XTREMFLOOR® Level Concrete: self-leveling for microcement floors

At Topciment® innovation is intrinsic to our DNA. Just as satisfying the needs of our customers, subject to the constant changes inherent in the evolution of the sector. In this sense, and in response to both premises, we present XTREMFLOOR® Level Concrete. A self-leveling for floors from 1 to 10 millimeters thick conceived as a preparation mortar for microcement finishes.

Its high performance as well as its versatility make XTREMFLOOR® Level Concrete a self-leveling mortar for floors with a wide range of application fields. Even so, in this article we are going to focus on its use as an indispensable complement to further reinforce our microcement system.

Next, we will delve into what type of self-leveling exactly is XTREMFLOOR® Level Concrete, what are its most notable features and benefits as well as the product application process.

A self-leveling for floors finished with high-quality microcement

XTREMFLOOR® Level Concrete is a polymeric coating for the smoothing and regularization of pavements in thin layer, specifically between 1 and 10 millimeters thick, that are located indoors.

A high-performance, fast-setting self-levelling for floors that we have conscientiously designed to be used as a preparation mortar for Topciment® microcements. In this way, we perfect and improve our microcement system by increasing its mechanical resistance and reducing the appearance of possible shrinkage cracks.

An indispensable product for the professional to take microcement finishes to the next level. You asked for it, and here it is.

salón vivienda con autonivelante en suelo

Advantages of our self-leveling for floors decorated with microcement

This self-leveling for floors aims to ensure higher quality in the final finish. Especially in floors decorated with microcement. With the application of XTREMFLOOR® Level Concrete, a more compact floor is obtained, with greater adherence and, above all, much more resistant to cushion blows and prevent cracks.

Among its many qualities, we highlight the following:

Quick drying

In extensive dimension works, it is fundamental to have materials that reduce execution times as much as possible. XTREMFLOOR® Level Concrete is achieved due to its easy application and the fast setting it presents compared to other market options.

Suitable for radiant floor heating

For a few years now, radiant flooring has flooded thousands of homes. There are plenty of reasons to opt for this type of heating. Its greatest added value is its efficiency and energy and economic savings compared to regular heating. Likewise, it does not cause air currents that move dust and prevents the intrusion of mites and dryness. But not all coatings are compatible with this option. Fortunately, this is not the case with our XTREMFLOOR® Level Concrete, a self-leveling that can be applied without problems on radiant floors.

Aptitude for pumping

XTREMFLOOR® Level Concrete can be pumped. A skill that other self-leveling floors do not possess and that, what it allows, is to increase the professional's productivity since the installation process is considerably accelerated.

Fast commissioning time

Our self-leveling for floors allows a quick application but also a quick commissioning. For pedestrian traffic, the waiting time is just 3-9 hours.

Unbeatable benefits

The resistances that XTREMFLOOR® Level Concrete enjoys are very high. It presents a resistance to shrinkage of

5 N/mm²-15 y a la compresión de 30 N/mm²-16.

Microcements compatible with the self-leveling for floors XTREMFLOOR® Level Concrete

Except for our Atlanttic Aquaciment® pool microcement, the XTREMFLOOR® Level Concrete self-leveling mortar can be coated with all our systems:

- Traditional two-component microcement: Sttandard.

- Two-component lime-based microcement: Natture.

- Monocomponent microcement: Evoluttion.

- Ready-to-use microcement: Efectto Quartz.

- Epoxy microcement: Industtrial.

With what other materials is the XTREMFLOOR® Level Concrete self-leveling for floors coated?

As we have previously emphasized, the XTREMFLOOR® Level Concrete mortar is part of the microcement system. Purpose for which it has been designed. However, that does not mean that it cannot be coated with another type of materials. Our self-leveling for thin-layer floors from 1 to 10 mm can be covered with ceramic, terrazzo, PVC, concrete, linoleum, vinyl, cement mortar, carpet, parquet and wood, among many others.

 salón vivienda con autonivelante revestido con microcemento

How to apply our self-leveling for floors coated with microcement

Before proceeding with the application of the mortar, the substrate on which XTREMFLOOR® Level Concrete is to be poured must be settled, dry, and free of dust, grease, and other types of dirt that may affect its adhesion. Important: the support must have a minimum compressive strength of 12 MPa and a tensile strength greater than 1.2 N/mm² (pull-off test).

1. Prime the support with Primapox® 100 Barrier

Apply our anti-humidity epoxy primer Primapox® 100 Barrier with aggregate saturation. In order to consolidate a uniform coverage, let the product dry for 24 hours.

2. Knead the self-leveling for XTREMFLOOR® Level Concrete microcement floors

For each 25 kg bag of mortar, the format in which XTREMFLOOR® Level Concrete is available, mix with 4.5 liters of water with the help of an electric whisk or a pumping machine. Do not stop mixing until you get a lump-free and homogeneous mixture. Important: we advise doing fluidity tests before and during pumping to check that the product flows as it should.

3. Apply the self-leveling for XTREMFLOOR® Level Concrete microcement floors

Pour the resulting mixture onto the pavement and level it with the help of a trowel. We recommend the use of a spiked roller to eliminate trapped air. In significant thicknesses, we advise vibrating the material after its application in order to facilitate self-leveling and the disappearance of bubbles and hose marks.

4. Coat with microcement the self-leveling for floors XTREMFLOOR® Level Concrete

Apply the chosen Topciment® microcement system, with the layers of product that touch and respecting their drying times. Or, alternatively, another of the coatings suitable for this self-leveling mortar. There may be a case where a surface sanding and vacuuming is needed before installing the final decorative coating.

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