Imprinted pavement: what it is, benefits and main uses

Currently there are innovative solutions to create original, resistant pavements that provide unique finishes. The imprinted pavement belongs to this group that combines functionality and aesthetics in equal parts. In this post we are going to discover everything that the floor of imprinted concrete can provide and what is its application process.

What is imprinted pavement?

The imprinted pavement is one of the decorative floors that, through the application of a varied range of molds, allows to imitate endless shapes. This type of pavement has conquered outdoor spaces due to the infinite design possibilities it offers.

The use of different molds varies depending on the type of pavement you want to imitate: wood, stones, bricks, tiles, cobblestones. The variety of shapes and textures is unlimited. The imprinted concrete floors are the perfect ally to achieve an elegant pavement and avoid the rough appearance of concrete.

This decorative system offers a wide range of finishes and is the most effective alternative for renewing the surfaces most exposed to high pedestrian traffic. It allows the design of urban spaces whether they are modern or rustic style, for urbanizations, parks, walks, squares, pedestrian streets or recreational areas. It is the perfect material to cover sidewalks, patios, terraces, garages, parking lots and service stations.

imprinted pavement entrance home

Advantages of imprinted pavement

The imprinted concreteit is the result of a stamping and texturing process that has been modernized over the years. It is a pigmented pavement that has become the best ally of creative design. It brings a unique touch to any space.

But before explaining how an imprinted pavement is created, it's time to know in detail all the advantages that an imprinted concrete pavement can provide.

1. The imprinted pavement enjoys extraordinary resistance

We are talking about a construction material that is durable, aesthetic, and malleable. Its versatility of application allows it to cover different floors in spaces as diverse as a shopping center, a sidewalk, or a garage ramp. The imprinted concrete floor offers high resistance to weather conditions, abrupt temperature changes, excessive sun exposure, and impacts. It is a surface that is prepared to withstand high foot traffic.

2. Creates very durable pavements

When facing a construction process, one of the main doubts is the type of pavement. At that moment, doubts arise about which floor is better or which pavement provides greater durability. The imprinted pavement has a long useful life.

3. Achieve a spectacular aesthetic on outdoor surfaces

The imprinted concrete floor is a high-quality pavement designed to create unique outdoor surfaces. It manages to combine a wide variety of geometric shapes with a wide range of colours: white, grey, red, brown, orange, black, among others. It is the pavement that sets trends thanks to the combination of practicality and elegance.

4. Easy cleaning of stains

Opting for a imprinted concrete pavement is to choose an easy-to-maintain surface. It does not require special care and oil or petroleum stains are easily removed. To clean this floor, it is enough to sweep the surface and use a hose to remove the dirt that has accumulated. In addition, with the correct slope, we prevent the formation of puddles.

5. Weed-proof imprinted pavement

The imprinted pavement is a system that is usually applied on outdoor surfaces. In these types of spaces, it is normal for there to be weeds around. With this material, a larger pavement is formed that prevents the growth of grass through the support.

black imprinted pavement on terrace

Difference of imprinted pavement with other decorative coatings

The imprinted concrete pavement can be implemented regardless of the size of the surface and the prevailing climate in the area. This functionality is an added value compared to other pavements or decorative coatings that have more specific needs.

It is a material capable of withstanding weather inclemencies and different environmental conditions, which has led it to become the favorite material of construction professionals for cladding exterior surfaces.

The imprinted pavement, unlike classic cobblestones, is quick to implement. The hardening mortar is done on the same site, but keep in mind that if we want to save time it is advisable to avoid the more complex geometric patterns.

The most popular imprinted pavements

Opting for a imprinted concrete floor implies having many designs at your fingertips. The possibilities offered by the molds are as wide as the imagination itself. With the application of the appropriate molds, it will be hard to distinguish whether the floor is made of imprinted concrete or of the material it imitates.


Los moldes de hormigón impreso que imitan los adoquines son una de las formas más demandadas del mercado. Este tipo de diseño es perfecto para el patio exterior. Logramos que la superficie donde se aplica tenga un aspecto de calzada con adoquín. Conseguimos un revestimiento antideslizante, fácil de limpiar y duradero.


The imitation of tiles is used in the technique of imprinted concrete when we seek to achieve a finish similar to that of the classic tile. In decoration, each finish contributes its beauty. This type of pavement is ideal for achieving an aesthetic effect with personality.

