Project Restaurant El Rebost

Sueca, Valencia, Spain.
Borja Garcia Studio.
Fotos: Borja Garcia.

This well-known restaurant located in the center of the Valencian city of Sueca is based in a historic 19th-century building. A renovation in a place of these characteristics needs to preserve the charm of the passage of years, but adapt it to the characteristics of a menu where traditional Mediterranean cuisine is the basis of an innovative proposal. The microcement it is the ideal material to achieve this effect, the perfect mix between modernity and tradition. Wicker and clay are present so as not to forget the roots, fixed but open walls to contribute to its brightness, and a flexible table distribution makes this restaurant a unique space.

Microcement floor in Rebost housing project.
Microcement floor in the entrance of a house in the Rebost project.
Microcement floor in dining room of housing project Rebost.