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High-quality tile paint without primer

Emottion is a high-quality tile paint that provides exceptional finishes on the chosen surface to be coated. An innovative coating that is mainly characterized by not requiring primer, as well as for its good chemical resistances.

Thanks to its water-based formulation, it is a paint that has good resistance to running water. Hence, it is a very suitable product for rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Emottion creates a protective film of great durability. A decorative paint with which high decorative value finishes are obtained, endowed with great functionality.

Among its many qualities, our tile paint boasts a quick drying time and a very simple application. It also enjoys a high covering power. A ready-to-use product with guarantees that has been designed to be used indoors on vertical surfaces such as walls and ceilings.

But Emottion is much more than a paint for tiles. It forms a decorative paint that puts a wide variety of uses within the professional's reach. It can be applied on porcelain coatings such as stoneware and mosaic.

It is available in eleven colours with a satin finish.

Download the Emottion technical sheet here

Technical features of Emottion tile paint

density icon


1,18 ± 0,02 g/cm³

Apparent density

Persoz Hardness (s)

150 ± 5


Drying time

To the touch: 30 minutes

Repainting: 8h

hardness icon


7 days


The performance of Emottion is 0.15 L/m2 (2 coats).


Emottion is presented in 2.5 liter containers.

Advantages of Emottion tile paint

Emottion tile paint guarantees to create coatings with a high aesthetic finish and splendid resistances. The ideal complement to renew and give a second life to porcelain coatings.

Some virtues to which easy and simple maintenance must be added.

Next, we are going to develop the main advantages of Emottion.

1. High decoration tile paint

Despite its simple application, Emottion is a high-end decorative paint. Thanks to its sublime quality, the decorative finishes achieved are the most elegant and sophisticated.

2. Paint for tiles with easy and quick application

Emottion ensures exceptional finishes for the professional while providing an easy and fast application. Being a ready-to-use paint, it avoids the inherent complications of two-component products.

3. Water-resistant paint for tiles

Being a decorative water-based paint, it withstands without degrading upon occasional contact with water while maintaining the breathability to water vapour. A virtue that makes this tile paint an ideal product to be used in both bathrooms and kitchens.

4. Paint for tiles with high covering power and durability

Emottion enjoys a high covering power. With just two layers of product, it is enough to paint ceilings and walls. Likewise, the high performance that it provides to the surface allows you to enjoy new coverings for a long time.

Grey tile paint for the kitchen.

5. High-adhesion paint for tiles

In relation to the facilities that Emottion makes available to the applicator, it is necessary to underline the great adherence that our decorative paint presents.

6. Quick-drying tile paint

The drying time that Emottion paint certifies is relatively short compared to other products on the market. You only need to leave 8 hours of drying between layers. In addition, it dries to the touch in just 30 minutes at most.

So with Emottion, high-performance renovations can be carried out in a very short time.

7. Paint for tiles that does not require primer

One of the great added values of Emottion is that it is a tile paint that does not require primer, which significantly reduces the application process.

Likewise, it is a paint that can be applied without the need for primer on double-fired ceramics, single-fired ceramics, porcelain stoneware and mosaic tiles.

8. Paint for tiles adaptable to numerous supports

Although at first glance Emottion has been designed as a paint for tiles, it is a very versatile product. It can be placed on walls and ceilings previously covered by the most varied supports.

9. Eco-friendly tile paint

Emottion is a paint that is respectful to the environment as well as human health.

10. Paint for comfortable tile cleaning

The Emottion tile paint guarantees very comfortable and easy cleaning. We recommend the use of our specific Ecoclean Basic detergent cleaner.

How to apply Emottion tile paint: step by step

The application of Emottion is quick and easy. In just two steps the professional will completely renew the surface. For the process, it is recommended to use a short-haired velourex or microfiber roller.

+ Emottion tile paint application

Step 1. Prepare the support before using Emottion tile paint.

The first step is to clean and prepare the support. We must ensure that it is dry and free of dust, grease or dirt. For a deep cleaning, use our Ecoclean Basic detergent cleaner.

In the event that it is varnished or painted previously, analyze the state in which the surface is and if it presents adherence problems. If the condition is not good, we advise proceeding to a sanding or stripping to remove the coating.

If it were necessary to carry out a repair, consolidation or sealing of joints, undertake before applying Emottion.

step 1 Emottion

Step 2. Apply 2 coats of Emottion tile paint

Remove Emottion and apply two coats of paint with a short-haired velourex or microfiber roller. Respect 8 hours of drying time between them.

