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More than 17 years ago we decided to embark on a journey, we knew what our goal was, but we did not know where it was going to take us. With time and hard work we managed to create a name for ourselves in the decoration and construction sector. Today, we can proudly say that we are one of the most internationally recognized companies specializing in decorative coatings and we have elevated microcement in Bellingham to a higher level with our custom solutions for floors, walls, ceilings, stairs and any type of surface you can think of.

This journey has seen us continue to grow steadily, through learning and collaboration with those who have chosen to trust us. Every factor has been key in this journey, however, it was the good company one of the most fundamental elements. Our good work has finally led us to have an international network of distributors with presence in some of the most influential cities in the world, such as: Berlin, Sydney, Rome, New York, Los Angeles, Glasgow, Paris, London... And a long list that continues to grow.

One of our keys to continue evolving is to have reliable and demonstrable evidence that our quality is high. This step is very important because one of the most difficult parts is to make the first contact, however, through the ISO 9001:2015 quality certification, this work becomes much more bearable, as it is an exclusive quality title that only a few have. In our case, this label recognizes us as a highly professional company, and highlights our skills as designers, manufacturers and sellers of microcement.

It is true that success calls for success, however, we believe that humility is one of the most important values to preserve. This work philosophy is what drives us not to stay on the sidelines and to keep growing continuously by investing in technology, as well as in our professionals. It is thanks to this way of working that we have been recognized as an Innovative SME, a title that appreciates both our business and professional trajectory.

Living room connected to garden both decorated with microcement flooring in Bellingham.

Smooth cement, the decortive miracle

If microcement is known for anything, it is for creating exclusive surfaces with continuous finishes. This means that our coating has no expansion joints, which gives it that attractive and infinite aesthetic with which to give spaces a more modern and exclusive effect.

Microcement is a decorative coating that is composed of cement, mineral pigments, resins and additives. Characteristically, it has a low thickness of between 2/3 mm, which makes its weight minimal. It is a product with a surprising adhesion, a property that allows it to be applied on any support, making it possible to install it directly on the original material, thus avoiding its removal and the generation of debris. Some of the many materials on which it can be applied are: brick, plasterboard, plaster, terrazzo, ceramic, concrete, stone, metal, ceramic, marble, tiles, etc.

As previously mentioned, it has a minimum weight and an excellent primer, in addition to its fantastic chemical and mechanical resistance. In this way it manages not to affect the structure where it is applied, as well as being able to be applied on any surface guaranteeing optimal conditions for a longer period of time. Floors, showers, furniture, ceilings, walls, stairs, swimming pools, kitchens? These are just some examples of where they are used.

Given these impressive properties, it is inevitable that decoration professionals have not overlooked this material, attracting different profiles: architects, decorators, interior designers, construction companies, private individuals... Everyone finds in the microcement the utility they are looking for, allowing to tackle projects such as: restaurants, commercial premises, hotels, hospitals, nurseries, offices, homes, gyms, etc.

 Kitchen with brown shelf and flooring covered with microcement in Bellingham.

Feel confident: you can count on professional microcement in Bellingham

The way we behave makes us strive for excellence in every way, giving us an excuse to promote an unprecedented evolution.

Having good material is fundamental, but a good working method and discipline are indispensable. Our goal? To be your trusted microcement company in Bellingham and create an unbreakable professional bond.

ISO 9001 Certified

Our best proof that we at Topciment® are a professional and recognized company is the ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate, an exclusive seal awarded to those companies that meet demanding quality requirements. Few companies have it, giving us the opportunity to stand out and demonstrate our quality in the design, manufacture and sale of microcement.

Innovative SME

Progress leads to evolution and evolution to higher quality services and products. We are committed to investment both in R+D+I and at a professional level, always trying to make things a little more perfect every day. This has led us to be recognized as an Innovative SME, a title that values our trajectory and progress.

Technical advice

A fundamental part of the operation of a company is human relations. We strive to take care of them from the first minute, striving to guarantee a service that makes you feel fully satisfied. In this way, we want you to feel accompanied and that is why you have, at all times, a personalized service that you can contact so that our experts can help you with any kind of doubt or concern.

