Industrial self-leveling for floors with moderate or heavy traffic

The pavements of areas and industrial warehouses require very specific technical features that ensure high firmness against wear. Surfaces exposed to intense traffic for which not just any decorative system will do. In this context arises XTREMFLOOR® Level Industrial, our industrial self-leveling mortar that provides high mechanical resistances.

With thicknesses ranging from 5 to 20 millimeters, this self-leveling mortar is ideal as a preparation mortar for industrial floors that suffer from moderate and/or heavy traffic. A polymeric coating for leveling and smoothing both new construction floors and rehabilitation.

An extremely durable and versatile product, as it can be coated with a multitude of materials such as microcement, concrete, ceramic, PVC, linoleum, parquet and wood, among others.

Next, we are going to delve into what type of self-leveling is XTREMFLOOR® Level Industrial, what are its peculiarities and most notable advantages as well as the installation process of the product.

Industrial self-leveling mortar walkable after 72 hours

One of the main benefits of XTREMFLOOR® Level Industrial is precisely its quick commissioning. You only have to wait between 2 and 3 hours for pedestrian traffic and just 24 hours for light traffic. For vehicular traffic, 72 hours, and for heavy traffic, 5 days.

Industrial self-leveling that can also be used to smooth and restore residential housing floors. A mortar highly resistant to abrasion that is composed of hydraulic binders, polymeric resins, silica aggregates, carbonates and organic and inorganic additives.

Parking with industrial self-leveling XTREMFLOOR® Level Industrial on the pavement
Parking with XTREMFLOOR® Level Industrial self-leveling on the pavement

Other advantages of our industrial self-leveling

XTREMFLOOR® Level Industrial enjoys great mechanical resistance and high adhesion to the support once it has completed its hardening. Although it can only be applied indoors, it provides the support with greater protection while leveling degraded substrates or those lacking planimetry. A system designed to create floors with a longer lifespan.

An industrial self-leveling mortar that has many more advantages that we proceed to detail below:

It does not crack thanks to its balanced formula

We have created XTREMFLOOR® Level Industrial with the aim of providing an extra mechanical resistance to any flooring. An additional complement to the finishing coating that is chosen to incorporate: concrete, cement, epoxy, etc. Therefore, the balanced formula of our industrial self-leveling mortar provides excellent resistance to cracking. Don't worry about unwanted cracks; there won't be any. Product that presents a compression resistance of > 30 N/mm2 and an abrasion resistance of RWA10.

Suitable as a decorative finish

Although it is specially designed as a preparation mortar, XTREMFLOOR® Level Industrial can also be used as a decorative finish. In this sense, it offers a mineral aesthetic in grey colour.

It can be applied by pump

Increase performance and optimize productivity. This industrial self-leveling can be applied by pump, which exponentially multiplies the installation speed by the professional.

Compatible with radiant floor heating

With XTREMFLOOR® Level Industrial, uniform supports are created without irregularities or unevenness in their base. Being valid with radiant floor ensures that the heat is distributed evenly throughout the pavement, which translates into a maximum thermal efficiency. In this way, there are no areas where heat accumulates excessively or where there are significant losses.

An industrial self-leveling mortar with a formidable ability to adapt to the shape and structure of the support. No cracks that harm the aesthetics of the pavement will appear.

Also recommended for homes

Industrial warehouses and parking lots are the perfect areas to get the most out of XTREMFLOOR® Level Industrial. That does not mean that this system cannot be used in the same way in other fields of application, such as in the case of private home flooring.

With what materials can the industrial self-leveling mortar XTREMFLOOR® Level Industrial be coated?

This industrial self-leveling, configured as a preparation mortar even though it is suitable as a decorative mineral finish of grey tone, is compatible with numerous supports. Before explaining which ones, the following recommendations and limitations must be taken into account:

• It cannot be used outdoors.

• On slabs that do not present vapor barriers, make sure there is no rise in capillary humidity. It also cannot be applied on floors with permanent humidity.

• At the time of application, the support temperature must be between 10ºC and 30ºC and the ambient humidity cannot exceed 80%.

XTREMFLOOR® Level Industrial is suitable for these supports:

1. Ceramic

2. PVC

3. Linoleum

4. Vinyl

5. Carpet

6. Platform

7. Wood

8. Microcement

9. Concrete

10. Anhydrite

How to apply our industrial self-leveling: step by step

It is essential to properly prepare the support before kneading the mortar. To do this, you must ensure that the surface is settled, dry, and free of dirt or dust. If necessary, treat mechanically through mechanical abrasion of the milling, shot blasting, or diamond type. Likewise, the pavement must have a compression resistance of at least 12 MPa and a tensile strength greater than 1.2 N/mm² (pull-off test).

1. Prime with Primapox® 100 Barrier

Apply Primapox® 100 Barrier with aggregate saturation on porous supports such as concrete and mortars and on non-porous supports such as ceramics, terrazzo or troweled concrete. Allow the product to dry for 24 hours for a uniform final coverage.

2. Knead the industrial self-leveling XTREMFLOOR® Level Industrial

As it is a non-pigmentable mortar, knead directly with clean water. For every 25 kg of XTREMFLOOR® Level Industrial, mix with 5 liters of water with a slow electric mixer (500 rpm) until the mass is homogeneous and without lumps.

3. Apply the industrial self-leveling mortar XTREMFLOOR® Level Industrial

Pour onto the pavement, spreading and smoothing the product with the help of a leveling trowel to achieve the desired thickness. In this case, between 5 and 20 millimeters. We recommend the use of a spiked roller to deaerate the mass and prevent air from being occluded in the mortar. Important: if you opt for application with the pumping technique, you must place the hose 20 cm from the ground and, in addition, apply the fresh material on fresh.

4. Apply the finishing coating

Allow 48 hours for the industrial self-leveling to complete its drying. From this moment, proceed to cover the pavement with the chosen finishing material: microcement, concrete, PVC, linoleum, parquet...


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