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In 2005, we decided to start the manufacture of jointless systems of high quality and exquisit aesthetic. Since then, we have never stoped. We started as real passionates and now we can proudly say we are completely specialists. We have been in the market for more than fifteen years and it seems like only yesterday that we were saying that our dedication would make history. And indeed, it has. An formula based on constant research and adaptation to trends where knowledge occupies no space. The most absolute innovation in each of the production processes accompanied by an artisan and traditional technique. A careful process. An art, with all the letters This is our own conception of our micro concrete.

Exclusive hotel bathroom with micro concrete in Visakhapatnam

We offer decorative systems, the best in the market. We produce it ourselves in Valencia (Spain), what is still our main root today. A manufacturying based on the avant-garde, in the non-stop adaptation to changes. In the creation of a material adapted to every demand and need. Our main distictive is responding to all projects, and as we do so. That's why every day more and more consumers choose the best decorative solution on the market, ours. we have a wide distribution network worldwide. Countries such as China, Japan, Unides Estates, United Kingdom, Germany and a long etcetera have already choosed our products. And we keep growing as time goes on.

We know that our micro concrete in Visakhapatnam is the best because we work with a technician team that are trusted and cualified professionals. Our production and distribution is innovative, but also our team who never stops updating his knowledge. If there is one thing we know for sure, it is that we will never stop investing in knowledge, in research. This is the only way to achieve the true formula for success, the one that differentiates us from other companies by offering the most innovative, modern and competent solutions. Those fully updated and adapted to our customers' needs.

Thanks to our work and commitment, we can now not only say things, but also demonstrate them. And we are able to do so thanks to the recognition as an INNOVATIVE SME which, in effect, endorses our investment in innovation and the ISO 9001:2015 seal, which affirms the extreme quality of our products after having been subjected to exhaustive controls for this purpose.

  Beautiful villa with facade, floor and pool of micro concrete in Visakhapatnam

Our micro concrete in Visakhapatnam: not only a decorative coating

When you discover its multiple properties, will be the only thing that invades your mind. And if there is something why our micro concrete in Visakhapatnam is popular for, it is for being the more profitable. It guarantees that floors and walls will always be with the aesthetic from the first day. Teh reasons? Because of its properties, those those of purely industrial nature. An endless resistance with the hardness that prevents the appearA hardness and robustness that prevents the appearance of cracks and fissures. A cementitious character with a beautiful appearance. Spaces that, thanks to the absence of joints and the absolute creation of continuity, have a feeling of greater amplitude and luminosity.

Ultra-easy installation

It is installed withour removing the existing support. Without raising a speck of dust, without getting involved in construction, without complications. The easiest, fastest and simplest application that does not require special tools and allows you to continue using the spaces during drying. All magic, no tricks.

 Offices with micro concrete in Visakhapatnam

Hardness withour limits

It sounds utopian, but he is prepared for anything. Its unique mixture of cement, water and resin holds up and keeps its appearance intact despite possible shocks or impacts. Frequent traffic of people or vehicles is not a problem for it, nor is inclement weather. It does not fade or peel from the sun, water, humidity or wind. Display it wherever you want, it will remain just as beautiful.

Inimitable result

Eliminates joints to the creation of continuous walls and floors. Surfaces characterized by the absence of interruption lines that automatically provide spaces with more light and a greater sense of spaciousness. And easier to clean. pH-neutral soap and water as the perfect mix for one-pass cleanings that are easier and faster. Visual harmony guaranteed.

 Bright living room with full micro concrete in Visakhapatnam

Full versatility with a maximum of 3 mm

Our micro concrete can be applied indistinctly indoors and outdoors spaces. It is natural waterproof so it is allows its application on wet surfaces or constantly frequented by water. It is also anti-slip, for the most safer pavements. It maintains all its benefits, including resistance, even installed indoors or outdoors, in busy or less busy areas. Guaranteed adherence, stability and fastening on any type of support.

Variety of styles and finishes

By protecting all the surfaces on which it is installed and obtaining decorative results that enhance the functionality and beauty of all spaces, two of the most important aspects are achieved when carrying out a renovation. But, as if this were not enough, its finish allows to imitate a great number of textures, to change its color between varied and creative tonalities and to form creative combinations without limits. Give it the character you want and get the desired style in all your spaces. Your creativity has no limits.

