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Since 2005, Topciment® has strived to reach the highest level in all processes related to microcement. Thus, since our beginnings, we have strived to improve in every area, not only in manufacturing. In this way, we have also put all our efforts into application, distribution and even the training of our applicators and non-applicators. This is the only way to find the best results.

As you can see, we put all our experience at the service of microcement making us specialists in each and every one of the areas it encompasses.

For almost 20 years we have developed products of the highest quality that has led us to be a reference in the market. This has led us to obtain an expertise that goes beyond mere manufacturing. Thus, we also act as great advisors for those who want to know any aspect of a material such as microcement.

Our customer service department is always ready, working very long hours, to give you answers to your questions about this continuous coating, no matter if you need technical information, ask for a quotation or make a project with microcement in Ottawa or its surroundings, no matter if it is to be done indoors or outdoors or if it is for residential or industrial/commercial use. Don't hesitate to ask us and get in touch with the real specialists in the area, with a track record of almost two decades.

Luxurious house with outdoor area, both decorated with microcement in Ottawa.

What is microcement? A top building material

Microcement is a continuous coating composed of resins, cement, water, mineral pigments and additives with a thickness of 3 millimeters, thanks to which this material allows faster and cleaner surface renovations, as it can be applied directly on the surfaces to renovate spaces, without the need for building works.

This construction material is ideal for both new constructions and renovation of spaces, being a material with which the execution times are always very short, guaranteeing, in any case, the best results.

This coating has the ability to turn each area in which it is used into a unique surface. This is due to the fact that each and every application that is made with this compound is done in a completely handcrafted manner. Thus, applicators can achieve exclusive finishes on walls, floors, ceilings, even furniture.

Advantages of microcement, a high-performance material

Microcement has become the material most used and most asked about by the best decorators, architects or builders in Ottawa. The reason? Its great performance, which it can provide thanks to its many qualities. These allow it to perform in any location in homes, offices, factories, warehouses, hangars and large or small commercial spaces.

Maximum resistance

The microcement has a series of mechanical and chemical resistances that allow it to be kept in the best conditions, as the first day, preserving it in a very simple way. Our continuous coatings break with the belief that thicker coatings are more resistant. In fact, if correctly applied and maintained, our products do not crack or fissure, and remain intact in the face of impacts, high traffic, both of people and vehicles, or high pressures.

High quality at the best price

Nowadays, there is no other material in the sector that offers the same performance as microcement and that also has a really competitive price. This makes its value much greater than the price to be paid for it.

 Elegant kitchen in neutral tones with microcement floor in Ottawa.

Aesthetic versatility

As it does not need expansion joints, each area that is covered with this material is a surface full of continuity in which the sensation of spatial amplitude is elevated to the maximum power. This characteristic is highly valued because as soon as people come into visual contact with floors or walls clad with this covering, what they perceive is infinity.

Guaranteed absence of debris

One of the great qualities of this coating is that it can be applied on any support and material. Thus, it has the capacity to adhere to marble, ceramic, sandstone, concrete, cement, sandstone, tiles, etc. As if that were not enough, on all these materials it allows to achieve the finishes desired by both professionals and customers.

Unique colors and textures

There is no decorative style that cannot be achieved with microcement. This is due to the wide range of colors we have and the great variety of textures that can be achieved, always thanks to the hands of our specialized applicators.

Hygienic excellence

On the one hand, as it has no joints, it prevents dirt from becoming embedded in nooks and crannies that are difficult to access for removal. On the other hand, being a highly resistant and totally smooth surface, it can be easily cleaned with water and neutral pH soap, although for best results we recommend our specialized cleaners. To preserve it, applying our waxes every so often is more than enough.

 Innovative bar counter in an environment covered with microcement in Ottawa.

Microcement in Ottawa can be present in any space

If we combine all the properties of microcement, we realize that we are dealing with a building material that can be applied in a multitude of spaces and surfaces.

Thus, it is not uncommon to see it applied on floors or walls indoors or outdoors. In both, vertically and horizontally, as it weighs very little and is full of resistance, it demonstrates its qualities regardless of environmental or climatic conditions. In fact, more and more facades or terrace pavements are covered with this material prepared to withstand sudden variations in temperature, rain, wind or direct exposure to UV rays.

When we refer to spaces where humidity is always present, we cannot forget that it behaves perfectly in bathrooms. In the former, it can be applied to floors, walls and even shower trays, not only resisting humidity without the appearance of mildew, but also creating non-slip and therefore much safer floors.

