excellent, creating attractive environments and own character.

    Commercial Area

    Its adaptability at all levels makes it the ideal decorative coating for all kinds of commercial areas. In it you will find a great resistance to traffic, as well as to scratches and stains, ideal qualities for environments where there will be a continuous and massive passage of people, thus helping to last in better conditions over time.

    Residential Area

    Whether to cover walls, ceilings, floors, stairs... With microcement you will obtain resistant surfaces with designer finishes, which will raise the decorative value of the room to a higher level.

    Specific demands? We have the product to measure

    We are specialists in microcement, but we are also specialists in providing accurate and exclusive results, and for this we have a wide range of products including other coatings, paints and glazes, in order to ensure maximum satisfaction in every job.

    Printed concrete, a highly versatile coating

    In printed concrete we find one of our most demanded products by professionals. It is a coating that offers high aesthetic and functional performance. Its composition, based on binder, water, aggregates and some additives, makes it a material of great hardness and resistance, ready to cover all kinds of surfaces.

    Its strong point is in the design, because it does not offer an ingenious system by which in the process of elaboration, when the concrete is fresh, different molds are applied to it with which to configure the aspect of our product. In this way we achieve that the concrete represents other textures and designs, as well as imitations of other materials: brick, wood, cobblestones, tiles, slate, cement, etc.

    Elitte, our line of metallic glazes

    We present our new line of metallic glazes, Elitte. This unique product allows us to obtain results totally different from what we have known before. It can be used on trafficable and non-trafficable surfaces, generating a wonderful metallic (Glace) or glitter (Glitter) effect.

    All in Mettal, Classic Mettal Paint and Pure Mettal Coating

    Metal in decoration is in fashion, and here come our two lines Classic Mettal and Pure Mettal to give the maximum splendor to the rooms. Both products can be applied both outdoors and indoors thanks to their great resistance, allowing them not to deteriorate.

    Decorative materials that give rise to creativity and innovation, since by using Mettal Activator, our rust activator, you can give surfaces an industrial and vintage look with a rust effect.

     Kitchen open to living/dining room with microcement floor in Adelaide.

    Emottion, tile paint without primer

    And here comes our Emottion tile paint, a product which does not need primer and with which you can give a totally renewed look to your spaces quickly and easily, thanks to its extra fast drying. It is resistant to running water, abrasion, UV rays and scratches, which gives it the ability to decorate both outdoors and indoors.

    Originally created for use on tiles, professionals have proven that it generates the same successful results on other substrates such as: metal, plaster, microcement, wood, plasterboard, concrete, among others. Find it available in 10 different colors.

    Adelaide microcement price: variables that affect the final cost.

    To determine the approximate price of microcement in Adelaide, we need the help of professionals who know how to evaluate each variable that affects the final cost: the scope of the project, the materials used, the condition of the substrate, the site conditions, traffic, professional staffing costs... so it is inaccurate to calculate a price until all these variables are fully understood. The cost of the project, traffic, professional staff costs... it is therefore inaccurate to calculate a price until all these variables are fully understood. To do so, you can use the form to contact us directly and a specialist will help you.

    For this you can contact us directly through the form and an expert will help you.

    Join and take off with us: Adelaide microcement company

    After almost 20 years of journey and the achievements with which we carry on our back, and we have shown more than enough that the goals are to meet them. Today we are one of the most influential companies of microcement on the world stage and that only encourages us to want to go for more, but not alone, if not hand in hand with the best company.

    Do you like the idea? Take off with us by bringing our microcement to Adelaide and help us revolutionize the decoration and construction sector, with an unparalleled material and a company that takes it to its maximum splendor.

    If you want to know more about how to join us and what advantages it would have, contact us through the form, so that our professionals can help you by showing you everything you need to know.

    Experience creativity with our multitude of microcement colors

    As we have already mentioned, one of our objectives is to provide highly customized finishes, in order to meet the most demanding expectations of our customers.

    We have an elaborate catalog of more than 30 colors for microcement, which gives us the opportunity to achieve this decorative goal, achieving unique and beautiful results.

    Our two lines of liquid colorants: Arcocem WT Basic and Arcocem WT Plus, are the two lines that allow us to work without limits. With the first one we create the base to form the pigments of Arcocem WT Plus, a line of pigment pastes in single doses with which we form our color chart.

    Work office with forest view and microcement floor in Adelaide.

    We are here, tell us what you are looking for

    Do not think twice, this is the best time to carry out what you have been thinking about for so long with illusion. With us you have the guarantee of obtaining really successful results. Our experience and reputation are the proof of it.

    Fill in the form below so that our team of highly qualified professionals can contact you via email or telephone and help you with any questions or suggestions.