Luxurious hotel room with micro concrete in Visakhapatnam

Spanish quality micro concrete & much more: this is Topciment®

We have been producing our own materials since 2005. Almost two decades have passed and we know that there is still a long way to go.In all this time, we have done a lot of research, we have adapted to every change or trend, we have worked (of course!) but we have also enjoyed every single moment. Because if something seems essential to us is to enjoy what you do every day. This track record positions us as true micro concrete in Visakhapatnam experts. In addition to manufacturing and distributing worldwide, there are many other reasons why we consider ourselves masters of this art and why we are a reference for most of the professionals of the decorative reforms.

The advice you deserve

Free, guaranteed and personalized. From the hand of specialized technicians really committed to offer you truthful and quality information. Willing to help, guide and advise you in everything that may arise during the process. This is who we are at Topciment®.

 Garden with floor and pool of micro concrete in Visakhapatnam

Certified quality of our materials

And although we are completely sure of this, the ISO 9001:2015 standard recognizes and endorses it after having subjected all our materials to rigorous, extensive and real quality controls recognizing the quality of our products after having undergone wide quality controls.

Commitment to innovation

If we did not invest in innovation, we would not be who we are today. Our commitment is to achieve excellence, that which is achieved merely as a result of differentiation from the rest. We invest to offer the newest and this has been recognized. Therefore, we are proud to be able to say that we have the seal of INNOVATIVE SME, the true reflection of our commitment to R+D+I.

We distribute the best micro concrete in Visakhapatnam

With us there is only guarantee, that your next renovation will be an absolute dream come true. Our wide experience and long history in the professional market gives us the title of experts of micro concrete in Visakhapatnam. Our own production from day one and forever. A unique formulation based on the most absolute innovation, progress and commitment. A constantly adaptation to the changes and to the trends to offer solutions adapted to the era in which we are. A non-stop improvement that is made possible thanks to our investigation. Always going further, always trying to improve ourserves and our performance.

We manufacture, but we also supply. We distribute worldwide and the best is that we are growing more and more every day. We started in in Valencia, Spain, and little by little, we have expanded our presence in the rest of the communities of our peninsula and the islands. We are also found throughout all Europe and a wide variety of countries from around the world. Today we have a powerful distribution network, but we have not forgotten our essence. Our origins determine who we are and after two decades in the market and an undisputed leadership, we continue and will continue to maintain them.

 Exclusive restaurant with micro concrete in Visakhapatnam

Let's do something big! Join us as micro concrete in Visakhapatnam partner

At Topciment® we never stop expanding, never stop growing. We are looking for our next micro concrete in Visakhapatnam partners. Do you want to belong to the most powerful concrete distribution network worldwide? Would you like to take part in a truly exciting professional project? You will distribute the best continuous solution on the market and you will be extremely proud of it. You will be surrounded by us, by the most qualified experts. We ensure you to grow and progress. And most importantly, you will enjoy doing what you do. Contact us and we'll tell you how.

Our micro concrete in Visakhapatnam protects and beautifies surfaces

It is just as important for a surface to look beautiful, attractive and harmonious as it is for it to be protected and functional. What if our micro concrete in Visakhapatnam were to do all this? That's right, it protects every surface and enhances its beauty. An all in one of the most desirable.

Outdoor areas: viewpoint fantasy

Facades, porches, terraces, ramps and, in general, every outdoor surface continuously exposed to rains, sunshine or windsthat maintained with their richness aesthetic value without be altered under any circumstances.

Your exteriors are what you transmit and expose to the rest of the people. It is your perception to the outside world. So what better than to invest in keeping it incredibly unblemished? Outdoor walls and flooring that merge with the rest of the viewpoint elements and whose continuity has no limits and merges with the horizon. Without possible interruptions that could alter all this visual harmony. And to top it off, cared for, protected to wear and tear, shocks, impacts, use by people and vehicles, abrasion and any type of inclement weather. And with maintenance so quiet you won't even know about it.

 Stunning hotel lobby with micro concrete in Visakhapatnam

Indoor areas: full performance

The cleanest surfaces are achieved thanks to our micro concrete and its lack of joints. Also the most beautiful ones, since, in addition to firmly enhancing their hygiene, it provides them with greater luminosity and spaciousness. An aesthetic value without limits, in which the perception of each of the rooms speaks for itself, is transformed, renewed, rejuvenated and more modern than ever.