Unlike traditional tiles, with this type of imprinted concrete floor we save ourselves from having a slippery pavement that deteriorates with inclement weather.


The molds that mimic stone are a safe bet to achieve a more natural finish. The decorative value that their visual appearance provides and the ease of maintaining this type of imprinted pavement make the difference. The mold, which is applied while the concrete is fresh, brings greater realism to the surface. The most natural and beautiful style comes hand in hand with this type of finishes. They allow to create high quality outdoor environments where quality, beauty, and naturalness are the priority.


The imitation of brick is another of the options we can choose to pave the floor. This type of mold is one of the most popular and fits perfectly in a contemporary environment although it adds a more rustic nuance. The final finish provides a unique style and an interesting texture to the surface.


When choosing materials for the patio, the imprinted concrete pavement that mimics slate is a decorative solution to consider. It enhances the natural touch of the surface, whether horizontal or vertical, and creates an elegant finish. Achieve very striking results without giving up any of the advantages offered by imprinted pavements.

imprinted pavement in pool

Main uses of imprinted pavement: spaces to bet on it

Imprinted pavements are very fashionable due to the high performance and application versatility they offer. They are a perfect alternative for achieving decorative facades or floors, but it is necessary to consider the activities that will be carried out in the spaces where paving is going to take place.

In the industrial field, imprinted pavements are great allies for redesigning spaces with maximum durability. Shopping centres, industrial warehouses or storage facilities are perfect scenarios.

In the sociocultural area, imprinted concrete pavements are indicated for sports centers, exhibition halls, recreational centers or markets. It is the ideal coating due to the resistance and durability needs that these spaces pose.

The imprinted pavement with proper maintenance allows to preserve its original appearance and shapes for ten years, making it the ideal material for the renovation of floors, sidewalks, parking lots or access ramps.

How is imprinted pavement made?

The decorative solutions offered by this coating are unlimited and the application process is relatively quick. But it is necessary to know the small details to achieve professional finishes. Keep reading and discover how to achieve a durable imprinted concrete floor.

1. Pavement adaptation

The imprinted pavement must be completely free of dirt, so it will need to be cleaned with a specific product from the Ecoclean family. Once the floor is in perfect condition, the levels and slopes will be prepared. Likewise, a film of policret sheet will be placed and the perimeter joints will be made to fix the area of the land where the concrete will be poured later.

2. Pouring of the concrete

In order to extend the lifespan of the imprinted pavement, polypropylene fibers will be added to the concrete. At Topciment, we have Fibratop. As well as a steel mesh and joint in the perimeters as needed. Once done, the concrete will be poured evenly over the floor.

3. Float the concrete

When the concrete is still fresh, it will need to be troweled. If not, blisters may appear due to excess moisture in the pavement.

4. Pigment the imprinted pavement

The time has come to add colour to the imprinted pavement. This can be done with two methods. The first, and more traditional, is by sprinkling the colour hardener or imprinted mortar Stonecem® Floor. This is a more superficial pigmentation that also requires trowelling for the product to be properly impregnated. Or, on the contrary, by mass colouring with Arcocem® Fast, a powder pigment that penetrates into the concrete itself.

5. Smoothing of the surface

With the help of a steel trowel, smooth the surface so that there are no porosities and irregularities. In the case of the edges, go over the product with a edging trowel to prevent chipping.

6. Apply the release agent

Before applying the imprinted mold, it will be necessary to place the release agent that facilitates the extraction of the mold and makes the pavement perfect. At Topciment we have developed two types of release agents: Desmocem Powder® and Desmocem® Liquid. In the case of exteriors, the former is more recommended, a powder release agent that, to obtain an aged effect, it is recommended to use in white or gray (although it can be the same shade as the imprinted mortar used if another finish is sought).

7. Prime the imprinted mold on the pavement

Choose the design, texture and finish you want to achieve on the imprinted pavement. Select one of the more than 150 imprinted molds from the Imacem® family. With the use of a tamper, the engraving of the design on the imprinted concrete floor will be easier and faster.

8. Protection and sealing of the imprinted pavement

Apply two coats of one of our varnishes Sealcem ® to seal and protect the imprinted pavement. Depending on the chosen resin, do it with a brush, roller or airless. We recommend renewing the varnish every two or three years so that the imprinted concrete floor remains as on the first day.

imprinted pavement with compass rose mold

How to clean the imprinted pavement

The imprinted pavement is a floor that predominates in terraces, patios and porches. In addition to its high performance, in terms of hardness and resistance, it also presents an irregular texture and high porosity. This combination translates into a surface where stains adhere easily to the imprinted concrete, making it very difficult to clean with household products.

