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At Topciment® we decided almost 20 years ago to embark on a new journey, the destination? To be one of the world's leading manufacturers and sellers in the micro concrete sector. A path that we knew from the beginning would not be easy, but we did not give up, we kept the illusion and passion at all costs. Today, we are proud to say that we have achieved our goal, yet we do not believe in limits and are willing to give 200% effort in order to take the micro concrete sector in Kolkata to the next level, producing an effective coating that achieves sublime decorations on both floors and walls.

While we are proud of what we have achieved, we do not forget all those people who trusted us and continue to trust us today. It is not easy to be trusted in the first moment, but it is more difficult to maintain a bond of trust over time. One of the reasons why professionals and specialised companies have decided to bet on us are the guarantees of success that our product and service provide. Our merit and quality as a company is recognised by the ISO 9001:2015 certificate, a distinguished seal that few companies enjoy and which praises the high performance we offer.

It is due to the confidence we inspire, that today we can boast of having a wide network of distributors that gives us the opportunity to have a worldwide presence in such influential cities as: New York, Rome, Toronto, Paris, London, Madrid, Warsaw... And Kolkata, a city to which we offer all our potential as specialists in micro concrete and other decorative coatings.

Our long experience allows us to combine a wealth of knowledge in cement coatings, which we are experts in transmitting through training courses given by us and which are aimed at applicators, with the aim of further enhancing their skills and developing them in the handling of different coating techniques.

Our professionalism as a company specialising in micro concrete has attracted the attention of the most renowned professionals in the sector, specialists in all kinds of renovation and decorative profiles: architects, designers, interior designers, construction companies and private individuals.

Outdoor patio and dining room with simple decoration and micro concrete floor covering in Kolkata.

Micro-concrete: cement coating for excellence

Next we are going to talk about the decorative covering that is on everyone's lips, micro concrete . A material that has gained great popularity in recent years thanks to all the qualities it offers compared to other decorative products.

Among its most characteristic properties is that it is only 2/3 mm thick, which means that it does not affect the structure with its thickness. This, together with its incredible ease of application on all types of surfaces, makes smooth cement one of the preferred products for renovations.

It has an amazing adhesive capacity that allows it to adapt to any medium or support, a method that involves applying the product directly onto the original material and thus avoids generating any kind of debris. There is an extensive list of materials to which micro concrete can be applied, below we will show you some of the most outstanding: marble, terrazzo, cement, brick, tiles, plasterboard, ceramic, plaster, among many others.

A coating that allows us to carry out works of all kinds of dimensions, regardless of the size, our micro concrete will act in an extraordinary way, giving rise to continuous finishes, without joints and with an elegant style for hotels, restaurants, swimming pools, industrial, commercial, residential areas...

This cement coating will give you exclusive results. The finish of its designs is different from anything you have known so far, providing distinguished and highly decorative solutions similar to the modern architecture that makes up Kolkata.

 Kitchen decorated with minimalist style in neutral tones and micro concrete flooring in Kolkata.

We are the perfect example of micro concrete professionalism in Kolkata

It all started in 2005, with an idea in mind and a strong illusion in our hearts. This made us want to strive hard in order to offer sublime products and services, which made us one of the leading micro concrete companies in the world today.

Our constant effort to demonstrate our full potential is not just about a good product or service, but also about the whole experience we offer to our customers. In this way, we want to guarantee the trust placed in us by being as detailed as possible throughout the entire process.

Personalised advice

We know that when carrying out a decorative project it is normal for some doubts and concerns to arise during the process. For this reason, we seek to transmit you the peace of mind of trusting Topciment® by making you feel accompanied at all times.

To do this, we have an elaborate technical service that is available at all times and that will resolve all kinds of doubts that have arisen or that may arise in the future.

ISO 9001 quality company

Our way of gaining the trust of those who count on us is by demonstrating the quality of the products and services they are requesting. There is no better way of demonstrating this than through the ISO 9001:2015 certificate, a distinguished and exclusive quality seal, which very few companies have and which recognises our professionalism as a company.

Innovative SME Recognition

We are committed to progress, one of our greatest efforts is the investment we make in R+D+I, in order to be able to offer products and services at the forefront of developments. This effort is recognised by being named as an Innovative SME, a title that sets us apart from the rest and which values our professional and business trajectory.

 Hotel lobby with bar with micro concrete floor and ceiling covering in Kolkata.

