The most famous house on social networks is designed with Topciment.

Everyone talks about Carmen House, the project of Valencian architect Carles Faus that has become the most famous home of the moment on social networks.

Light and white tones as main elements

Faus had a tough challenge: to create within the dwelling the same beauty that was already outside, taking into account the incomparable setting in which it is located, Les Marines (Denia). But he succeeded.

From its entrance, the house welcomes us with a large opening that conveys calm, sophistication and elegance where lighting is key. And it is that the location of each of the spaces in the house has been created based on the path that the light follows throughout the day.

Carmen House project with white microcement on the kitchen floor.

The Ibiza style used in wall coverings and flooring, perfectly combines with minimalist and natural decoration and earth tones, which evoke tranquility.

All of this causes us to divert our attention to the interior of the house and let ourselves be beguiled by the white colour of the microcement used in the coatings, which acts as a generator and conductor of light.

Interior and exterior microcement coatings at Carmen House.

Carmen House and Topciment

There is no doubt that Carmen House is one of those projects that inspire and where every detail counts: from its colours to the materials used for its creation.

And, in this regard, we at Topciment have a lot to do with it. Our microcement from the Sttandard range has been key in the creation of this architectural work:

- Standard Microdeckin white colour and satin finish: for interior floors and wall coverings.
- Sttandard Microbase white colour and satin finish: for exterior floors.

At Topciment, we have been manufacturing microcement and offering solutions to professionals for 15 years to create high-performance projects with high decorative grades such as Carmen House.

If you want to carry out your work, we will be delighted to advise you and help you build projects like this. Because with microcement there are no limits.

Shall we start?