  Hotel lobby with cocktail bar and microcement surfaces in Bellingham.

High quality microcement: ideal on any surface

An unparalleled product. The limits are not contemplated, allowing to provide outstanding results in any situation. It is thanks to microcement that the decorative sector is being revolutionized, something inevitable when with the same product you obtain functionality, beauty and quality on all surfaces.

Unique anti-slip finish

At Topciment® we are not satisfied with just offering good aesthetic results. One of our priorities is to create safe environments wherever it is applied. How do we achieve this? By elaborating a microcement with an anti-slip finish that avoids possible accidents, especially in places such as hospitals, industries or residences, where it is vital to avoid any type of accident.

Moisture will not bother you anymore

This is one of the most suitable decorative products for decorating spaces with water or high humidity. It has a resistance by its own nature which can be enhanced by using sealants or varnishes that make it almost impermeable.

The works for someone else

Goodbye to long waiting times, goodbye to construction sites and goodbye to debris. With microcement you won't have to go through this annoying process, thus achieving a faster, simpler and more efficient installation.

More attractive decorative variability

Different types of microcement, with different colors, textures, designs and effects, with which we can achieve excellent and individual results. Decorative diversity is one of its great potentialities, and whatever you have in mind, microcement will know how to represent it.

The synonym for resistance

And from beauty to its high resistance. A coating that offers the security of creating more resistant surfaces thanks to its strong nature. With microcement you gain in resistance to foot traffic, abrasion, temperature changes, UV light, stains, shocks and scratches.

 Lounge in a luxury restaurant with flooring covered with microcement in Bellingham.

We are defined by our expertise in training microcement installers

Having an extensive experience in the field of microcement and decorative coatings, has allowed us, over the years, we can see stored a lot of knowledge about the different decorative resources, as well as tips and tricks that will make you a profile as an applicator, even more professional.

We have teachers who have worked all their lives in the application and know the products in detail. They are experts in teaching and this will be directed in an individualized way both to those aspiring applicators who have just started in the world, as well as the most experienced, who seek to polish their techniques.

Specializing in offering exclusive microcement to Bellingham

How do we ensure the success of every project? With a wide variety of high performance microcements. Our extensive catalog offers different lines that respond to the most demanding needs of professionals, thanks to their varied qualities, making each product suitable for very specific environments or situations.


Our traditional line of microcement, Microbase, is made of cement and is available in both single-component (Evoluttion) and two-component (Sttandard ). A coating which is installed beforehand as a preparatory microcement to give surfaces greater stability and hardness.

It can also be found as a finishing microcement with the aim of creating environments with a particular rustic effect. This line of microcement is available in L, XL and XXL grain sizes.

  Hotel double room with microcement shower tray in Bellingham.


Our finishing microcement has been created with the idea of being applied on walls and non-trafficable surfaces. The Microfino line is available in both single-component (Evoluttion) and two-component (Sttandard) versions, offering a reduced grain size with which to create more elegant environments. Its high mechanical and chemical resistance has led some professionals to use it also as a floor coating, guaranteeing resistant and sophisticated surfaces. This product is available in XS, S and M grain sizes.


Our other finishing microcement alternative, but in this case for floors and walkable areas, due to its characteristic coarser grain. The Microdeck line is available in single-component (Evoluttion) and two-component (Sttandard ) versions. A coating for strong that generates surfaces with greater resistance to pedestrian traffic and abrasion, as well as with an interesting anti-slip finish, properties that make it the ideal microcement for floor decoration. The granulometries of this microcement are available in sizes M and L.

Bathroom decorated in white and microcement surfaces in Bellingham.


The microcement specialized in exteriors. This coating offers a product with a different appearance imitating natural rock, which allows it to blend perfectly into terraces or gardens. It is a microcement resistant to abrasion and with a non-slip finish, ideal to avoid accidents when the pavement is wet. The coating line is available in L and XL grain sizes.

Atlanttic Aquaciment®

The Atlanttic Aquaciment® line of microcements ensures that we create an elegant and sophisticated environment in pools, bathrooms, showers and more. Its special properties are a water-resistant and non-slip surface, and thanks to the formula its properties improve when in contact with water, making it the ideal microcement for areas in contact with water or with high humidity. This microcement is available in XXL and XL granulometries.