A beautiful appearance that results in the safest and most slip-resistant floors. Shock and impact proof, without a single crack or fissure. Waterproof in areas in contact with water, without chipping, without altering its appearance. Without the slightest damage caused by abrasion or scratches. Sudden temperature changes, especially in kitchens and bathrooms? Intact. Enjoy your interiors to the fullest with the peace of mind of an interior appearance and care like no other.

High-level & wide variety of our micro concrete for professionals

The latest that a micro concrete in Visakhapatnam company can offer you, we have it. The latest trends, the absolute cutting edge of all products, the most innovative and what is best suited for today. But we don't have it by chance, it's all the result of our innovation and our drive and strength in differentiating ourselves from the rest. Until we have achieved it. For that reason, we put at the disposal of all the professionals of the reforms, construction and decoration a wide range of products that give answer to every project. And the fact is that not all renovations are the same, neither are our products. Each one of them has a special feature and an added value capable of acting perfectly depending on what reform is involved. A unique formulation through which we have created multiple solutions. A paradise for the professional.

Pool with micro concrete in Visakhapatnam

Microbase, the previous step

Thought to be used as a previous step to finishing on floors and walls. A versatile product that is used in to ways: the most common as a base to guarantee adherence, subjection and stability and subjection to the substrate. But for those who want to achieve a rustic style based on the most natural results, it can also be used as a finishing product for indoor and outdoor walls and flooring.

Microfine, for the most smooth walls

It is truly amazing to contemple walls become softer than ever with Microfino. Designed for non transitable horizontal surfaces, as well as for the renovation of old furniture. An elegant and sophisticated result, while ensuring strong surfaces.

Anti-slip floors with Microdeck

Microdeck is specially designed for indoor floors, such kitchens or bathrooms. Its use is ideal for covering shower trays, where its anti-slip character performs better than ever. The medium-grain product provides surfaces the maximum adherence making it ideal for any flooring in which is necessary to provide with an extremely safe and security. High aesthetic value with the most natural results for indoor pavements.

Microstone, the most awesome outdoors

The natural characteristics of our products allow them to be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces. But in Topciment® we always go beyond and we love to know that we can and we manage to surpass ourselves in everything we do. One of these reflections is the creation of a specific product for outdoor spaces. One that without any problem is able to remain intact despite being constantly exposed to inclement weather such as rain or strong wind, as well as solar exposure to UV rays. Prepared to be constantly used and transited not only by people, but also by vehicles and any heavy object. Maximum resistance to shocks, impacts and abrasion. A product to coat facades, terraces, ramps and outdoor stairs, giving them a distinctive character and properties like no other outdoor space.

 Luxurious home with micro concrete in Visakhapatnam

Efectto, ready to use micro concrete

Innovation at ready to use products, a very special option for the professional applicator applicators as it optimizes the resources by not needing formulation or any kind of preparation. The perfect one to those who need to perform in a shorter time but ensuring the most exquisite results for indoor and outdoor flooring and walls.

Safe protected pools with Atlanttic

In a natural way, any of our products is waterproof, really. But as we love to give the best of ourselves, we have made a micro concrete specially for wet areas, such as fountains, spas or pools. Hard protection to water filtration at wide resistance to submersion. A step forward to ensure the most beautiful aspect of the surfaces that are made to enjoy them. Without worries and with the most absolutely safe and maintenance.

Epoxy resin formula with Industtrial

Micro concrete formulated with epoxy resin, chosen by those that need to ensure the maximum hardness, robustness and strenght. The perfect option for walls and pavements from offices, outdoor facades, industrial buildings, restaurants, hotel common areas, establishments, shops and any surface constantly exposed to the traffic of people. The busier areas kept in the best conditions for much time longer.

Natture, lime-based concrete

His name come of the peculiarity that this material has to evoke exactly the textures of nature. A lime-based formula that is a completely trend at the decoration, transformation and renovation of spaces. A natural style that respects and care the original texture of the concrete. All the premium resistance and workability for interior floors and walls of an incalculable beauty.

 Minimalist style bedroom with micro concrete in Visakhapatnam

Get in touch with our micro concrete in Visakhapatnam headquarters

It's our qualified technicians of micro concrete in Visakhapatnam who can best guide, attend, advise or help you on next renovation project. Pleased to know what's on your mind. At your disposal to the elaboration of completely personalized and customized budgets, resolution of doubts, clarification of any concept or information or the option of becoming one of our partners. We guarantee you a past and personalized answer. Just fill out our form.