Microcement showers for bathrooms full of advantages

Microcement showers have become an increasingly demanded option and in this news we are going to analyze why. After all, it is because this coating, when applied, generates hard, resistant surfaces with great aesthetic qualities.

In addition, it is easy to apply which greatly facilitates the work of professionals and also makes life easier for users who want to renovate their bathroom because they will soon be able to use their sink again.

Decoratively, microcement is capable of turning showers into one of the most notable and eye-catching architectural elements of the house due to its ability to create continuous surfaces.

What is microcement?

Microcement is one of the most used materials in the construction world today and a trend in bathroom interiors. Made from cement mixed with aggregates, fibres, resins and polymers, the material can be dyed in any shade and is available in a variety of finishes: smooth, textured, matte or glossy. It can be applied on the floor, walls or ceiling of the bathroom without previously removing the existing coating, which is a great advantage when choosing a microcement bathroom. For more information and to decide on the material for the next repair, we will analyze the advantages of this material in the bathroom.

Advantages of microcement showers

Microcement is a material composed of cement, marble dust, and fiberglass. It is extremely durable and water-resistant, making it an excellent choice for shower cladding. Microcement is available in a wide variety of colours and textures, allowing it to adapt to any bathroom style. Below are the main benefits of microcement for showers:

1. Microcement surfaces are very easy to clean. This is because the areas it creates are extremely smooth, making cleaning very simple. It is difficult for dirt to accumulate or bacteria to appear on floors and walls made of this material. This factor can be decisive in choosing this coating as a material to apply in showers.

2. The m icrocement is extremely water resistant, making it ideal for lining showers. It is not damaged by hot water or the chemicals used for cleaning.

3. Microcement is very durable and resistant to abrasion. It does not scratch or fade with use, so it will maintain its new appearance for many years. It also shows great resistance to impacts or blows.

4. Microcement is a very versatile material and can be used to coat different surfaces, both vertical and horizontal. It is ideal for those bathrooms that have irregular surfaces, adapting to any support, regardless of the direction in which it is located or the shape of the surface.

5. Microcement is very easy to apply but must be carried out by professionals. This will benefit in the long run for several reasons: they are capable of achieving the desired finishes, the adherence of the material will be total since they know the application process perfectly, and, they are also capable of reducing the times of each renovation or new construction, in short, of the application of microcement.

6. The microcement can be customized according to the needs and taste of each person. Different textures and colours can be applied to create a unique bathroom. With high resistances, its surfaces maintain their appearance intact.

7. Microcement is a material with a very competitive price. Its price is very competitive compared to other shower coatings. Being applied at high speed saves on labor, which reduces all budgets.

8. Microcement is also a material to create non-slip areas, making it ideal for coating showers and bathtubs. With its application on floors, thanks to the roughness that can be achieved, it creates floors where slips disappear. It is also very easy to clean, as water does not get absorbed into the microcement. Simply rinse the dust and dirt with water and soap, and the surface will look like new.

Microcement shower trays: their price, another great virtue

The price of microcement shower trays is not a fixed figure, but varies depending on a number of factors. First of all, the price varies depending on the size of the tray. Larger shower trays, of course, tend to cost a bit more. Another factor that influences the price is the design of the tray. There are some shower tray designs that are more costly to produce than others, due to their complexity. For example, a shower tray with a mosaic design will be more costly to produce than a smooth microcement shower tray and this will raise the cost of the former over the latter. Finally, the price of microcement shower trays also varies depending on the quality of the product used and the skills and experience of the professionals who have to carry out the application. In general, it can be said that the price of microcement shower trays is higher than that of other types of shower trays. However, the price is not a determining factor when choosing a shower tray. Quality and design are much more important.

Other ideas to apply microcement in bathrooms

Microcement can be applied in many ways in many places in the bathroom. As experts in the field, at Topciment we give you some more ideas, apart from showers, so you can complete your bathroom with an exceptional material.

1. Microcement bathtubs

Microcement bathtubs are an increasingly demanded element by both users and professionals in the sector due to all the technical and decorative features they offer.

