The slip resistance of a floor plays an important role for safety, and is conditioned by the nature of the surface. A lack of adherence can cause loss of balance and therefore increase the risk of falls. It is a characteristic that needs to be paid attention to for the materials used in floors.

What regulations require from a floor will depend on the type of activity to be carried out on it, the slope, and its location.

In the eagerness to offer our customers the safest solutions, Topciment has carried out slipperiness tests inWessex el único laboratorio de ensayos de España especializado en este campo. Siendo como es la aplicación del microcemento un proceso con muchas variables, se han ensayado distintas alternativas de aplicación y de acabados, hasta conseguir cumplir con las normativas vigentes nacionales e internacionales relativas a la resbaladicidad.

With these results, the technicians will be able to choose based on the slipperiness needs the system to meet the requirements of the regulations. Having said this, we must take into account that the microcementit is applied on site, the applicator's hand influences the final result so the results we give can only be understood as reference values.

Slip resistance results