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    At Topciment® we have been manufacturing microcement systems for all types of surfaces for more than fifteen years. Throughout all these years, and with the experience we have acquired, we have become true specialists in everything related to high quality decorative coatings.

    Thus, no matter where the area to be covered is located, thanks to its qualities, our materials adapt perfectly to both indoor and outdoor areas, whether they are in homes or spaces that belong to the work or industrial environment such as offices, warehouses or factories.

    Microcement in Canberra has no secrets for us as we have a very high level of expertise both in Australia and anywhere in the world. Our products and our professional applicators are able to apply them in any circumstance, always achieving more functional and aesthetically trendy areas.

    This expertise has also led us to be a leader in training other external professionals who come to us to improve their application skills.

     Terrace with microcement in Canberra

    Microcement: quality finishes on any surface

    Microcement is a coating that, thanks to its characteristics, has become one of the latest trends in the construction sector. Its 3 mm thickness and its great adhesion to any type of surface make it an optimal solution with infinite decorative possibilities.

    This coating, which has no expansion joints, allows for the creation of continuous surfaces full of unique nuances that combine with any surrounding material, as well as facilitating its application on materials such as wood, stone or ceramics.

    As it is a coating that can be applied over existing substrates, it avoids the need to carry out building work with its corresponding rubble, which makes any renovation difficult and difficult. Microcement only provides facilities and represents a great step forward in the sector, thus becoming a trend that has more and more professionals opting for it.

    This covering elevates the amplitude of spaces as it helps to create surfaces without interruptions in which the sensation of infinity is always present.

    More reasons to renovate with microcement in Canberra

    Microcement is a coating whose qualities stand out when compared to other materials in the sector. This is the main reason why it is being the most used and demanded decorative coating by professionals.

    Protects against humidity

    Microcement is a material with a high alkali content. This makes it the ideal covering for use in areas such as bathrooms or kitchens where humidity conditions are constant and high. When used, the areas where it is used are protected from mould and mildew, provided they are sealed with the appropriate varnish.

     Attic decorated with microcement in Canberra

    Strength and durability

    Few building materials have so many types of resistance in their composition. This is possible thanks to the mixture of aggregates, cements and concrete it contains, which gives it extreme hardness and makes it resistant to scratches, UV rays, wear and tear due to abrasion and the high pressures that occur in industrial or commercial surfaces with a large number of people or vehicles, preventing it from cracking, fracturing or staining. These will guarantee a long lasting durability of the surfaces on which the microcement is applied.

    Maximum lightness

    With a thickness of 3 millimetres, microcement has a very low weight. This makes it the most suitable cladding for use on any type of surface, horizontal or vertical, respecting structural loads and adapting to any area with great ease.

    Our microcement in Canberra can be applied anywhere

    Among all the qualities it possesses, microcement is a material with an amazing versatility of application that makes it a construction material applicable in any type of space, demonstrating unlimited possibilities of application that is not exclusive to floors and walls, as it can also be used on countertops or ceilings, as well as in all types of rooms regardless of the environmental conditions that are present in them.

    Functional and decorative flooring

    Microcement is a construction material that perfectly combines chemical and mechanical resistance and, thanks to this, it is an ideal coating for covering floors. This is because, thanks to the aforementioned resistance, neither UV rays, nor humidity nor strong impacts are able to change its appearance. On the other hand, being a coating that has no joints, it is easily cleaned by simply wiping it with a mop or damp cloth with neutral soap or other cleaners.

    Hotel´s hall with microcement in Canberra

    Stylish walls that last forever

    Elasticity, hardness and resistance are the great technical values that microcement brings to vertical surfaces such as walls. Thanks to these, when applied to walls, it is able to bring out all its aesthetic qualities, which are characterised by multiple finishes ranging from the silkiest to the roughest, depending on the decorative style to be reproduced. One thing is for sure: microcement walls will resist any attack while maintaining a pristine appearance.

    Safe and sophisticated bathrooms

    Cleaning chores in bathrooms are a thing of the past with microcement. There is hardly any need to clean the floors because there are no joints and, moreover, dirt has no chance to accumulate. Moreover, with this covering, everything from the bathroom floors and walls to the shower trays, washbasins or shelves can be covered, bathing everything with a layer of elegance and a non-slip power that will secure the room and prevent unnecessary slipping. Thanks to its constructive properties, microcement surfaces in bathrooms keep their appearance as good as the first day.

    Microcement kitchens, great ingredient for the home

    Microcement can be the perfect ingredient for the kitchen that a home needs. Thus, this construction material is ideal for applying to multiple surfaces found in these rooms such as floors, walls, islands or worktops, turning them into spaces that are more resistant to day-to-day use, in which light enters in much greater quantities, easier to clean and, above all, with the capacity to have its own decorative style or, on the contrary, to adapt to that of the rest of the house.

    Worktops that stand up to everyday life

    These are one of the surfaces that can suffer the most in a house. In this way, microcement becomes the most suitable material to cover the so-called "kitchen bench" as it provides all its resistance but also gives it aesthetic features with which it can become a cohesive element between furniture, floor and walls or show off its own style but combine perfectly with the rest of the elements.

     Restaurant with microcement in Canberra

    Swimming pools that relax when you look at them

    By using microcement on their surfaces, swimming pools become one of the favourite spaces for the inhabitants of a house. This is not surprising because when they are covered with this continuous coating, their resistance increases, their decorative appeal increases and also the safety that microcement specifically for swimming pools gives them with its ability to create anti-slip surfaces. Elegance and sophistication come together in these spaces, as the sensation of infinity caused by the lack of joints invites us to immerse ourselves in a sea of sensations without leaving our home.