With Industtrial, our line of microcement created based on epoxy resin and aggregates, you will make interior surfaces more resistant to traffic and abrasion. A product specialized in withstanding high pressures, such as merchandise or heavy machinery, ideal for coating laboratories or industrial areas, thanks to its mechanical and chemical resistance.

This coating is available in 16 colors and 4 granulometries: Industtrial XL, Industtrial Base, Industtrial Medium and Industtrial Fine.

Living room with artificial fireplace and fully decorated with microcement in Bellingham.

Quartz Effect

The ready-to-use microcement line, Efectto Quartz, is designed to make the professional's work easier and to obtain more attractive surfaces with high decorative value, by means of a product made free of cements that may cause possible shrinkage or cracks. An ideal material for the cladding of houses already inhabited thanks to its simple and fast installation.


Natture is our exclusive line of ecological lime-based microcement, with which to achieve surfaces with a finish similar to tadelakt cladding or fair-faced concrete.

This material provides an environment with high decorative value, creating a suggestive area with good mechanical and chemical resistance. Microcements available for granulometry: S, M, L and XL.

Great product variety: our secret to guarantee success

To ensure the maximum performance of our services, our catalog is not limited to microcement. We are specialists in developing effective solutions and we also offer a wide range of products such as glazes, paints and coatings to achieve the most appropriate result.

Printed concrete

Exposed concrete is one of our most demanded coatings. The effectiveness of its results is more than evident and experts have found in this product an efficient alternative to microcement, offering very unique properties.

This product is made with binder, additives, water and some aggregates, standing out for its strength and long life.

One of the most surprising parts is its aesthetics, which perfectly imitates other materials and textures through exclusive designs. Some examples we can find are: cobblestones, cement, wood, brick, etc.

  Central stairs in restaurant decorated with microcement in Bellingham.

Elitte, exclusive line of metallic glazes

Elitte is our unique line of metallic glazes which we present as the ideal option when creating lively and attractive atmospheres on all types of surfaces: exterior, interior, passable and non-passable. This decorative material is offered in two finish versions: metallic effect (Glaze) and glitter effect (Glitter).

Emottion, the highest quality paint for tiles

Emottion is our line of primerless tile paint that gives your work a wonderful extra fast drying time. The perfect product to renew the surfaces of the house quickly and easily. It can be used both outdoors and indoors, as it is resistant to running water, UV rays, stains and scratches.

Professionals have been able to see in this product a potential beyond its use on tiles, achieving equally effective results on wood, metals, microcement and some others. Find it in 10 different paint colors.

Bet on Mettal: Classic Mettal Paint and Pure Mettal Coating

With our all Mettal product lines, we create unique environments with character. It gives surfaces a characteristic shine with a metallic effect.

For those who love the industrial effect can also use the rust activator Mettal Activator, with which to give a rust effect to the material generating an exclusive vintage atmosphere.

American kitchen decorated with wood and microcement floor in Bellingham.

By being microcement dealer in Bellingham, you will grow exponentially

We are committed to the expansion of our international network of partners as one of our main objectives. At Topciment® we want you to join us in such a way that together we raise the level of the decorative sector, through our coatings. We ensure that our materials are exhaustively elaborated to guarantee the best performance, a fact that is being recognized due to the high demand of our wide range of products.

Become our microcement distributor in Bellingham and count on our technical advice 365 days a year, as well as different training courses adaptable to all levels.

If you would like to get more information write us without obligation and our professionals will explain you the requirements and benefits of being part of an internationally renowned microcement company with one goal, your satisfaction.

 Company offices with wall and floor covered with microcement in Bellingham.

Let´s cut the chitchat and see how we can help you

From our experience we know the premeditation involved in carrying out a decorative project. There are many variables to evaluate and you are looking for what you trust in order to ensure success in all aspects. We guarantee that our top priority is to make sure that you are completely satisfied, so now that you know us a little better, why don't you tell us a little about your goals? You will have a company that will dedicate itself body and soul to achieve superior results that exceed your expectations. Our long history and successes speak for us, demonstrating our professionalism in all our products and services.

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