But also because this innovative coating is capable of creating a non-slip finish to avoid the dangerous slips we suffer at some point in our life. Our non-slip varnish Topsealer WT makes bathtubs and coated with this material ares

Along with atrongeste, there is another sealant that can be used as a waterproofing agent to prevent water from stagnating and moldy areas from forming.

2. Microcement on countertops and sinks

Thanks to its impermeability, microcement is ideal for coating these types of surfaces. This is because both elements that are usually exposed to water and impacts, can be easily protected. In addition, the huge colour chart of Topciment microcement offers a wide variety of countertop and sink designs, with white and grey tones being the most demanded by those users who want to change the appearance of this room.

3. Microcement shelves in the bathroom

Organization and storage in the bathroom is essential. In some cases, this can become a real headache if the bathroom in question is very small. Therefore, the priority is to optimize the space as much as possible. Regardless of the size, opting for a microcement bathroom shelf is a success, as it not only allows you to store hygiene items such as towels, but it also helps to create a sense of continuity throughout the room. In addition, the flexibility of this material allows to create any type of microcement furniture in the bathroom, not just shelves.

4. Microcement walls and floors in the bathroom

Microcement, the most used in bathrooms, is no exception. One of the preferred options is to coat the walls, especially the bathroom floor, with microcement. A surface to consider as it can be non-slip as mentioned earlier and has the ability to create much brighter rooms.

5. Microcement sink

One of the best ideas for applying microcement in the bathroom is to use it to coat the sink, due to its low maintenance, functionality, design, and modern aesthetics. Regardless of the color of the microcement, the final finish will be very attractive, smooth, and pleasant to the touch.

The favourite colours for microcement bathrooms

We will start by saying that white, grey, and beige are the most used colours in microcement bathrooms.

As mentioned earlier, white is the favourite colour to enhance the brightness and cleanliness of the room and to create a sense of spaciousness in the smallest microcement bathroom.

Beige and other light browns are perfect microcement colours on their own for bathrooms seeking a rustic style and look.

If you are looking for an opposite style, more modern and current, grey is your best ally. In any case, it is important to note that the versatility of microcement in the bathroom allows for the combination of different colours.

As you can see, the potential of microcement in the bathroom is enormous. Some have fallen in love with the skills of architects, interior designers, and other construction professionals.

Types of microcement for the shower and the rest of the bathroom

The choice of one microcement or another for the bathroom depends on the customer's taste. Based on this, at Topciment we have developed several systems ideal for use in this space. We leave you those that best adapt to areas where humidity in the environment is common and with which you can achieve different finishes.

Microfine, microcement for bathroom walls

For vertical and non-walkable surfaces in the bathroom, we have Microfino. This is an ideal microcement for these areas because it resists scratches and its cleaning is simpler, thanks to its smooth surface. This allows creating areas with a very distinctive watermark effect. This line includes Sttandard Microfino (two-component microcement) and Evoluttion Microfino (one-component microcement).

Microdeck, to coat bathroom floors and furniture.

Stronger coverage with a natural and rustic look: this is the great quality of this microcement that also, has excellent resistance to abrasion from wear and traffic.

Industtrial, highly waterproof microcement

Industtrial is the most powerful bathroom microcement that can be applied to walls and floors, due to its great ability to withstand all threats derived from water. Its impermeability, hardness, and resistance are due to it being an epoxy microcement whose composition naturally makes it one of the strongest materials in the sector, in relation to all the resistances it possesses.

Efectto Quartz, ready-to-use microcement for the bathroom

As a ready-to-use microcement, Efectto Quartz is a coating that does not need to be mixed, making its application easier. But, even so, just because it is applied in a simpler way does not lose any of the characteristic properties of this coating. In fact, both on floors and walls, it can be easily applied and cover these surfaces, coating them and endowing them with unique characteristics, with very high resistances.

As you can see, at Topciment we have all kinds of products to carry out bathroom renovations so that they cover their surfaces protecting them from moisture, direct water contact or blows while giving them a much greater aesthetic appearance that, even, combining different materials.

Therefore, it is time to switch to microcement showers if you want to enjoy a much safer area, with exclusive aesthetic attributes and, very importantly, creating non-slip floors so that your quality of life increases and each shower becomes the most relaxing moment of the day.

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