The lack of maintenance of the imprinted concrete floor can completely deteriorate the appearance of the surface without leaving a trace of shine. Cleaning the imprinted pavement is no more difficult than other surfaces, but you need to know what products and utensils are needed.

The first step is to remove accumulated dirt, but it is advisable to carry out a deep cleaning. In the case of imprinted concrete flooring, it is not enough to scrub or hose down. This type of cleaning only works if we want to remove the most superficial dirt. It should be noted that imprinted concrete flooring has many irregularities, where it is very easy for dirt to accumulate daily.

To get rid of stains or the most resistant dirt, eco-friendly detergent cleaners are an excellent option. The range of cleaners from Topciment is designed to eliminate the most persistent dirt.

Tips for the care of imprinted pavement

Renewing or maintaining the imprinted concrete floor in good condition is simple, but a series of good practices must be followed to keep the imprinted concrete floor in good condition. Below we present some tips to prolong the life of imprinted concrete pavements.

1. Keep the imprinted concrete floor clean

Generally, the cleaning of the imprinted pavement is something that is done every two or three days. In the case of a domestic floor, like the terrace, it is enough to vacuum the dust daily. It is also advisable to frequently vacuum the dust that accumulates inside the house, as this prevents it from going outside. In outdoor spaces, cleaning will be done more frequently in areas close to the garden or the pool.

2. Sweep the surface with a soft brush

Limpiar el suelo de hormigón impreso en el interior del domicilio será más sencillo, ya que se acumula menos polvo y tierra. En este caso es suficiente con barrer con un suave cepillo. Si es un suelo exterior donde se acumula mucha tierra, es conveniente verter un poco de agua antes de barrer. De esta forma evitamos que se levante el polvo.

3. Use a cleaner to remove the most persistent dirt

The cleaning of imprinted pavement is often done due to the presence of stains. In this case, it is advisable to use some product to combat grease. In our range of cleaners, the Ecoclean Pro is perfect for this type of dirt. It is an ecological detergent cleaner that is designed for cleaning large surfaces. It is an extremely effective product to deal with the most persistent dirt.

4. Review the pavement joints

It is important to check the joints of the imprinted pavement periodically. Small grasses can grow in some joints, so it is advisable to be alert and prevent possible damage to the surface.

5. Renew the protection of the imprinted concrete pavement

To ensure that the imprinted pavement remains as good as the first day, it is key to renew the protections we have applied to the surface from time to time.

These are some tips to keep the imprinted concrete floor in perfect condition. The most advisable is that the care of this type of pavement is done without obsessing and taking into account that it is a very durable and resistant surface.

house with imprinted pavement

Repair of imprinted concrete pavement

The repair or renovation of imprinted pavement is a simple task if the right materials are chosen. In the range of imprinted concrete products from Topciment, we have the best ally to leave the imprinted concrete floor as new.

This is about Covercem Stone, a repair mortar, ideal for renewing and sanitizing the surface. Before its application, the support must be cleaned and ensured that it is free of paints and greases. The surface must also be moistened without generating puddles. With the support ready, it's time to apply the mortar. After its application, the surface must be sealed.

When is it necessary to repair the imprinted pavement?

1- Environmental deterioration: wear on the surface caused by rain, temperature changes, hail, weather conditions in general, abrasion and deterioration caused by the passage of time.

2- Colouration problems: Covercem Stone is also applied when the wearing course does not have a uniform colour or the hardener has not been spread correctly.

3- To change or renew the colour: the application of the repair mortar allows to modify the colour of the surface, according to the needs of each project.

And by following this guide, we will already have a resistant imprinted pavement ready to beautify any outdoor space. Contact our sales team for more information.

Price of imprinted pavement in Spain

Antes de terminar, queremos ofrecer algunos datos de cómo puede variar el precio del pavimento impreso en los diferentes puntos del territorio español. Por lo general, la zona sur de España suele ser más económica, mientras que la zona centro es la que presenta los precios más elevados.

In Andalusia, the price of imprinted pavement per square meter is around 40 euros. A figure that goes up to 60 euros in the center of the country. On the other hand, in the Basque Country area, the square meter can range between 80 and 100 per square meter.

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