Non shrink micro concrete ideal for all areas

If you are looking for excellent results, we know that micro concrete is one of the coatings we can trust the most, as it will provide us with so many virtues that it is difficult to find a material that will give you such satisfaction.

Its popularity continues to increase year after year, so it is time for you to get to know some of the properties that make our smooth concrete so unique:

Ideal against moisture

It is a material that is naturally already highly resistant to environmental humidity, as well as to direct contact with water. However, this resistance can be enhanced if we apply certain sealants or varnishes that will make our cladding almost impermeable, a quality that makes it ideal for cladding damp areas.

Primer on any substrate

One of its most significant qualities, its high priming to any medium or support. It is thanks to this that it makes renovations a much lighter and quicker job as it allows our product to be installed directly on the original material.

More hygienic seamless finish

Ever dreamed of it? Now you have it. Our cement coating stands out for its exceptional ability to create seamless, seamless surfaces. This quality not only enhances aesthetics, but also prevents the accumulation of dust on the surface and helps to achieve a more efficient hygiene.

Large lounge in restaurant decorated with micro concrete floor in Kolkata.

Creativity without barriers

Due to our high demand for projects of all kinds, at Topciment we have developed different lines of micro concrete, so that each of them responds to specific needs. Varying in their aesthetic and functional properties, our products are experts in meeting all kinds of needs.

A successful symbiosis

In smooth cement we find the perfect symbiosis between aesthetics and hardness. A product that stands out for its incredible resistance to pedestrian traffic, UV light, abrasive wear and tear, as well as to knocks and scratches, but which, in addition, will give us sophisticated and excellent results.

Non-slip spaces

For us, safety is one of the priorities that our product must meet. As we know first-hand that its use is aimed at certain installations where any accident can be dangerous, we have created a non-slip finish coating, which prevents any type of accident in places such as: factories, kitchens, swimming pools, bathrooms, etc.

We are experts training micro concrete applicators

Our knowledge and experience have made us true masters of micro concrete, which has led us to specialise in the training of professional applicators. These courses are aimed at all those professionals who want to perfect their skills and enhance their talent, without having to be part of our company.

We offer personalised training at all levels, so that they are fully adapted to the knowledge of each individual.

If you are looking to learn new techniques in the application of coatings, or to increase your knowledge, request more information by filling in the form below. Our team of highly qualified professionals will help you with everything you need.

Off-white bathroom decorated with micro concrete surfaces in Kolkata.

Our advanced micro concrete in Kolkata guarantees you exclusive finishes

Our priority as a decorative coatings company is to achieve results that meet the most exacting demands and for this, it is necessary that our finishes are as close as possible to the original idea as the client had previously wished.

With the aim of ensuring success, we strive to develop and offer a wide range of micro concrete that provide us with very specific characteristics to cover all types of surfaces, whether commercial, industrial, residential, leisure areas, swimming pools, etc. Whatever your decorative project, we will have the most suitable smooth cement to achieve high quality results.


This line of micro concrete is made with the more traditional cement-based preparation and is available in single component (Evoluttion) and bi-component (Sttandard ). It will guarantee incredibly durable and textured results, making it the ideal coating for both floors and walls. It is available in the following granulometries: L, XL and XXL.


We preosent our range of single-component (Evoluttion) and two-component (Sttandard) micro concrete. Specialised in wall cladding. Thanks to its high performance in terms of chemical and mechanical resistance, professionals have also extended its use to floors, guaranteeing impeccable results. Purchase this micro concrete in the grain sizes in: XS, S and M.

House at various heights and surfaces clad with micro concrete in Kolkata.


This micro concrete is available in one-component (Evoluttion) and two-component (Sttandard ). This is a line that stands out for its incredible properties with excellent resistance to wear and tear and pedestrian traffic. A coating that guarantees anti-slip finishes, which added to the above, makes it the ideal product for floors. Find its grain sizes available in 2 sizes: M and L.


Sttandard Microstone is the most suitable line for exterior cladding. This is due to its abrasion resistance and its impressive anti-slip quality. All of this is accompanied by an aesthetic that imitates natural stone, making it completely mimetic. Available in sizes L and XL.

Atlanttic Aquaciment®

One of our most different and exclusive products, Atlanttic Aquaciment®, the specialised micro concrete for areas with high ambient humidity or in contact with water. It has water resistant properties and a non-slip surface, making it ideal for swimming pools, showers, bathrooms, patios and more.