Kitchens are also a space in which microcement can contribute its qualities, to obtain countertops that resist bumps and scratches so common, due to the activities that are practiced in them.

Not to mention swimming pools, surfaces that, no matter how much they are submerged, will not notice the passage of time if they are covered with this coating.

Finally, we must not forget that in any location or space in which it is located, the surfaces coated with microcement will become a key part of the decorative system.

Microcement walls and floors are the most in demand

Thanks to its versatility of application and its consequent ability to adapt to any space, microcement can be used in both horizontal and vertical surfaces, transforming them into areas that give off a beauty that is out of the ordinary.

Lightweight and, therefore, respectful of the structural loads of those areas in which it is applied, its use is increasingly common in floors, walls and even ceilings to which it embellishes, with all the nuances that this material allows to obtain in the surfaces on which it is applied, providing them, in addition to resistances that are unusual in the sector.

Walls that go beyond the limits of beauty

Restaurant with dining room covered with microcement floor in Ottawa.

When applied on walls, a mixture of textures and colors that fascinate those who come into visual contact with it can be admired. Thus, walls are probably the areas where the qualities of a continuous coating such as microcement are best observed.

Floors with superior qualities

As there are no joints, the spatial visual sensation is multiplied, filling the spaces with modernity and freshness and, in turn, with a feeling of unparalleled comfort. As if that were not enough, this covering is also extremely easy to clean, which makes users' lives much more comfortable.

Thus, continuity is one of the characteristics that make microcement a different material and the most suitable for application on floors.

Our know-how makes us the experts in microcement in Ottawa

Almost two decades later and with all the experience accumulated over all these years, we have obtained a recognition that shows the great work we have done since our beginnings. Thus, our products are ISO 9001:2015 certified, which indicates the high quality that resides in each and every one of our coatings.

In the same way, we make all our knowledge available to professionals so that those who are dedicated to the sector can develop in multiple facets to raise the level of the decorative-construction profession to satisfy all types of customers, even the most demanding.

Our technical service never rests

All the professionals who make up our technical service are regularly trained to become experts in our products and to be able to offer the most personalized attention to customers from all over the world. Thus, they are more than ready to offer free and personalized technical advice on our coatings, their application or also on problems that may arise.

We are the ideal partner for professionals

All those who want to become a Topciment® approved partner in Ottawa can count on the support of a brand with a long history and international recognition both for its quality products and for the results achieved in each application.

Modern bathroom with natural elements with microcement floor and walls in Ottawa.

Our training courses have prestige

Our sales technicians are not the only ones to benefit from training courses. In fact, we regularly organize training sessions in which we teach professional applicators, whether they are part of our team or not, to learn the best application techniques with our products. This is the only way to obtain the best results in an application.

Our courses are taught by our master applicators and are organized by levels of specialization so that any professional, regardless of their experience, can increase their level considerably.

We have an extensive range of microcements.

In order to produce great products, a process must be followed exhaustively so that from start to finish, things are done in a certain way in order to guarantee the best final result.

To begin with, at Topciment, we design our microcements taking into account the needs of spaces, customers and professionals. Then, we select the most natural raw materials that will bring the best performance to our products. Finally, during manufacturing, we rely on experts and the most advanced technology. The result is a high quality continuous coating that ensures long-lasting beauty, perfectly resisting the passage of time.

Here is a sample of what you will find in our catalog, taking into account that as a professional microcement Ottawa, you can benefit from all the advantages of the most demanded products on the market.

Large house clad with microcement in Ottawa.

Microbase, the ideal preparation of pavements

This preparation microcement is suitable for applying two coats before Microdeck or Microfino. Available in three granulometries, it makes it possible to achieve resistant surfaces with the desired level of finish. Its performance is such that in addition to floors, it can be applied on vertical surfaces such as walls.

Microfino, microcement for walls

Microfino is a microcement for walls with finishes similar to cement. Because of its very high strength, it demonstrates such a high hardness that it can also be used on floors.

Available in single-component (Evoluttion) and two-component (Sttandard) versions, it allows different textures to be achieved, depending on the granulometry chosen. In addition, it allows to achieve that original water effect.

Microdeck, microcement for floors

Microdeck, made with a cement base, is usually used for indoor and outdoor floors, achieving non-slip surfaces with high resistance to wear and tear due to abrasion and heavy traffic.

It is available in single-component (Evoluttion) and two-component (Sttandard ), in different granulometries and a wide range of colors. Thanks to its characteristics and adhesion, it can be applied on walls and furniture, where it gives the possibility of achieving rustic finishes. It can be applied with the "fresco on fresco" technique.

