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  • New products for cleaning and maintenance of decorative coatings.

    Topciment launches four new products specially formulated for the care, maintenance and cleaning of microcement, maintenance and cleaning of microcement.

    Ecoclean y Ecoclean PRO


    The cleaners. Ecoclean YEcoclean PRO they are ecological and their use It is indicated for domestic and professional use respectively.Both products are ideal for Any type of surface and formulated from high biodegradability elements.The Version for domestic use is perfect for continuity maintenance of the microcement, While the option for professionals is suitable for sporadic treatments and dirt Difficult and persistent.

    Ceraciment y Ceraciment PRO


    With maintenance waxes for floors Ceraciment and Ceraciment PRO We maintain the hardness and natural shine for much longer.Its formula Special, allows enrichment and penetration in treated soils, indicated Especially for microcement floors.Its special formula allows enrichment and penetration in the treated pavements, and are especially indicated for its application on MicrocementThey allow to preserve the color and the original finish of the surfaces.Besides, the PRO version has metallized finish that allows a high degree of brightness to the ground without affecting the conductive characteristics thereof.

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