    Stairs that raise the level of space

    Microcement stairs go from being mere constructive elements to become elements of great decorative value that extend their technical and functional features. This is why this continuous covering is so widely used in hotels, offices or homes that want to make the most of these areas to form part of the decorative system of the house. In addition to being easier to clean, as they have edges.

    Fireplaces that exude comfort

    Microcement fireplaces have become an increasingly used resource in any environment, as when applied with this cladding, they bring a much greater warmth to spaces and increase the quality of life. Decoratively, they can have a very important weight as part of the decorative system, and technically, it is not necessary to

    Microcement is for residential and retail use

    More and more professionals in the sector, such as architects and interior designers, are placing their trust in microcement and its characteristics for use in their projects, regardless of whether these belong to the domestic or professional sphere.

    Thus, thanks to its versatility, it becomes a covering that can be used in different areas, such as domestic and professional, and adapt to them with great ease and providing the same qualities.

     House in Canberra with microcement on the floor

    Houses that increase comfort levels

    One of the great virtues of microcement is that thanks to its qualities it is able to turn a house into a home. Thanks to its subtlety, it can cover any surface of any room, from the attic to the kitchen countertops or the floor of a room. Wherever it is applied, it will bring all its benefits, creating modern environments in spaces that will be much easier to clean.

    Businesses and premises that perform better

    Another of the virtues of microcement is that it is capable of making you feel at home when you are in a work environment, whether in the office, in a shop, in a hotel or any other, making it the best work companion. Its infinite continuity creates positive feelings of calm and relaxation that help to relax people and increase their performance. It also greatly enhances the brightness of the room, making it more modern, cleaner and more beautiful. With microcement in Canberra you can make any workplace the place where everyone wants to work.

    We're producers and suppliers of microcement in Canberra

    At Topciment® we manufacture a range of microcements with a wide variety of products. As a manufacturer, we produce high quality cladding that can be adapted to suit any situation. But we don't just manufacture, as experienced distributors we can also deliver our microcement products to you in Canberra.


    For a successful application, it is essential to establish a good base. This is what this microcement preparation for floors and walls does. Its hardness is essential to give surfaces a robustness that will help them show up in great condition for a long time.

    Available in 3 grain sizes (L, XL and XXL), in addition to consolidating the surface, it is the start of the great finishes you want to achieve. It also has a single-component microcement (Evoluttion) and two-component microcements (Standard and Unlimited).

    Luxury living room with microcement in Canberra


    This versatile microcement has been designed to be applied on vertical surfaces where you want to create exclusive contrasts, thanks to the water effect that this coating allows to obtain.

    Its smooth and natural finishes make it a fixture in any type of space, hence the grains in which it is available are XS, S and M. Despite its fineness thanks to its chemical and mechanical resistance, it is also used for paving. Available as two-component (Standard) and one-component (Evoluttion).


    This microcement achieves non-slip finishes without requiring specific treatments, and its high resistance to wear and tear make it a great option for any type of flooring. Both for indoor and outdoor flooring, its microcomponent Evoluttion and its bi-components Sttandart and Unlimited, allow a very high number of finishes to be achieved. Available in granulometries M and L.


    This specific microcement for swimming pools has been created to increase the sensations of relaxation that are already felt in these spaces. On the one hand, we are facing a coating that confers a higher degree of aesthetics and also converts its surfaces such as the crown, the glass or the curb in more resistant and non-slip areas in which it will be virtually impossible to suffer slips.

    Atlanttic can be chosen in 2 different granulometries XL and XXL, depending on the effect and finishes to be achieved.

    Restaurant with stairs in microcement in Canberra


    Two-component microcement of considerable thickness which comes from the aggregate of which it is composed and which gives it a very high resistance and anti-slip capacity without having to be sealed. UV rays cannot discolour it or deteriorate the tone of the pigments. Available in L and XL granulometries.

    Effecto Quartz

    This revolutionary microcement system is mixed and therefore ready to use. Available in 4 different granulometries, this coating makes it possible to achieve very good finishes easily and quickly as no fibre mesh needs to be laid beforehand.


    Industtrial has epoxy resin and aggregates in its composition, which give it an exceptional resistance, making it the most commonly used microcement in high traffic areas that withstand high pressures. In addition, it behaves as a material with a high degree of impermeability in any of its 4 granulometries.


    Two-component lime-based microcement that stands out for its high workability and hardness, making it a coating that can be applied both indoors and outdoors. Stucco, exposed concrete, tadelakt? It is capable of achieving any type of finish naturally, also thanks to its various granulometries.

    Office floor with microcement in Camberra

    Teamwork and training: the keys to our success

    Since our beginnings, at Topciment® we have been very clear that in order to reach our objectives we had to take care of certain values such as teamwork and training.

    Teamwork leads us to function as a well-oiled machine in which all the departments generate synergies among themselves, in order to achieve the best results together, which have put us in a privileged position in the market.

    At the same time, training is a key aspect for us and we ensure that each and every member of Topciment® is continuously trained in order to be up to date at all times. We also want to pass on this expertise and know-how gained over time to external applicators and we do so in the courses we organise regularly.

    Work with the leader of microcement in Canberra

    If you think it's time to take your business to the next level, it's time to integrate Topciment® microcements into your product portfolio. Moreover, if you become our distributor you will also have at your disposal the best microcement applicators in the area.

    Become an official Topciment® partner and have a range of products that will help you meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

     Modern shower with microcement in Canberra

    Contact a specialist

    Do you need more technical information or do you have any questions about any of our products to carry out a project with microcement in Canberra? Contact us and solve your doubts.