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  • Different finishing effects .

    The application of microcement is an artisanal work where we can achieve different finishes for the same material. The microcement finish will depend on the base, the application, the colour, the type of product, the application method and the trowel movement.

    The different effects depend on:

    The type of trowel used

    The choice of the type of trowel will be decisive for the final appearance of the coating, we have 2 types of trowel: rubber trowel and flexible steel trowel.

    We use rubber trowels exclusively for the Microfino, which makes the water slightly less pronounced than with a steel trowel. The rubber trowel exerts less pressure on the product, making it finer.

    On the other hand, the use of the flexible steel trowel is recommended if you are looking for a burnt effect or black marks.


    trowel burn mark

    From the conditions in which the base coat has been left.

    We always say that each layer should be applied as if it were the last, this is because due to the thickness of the material, the patterns or imperfections of the previous layers are marked on the subsequent layers. This characteristic of Microcement can be used to our advantage to create textures.

    microcement stone effect
    microcement with stone effect

    The colour and type of microcement.

    In Sttandard and Evoluttion Microfino the waters will be more visible than in Sttandard or Evoluttion Microdeck. Likewise in dark colours they will also be more visible, while in white and off-white colours the water will be almost imperceptible, especially if applied with a rubber trowel.


    microcemento fino claro claro oscuro aguas