Atlanttic, two-component biton cire for swimming pools

Atlanttic is the microcement for swimming pools and other surfaces that are submerged or exposed to constant contact with water, such as fountains, ponds or saunas.

The possibility of achieving anti-slip and waterproof finishes makes it a very versatile product. For example, in swimming pools, it can be applied on crown, pool or curb. Available in various colors, it is recommended to use the elegant white or off-white. Its granulometries provide customized finishes, resistance and the creation of safe surfaces where there is no room for slipping, so typical in areas close to water.

Microstone, anti-slip microcement for exteriors

Sttandard Microstone is the two-component microcement suitable for outdoor flooring. Its robust finish is ideal for covering terraces, but as it is of great aesthetic value it can also be used for indoor flooring. Its possibilities are as many as the applicator wants.

Among its features we find the ability to create anti-slip areas and a great mechanical resistance and resistance to sunlight, all in a natural way, without the need to be coated with specific varnishes.

Top of the range restaurant with central stairs in microcement in Ottawa.

Efectto Quartz, ready-to-use microcement

Efectto Quartz has the ability to achieve very decorative finishes in a fast way because it is a ready-to-use microcement, which is already mixed. Thus, the professional only has to unclog the bucket and start applying. It is used both on walls and floors, indoors or outdoors, and its hardness and resistance are very high.

It does not require glass mesh in its application, which facilitates and simplifies the professional's task. For all these reasons, it has become one of the most chosen microcement systems for the renovation of spaces.

Natture, lime-based microcement

This two-component, lime-based microcement has superior workability and hardness, making it possible to obtain long-lasting finishes to taste.

Available in 34 colors and different grain sizes, the range of finishes that can be obtained is infinite. From the tadelakt effect to exposed concrete to stucco, its natural beauty is an eye-catcher on walls and floors, whether indoors or outdoors.

Industtrial: béton ciré with epoxy resin

Speaking of spaces or other industrial environments, so are parking lots, warehouses and factories. Thus, we have created an epoxy resin epoxy ciré béton for interiors with high mechanical resistance that also protects from humidity and shows an enormous hardness to the transit of people or heavy vehicles.

Its 4 granulometries and all the colors from which you can choose make the strength and great capacity for customization.

Our coatings for the most desired finishes

As specialists in continuous coatings, we produce products with great constructive performance but without neglecting the decorative aspect. Thus, in addition to our microcement, we have a line of decorative systems ready to delight all those who come into visual contact with them, both indoors and outdoors.

 Kitchen connected to living room with microcement floor in Ottawa.

Pure Mettal and Classic Mettal: metallic paints

Metallic finishes have become one of the latest big trends in the world of decoration. Therefore, in Topciment® we have created a range of paints with which these results can be obtained.

Thus, with Pure Mettal as a bicomponent containing metallic powder particles and an organic hybrid resin, and Classic Mettal (monocomponent), you can achieve those contrasts between lights and colors that are so demanded in interior spaces.

Mettal Activator: rust finish accelerator

This component has been created to, when mixed with our metallic paints, achieve those rusty finishes that are vital, for example, to achieve authentic vintage decorative styles so that the surfaces on which it is applied become the absolute protagonists of the spaces.

Emottion: Tile Paint

This tile paint has immense adhesion as it does not require priming. In addition, it dries in record time, resists running water and does not yellow when in contact with the sun's rays.

Elitte: decorative glaze

Elitte is our range of enamels created to fill areas with metallic or glitter touches that allow a large number of different finishes to be achieved so that decorative limits do not exist.

Printed concrete: the faithful imitation of nature

Large company office with glass doors and microcement floor in Ottawa.

This decorative system allows, through the application of molds of different materials such as wood, natural stone or bricks, to achieve original and resistant surfaces on horizontal surfaces.

We are the ideal partner for microcement in Ottawa

Want to grow your business? Now it's easy because Topciment® is expanding our international network of distributors.

What benefits will you gain by becoming our authorized partner? For starters, you should know that you can have in your store all the products in our catalog, microcement and high-performance decorative coatings that, despite being handmade, incorporate the latest technology on the market. In addition to all the support in marketing pieces such as catalogs, sales folders or any other format that can help you sell them.

On the other hand, you can also count on our technical service 365 days a year, totally free of charge, to solve any doubt or question you may have about our products or application processes.

If you think it is time to take a step forward and you want your business to go from being just another store to become a microcement reference in Ottawa, write us or call us.

Designer shower clad with microcement in Ottawa.

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