It is made from an exclusive formula that enhances its properties when it comes into contact with water, which, together with its sophisticated finishes, will give it an environment with its own personality. Micro concrete in the following granulometries: XXL and XL.


This micro concrete composed of epoxy resin and aggregate gives a great resistance to abrasion and pedestrian traffic. Its aesthetics give rise to continuous surfaces with an exceptional finish.

This product is available in 16 different colours and 4 granulometries: Industtrial XL, Industtrial Base, Industtrial Medium and Industtrial Smooth.

Hotel bar with stairs and floor covered with micro concrete in Kolkata.

Quartz Effect

A line of micro concrete created based on an innovative formula free of cements that can generate unforeseen future shrinkage or cracking. This coating is specialised in the application in already inhabited houses, thanks to its ready-to-use coating. Its low thickness and high adhesion also facilitate its use.

Aesthetically it is available in 16 colours and in 4 grain sizes: Small Grain, Medium Grain, Big Grain and Super Grain.


We present our innovative lime-based micro concrete Natture, which gives surfaces fantastic characteristics in terms of hardness, chemical and mechanical resistance. Its aesthetic resembles that of taledakt and fair-faced concrete, giving results that are exclusive from any other. Micro concrete available in sizes XL, L, M and S.

We offer high performance with all our products

At Topciment we seek to respond to all the needs that may arise in the sector. With this idea in mind, we have become experts in micro concrete and much more, in order to guarantee excellent results through different decorative solutions. Below we will show you some of our most popular products among professionals:

 Kitchen connected to living room with micro concrete flooring in Kolkata.

Printed concrete

When we talk about printed concrete, we are talking about one of the most demanded decorative coatings by professionals in the sector. It is not surprising, since its list of characteristics offers us an endless number of benefits that distinguish it from the rest of coatings.

This material, made from a base of binder, water, some additives and aggregates, stands out for its impressive capacities in terms of hardness and resistance.

However, in this covering stands out its great versatility, offering us all kinds of decorative options. Through an elaborate process, different moulds with designs can be applied to the fresh concrete that will imitate other materials or textures: wood, cobblestones, tiles, brick, slate, cement, stone, among many others.

Mettal range: Classic Mettal paint and Pure Mettal coating

The purest heavy mettal for decoration. Thanks to its metallic effect, this series offers a unique and surprising finish. Its application is equally suitable for both exterior and interior, creating elegant atmospheres with an industrial touch.

If you really want unique results, we have our rust activator Mettal Activator. With this material, you can use different surfaces and give the environment a vintage look.

 Offices with two large desks, glass doors and floor decorated with micro concrete in Kolkata.


For those tiles that are in urgent need of a makeover, we have created our specialised paint Emottion. With it, your surface will shine like new again and will remain in perfect condition for a long time without the need for priming, thanks to its high resistance and durability. Thanks to its fast drying time, as well as its resistance to UV light and running water, it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Emottion is available in up to 10 different colours.


Introducing one of our most special decorative materials at Topciment®. Our Elitte metallic glaze line stands out for its great versatility, allowing us to decorate any surface with it and generate a metallic (Glaze) and glitter (Glitter) effect.

Our micro-concrete in Kolkata is a success story, be part of it

For almost 20 years we have been dedicated to the development, design and sale of micro concrete and other decorative coatings, targeting specialised companies or professionals who want to achieve high performance results by placing their trust in us.

We have built a strong reputation as one of the world's leading micro concrete companies through continuous effort and experience. In addition to this, there are those people who have decided to support us by becoming Topciment® distributors.

By collaborating with us, the advantages and, with it, the opportunities expand. They get tools that contribute to the professional development of the company, such as: promotional materials, communication support, transport assistance, training, etc.

Would you like to become one of our micro concrete outlets in Kolkata? Fill in the form and our experts will provide you with all the necessary information.

Luxurious hotel room with shower tray covered with micro concrete in Kolkata.

Let's talk about your goals

Now that we have introduced ourselves and you know better what we offer, you know that trusting us is synonymous with success. Depending on your preferences, we will dedicate ourselves body and soul to achieve personalised, high-performance results.

Tell us about the project you have in mind, fill in the form below and one of our professionals will get in touch with you as soon as possible.