Step 3 Emottion

Tips for applying Emottion tile paint

A number of considerations need to be taken into account when applying Emottion. Below we develop the most important ones:

1. Use Ecoclean Basic before applying Emottion tile paint

Before applying Emottion tile paint, it is key to check that the support to be painted is completely dry, clean and free of dust, grease or dirt.

For a deeper cleaning, although not strictly mandatory, we recommend the use of our Ecoclean Basic detergent cleaner to clean the support more thoroughly.

2. Check the ambient temperature.

In order to use Emottion, the ambient temperature must be between 10ºC and 30ºC. Not respecting this range can cause problems in the subsequent application of the product.

black tile paint on a bathroom wall.

3. Sand or strip the previous coating before applying Emottion tile paint.

If the coating on which the Emottion tile paint is to be applied was previously varnished or painted, it is essential to check that it is in good condition. If not, we advise removing it completely before using Emottion. This can be done by sanding or stripping.

4. Respect the drying time for Emottion tile paint

Allow the first coat of Emottion to dry for at least 8 hours, then proceed to apply the second and final coat of paint. As for curing, it should be emphasized that the final period will depend on the environmental conditions of each space. However, we recommend waiting a minimum of 7 days before its use so that the tile paint reaches its maximum performance.

5. If necessary, apply 3 coats of Emottion tile paint

Although Emottion stands out for being a tile paint with high covering power, it may happen that after applying two coats, the color contrast between the old coating and the new one is still almost imperceptibly noticeable. Although it is not usual, this can happen if the wall had a very dark shade and a much lighter one of Emottion has been chosen. If so, apply a third coat..

Colours of Emottion tile paint

Giving a second life to walls and ceilings is very simple with Emottion paint. Regardless of the chosen shade, the final decorative finish will be sublime. The ten colours of Emottion are: Pannacotta, Taupe, Linen, Hazelnut, Wicker, Koala, Wallnut, Anthracite, Shadow Black y Pure Black.

Pannacotta Taupe Linen Hazelnut
Wicker Koala Walnut Anthracite
Shadow Black Pure Black
Paint for tiles on the kitchen wall.
Paint for tiles on the beige bathroom wall.

Frequently asked questions Emottion tile paints

Emottion is a specialized paint for ceramic and porcelain coatings. A perfect product for tiles, porcelain stoneware, mosaic, double-fired and single-fired ceramics, etc.

Emottion is a ready-to-use decorative paint, so it does not require any type of preparation. You just have to open the can and apply directly, without primer, on the tiles you want to cover.

Yes, Emottion paint can be applied without problems on tiles that have relief. In fact, the surface that is painted will maintain the texture of the relief, since it is still a paint.

In the event that you wanted to remove the relief from the pre-existing tiles, it should be done prior to the application of Emottion.

In the specific case of Emottion, approximately a quantity of 0.15 liters of paint per square meter is required applying two coats. It is the recommended proportion.

If over time a new decorative finish is sought, it will not be necessary to remove Emottion. Just apply another decorative paint on top, previously checking its adherence in an area that is not visible.

In case you wanted to apply another type of material such as microcement, for example, the surface would have to be treated with the corresponding primer.

Emottion can be used on tiles that are already painted, especially with plastic paints. You just have to make sure it is well adhered and paint over it. If it were not, you would have to sand or strip to remove the coating.

On the other hand, on tiles that have been painted with enamel, the adherence test should be done in a non-visible area.

If over time you wanted to use another color of the Emottion decorative tile paint, it would be enough to apply the new color over the old one. In the case of going from a dark shade to a lighter one, we advise carrying out tests in advance in a non-visible area.

Although in the step by step of Emottion we advise to apply between 2 and 3 layers in 24 hours, absolutely nothing would happen if we want to do it over several consecutive days. It is a product that presents excellent adhesion between layers.

Due to the covering power it presents, applying two or three layers of the Emottion decorative paint for tiles is more than enough. However, if you want to apply more layers there is no problem. But, you must respect a drying time of 8 hours between coats.

Emottion is a paint with very good chemical resistances (see table in the technical sheet). After 2 hours, the resistance remains intact against oil stains, bleach, vinegar, soap, and ammonia. So, stains will not appear. However, care must be taken with abrasive chemical agents and muriatic acid, against which it is not unalterable.

The cleaning and maintenance of Emottion is not at all demanding. It is enough to wash with a neutral pH soap or even use our Ecoclean Basic detergent.

In the case of using Emottion outdoors, is there anything special to do for its protection?

Emottion is applicable in outdoor spaces. For extreme weather conditions, we advise protecting the coating with two layers of our water-based monocomponent polyurethane varnish Topsealer® WT All in One.

Yes. Emottion is a decorative paint for tiles resistant to running water.