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At Topciment® we have been designing and manufacturing microcement systems that can be applied on any type of surface for more than fifteen years. Therefore, today we have developed all the knowledge and skills and improve our products day by day to produce high quality decorative coatings that are the most innovative in the market in terms of their technical and aesthetic properties.

Therefore, no matter where the area to be covered is located, because of their quality, thanks to our team of professional applicators and our materials, they adapt perfectly to interior and exterior areas. A house or room belonging to a working or industrial environment, such as an office, warehouse or factory.

The level of specialization that we have achieved during almost two decades of dedication to microcement in Getzville has led us to become a true reference in the USA and the rest of the world. Thus, many customers from many countries choose us when they have to transform their spaces by applying our products on their surfaces, making their rooms more functional and with a superior decorative component.

In addition, this knowledge makes us leaders in the training of other external specialists who come to us to improve their skills as applicators.

Luxurious house with outdoor area, both decorated with microcement in Getzville.

Microcement, a masterful blend of ingredients

Microcement is a continuous coating with a thickness of no more than 3 mm, which makes it ideal for application on any type of surface thanks to its lightness, thus allowing spaces to be renovated in record time.

Its composition of ingredients such as resin, cement and natural pigments, gives it an amazing ability to adapt to any surface.

Applied in thin layers, this coating provides continuity and luminosity to any space, making interiors, such as larger kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, etc., more durable, as well as outdoor spaces, such as terraces, patios and other spaces, making them more resistant areas.

This material has a very high adhesion and, therefore, it does not matter if the support on which it is to be applied is tile, terrazzo, cement or plasterboard.

It is this adaptability and flexibility that makes each application of microcement a really fast and efficient process, where the renovated space can be reused in a short time, as it does not generate waste.

It is this adaptability and flexibility that makes the conversion to microcement a really fast and efficient process, where the renovated space can be reused in a short time, as it does not generate waste.

For all these reasons and many more, the use of microcement in Getzville has increased exponentially in recent times, becoming a material to be taken into account in the construction/decorative world.

  Elegant kitchen in neutral tones with microcement floor in Getzville.

The advantages of microcement are countless

Microcement is a building material whose properties manifest themselves as unique advantages that cannot be found in other materials in the industry. Its performance is essential in any room and is highly appreciated by professionals who will use it and by customers who rely on this color to renovate their space.

High impermeability

Microcement is highly water-repellent without the addition of a sealer, in a natural way. However, when this product is applied, the surface becomes completely waterproof.

Almost infinite durability

Compared to other materials, this continuous coating has a great advantage: when applied to surfaces, they remain in their initial condition for a long time. In addition, it requires very simple cleaning and maintenance operations.

Exclusive finishes

This uniqueness lies in factors such as manual application, excellent workability and a wide range of colors and particle sizes available. All this allows unlimited textures and other effects to be achieved to suit the customer's taste.

Resistance at multiple levels

The resistance of microcement is a major reason why this coating is increasingly in demand in the sector. In this way, it mixes mechanical and chemical agents such as UV rays, traffic or impact. This means that it will always be resistant to any type of environmental conditions and will not change on internal or external surfaces.

It does not generate debris

Another great advantage of this coating is that it allows the renovation of rooms without the use of any type of machinery. Therefore, renovations are faster and cleaner, avoiding the generation of waste and its subsequent removal of debris from the renovated area.

 Innovative bar counter in an environment covered with microcement in Getzville.

Where to use microcement? On any surface and in any room

With so many benefits, the use of microcement has become widespread in Getzville. Therefore, it can be found on any type of surface or space, which once again confirms its versatility, allowing its application both vertically and horizontally without problems.


Walls are areas where the benefits of microcement are demonstrated in a natural way. Due to the light weight and without affecting structural loads, there are no problems when applied on these surfaces. When applied, they become a combination of textures and colors that is spectacular for anyone.


Continuity is one of the properties of microcement and is most appreciated in surfaces such as floors. Seamless floors extend the length and breadth of a room without the risk of cracking or splitting, providing a modern, cutting-edge feel and relaxation. With no expansion joints, it's also easier to clean because you can get into all the nooks and crannies.


In addition to its elegant appearance and anti-slip properties, essential for areas where slipping can occur such as showers, this material also creates a water-repellent surface that prevents the formation of mold or moisture on bathroom walls and floors.


The kitchen is one of the most vulnerable rooms in a home because of its exposure to daily life. Here, bumps and scratches can occur while cooking, and since this is an area where more time is spent, have, normally, a very high traffic of people. Microcement will protect floors, walls and work surfaces from all threats and help to clean and maintain them always in the best conditions.

Restaurant with dining room covered with microcement floor in Getzville.


The use of microcement in furniture has become an absolute trend because of its lightness and ability to adapt to any surface that has this material. It changes the style of the furniture completely, turning them into elements that are more resistant to friction and are very easy to clean and much more durable.

The product range of choice for microcement professionals in Getzville

Versatility, quality, resistance, decorative qualities? All this is what the great professionals demand and just these values are those that have our microcements. These characteristics are exactly those that have each reference of our catalog. To learn more about them in detail, please contact us.

Microbase, preparation microcement

This preparation microcement is used to ensure the stability of the subsequent finish and the aesthetic properties of the continuous finishes that are sought in the subsequent application.

In both its single-component and two-component versions, both offer durability for walls and floors that will allow the style offered by its textures to last over time. This product is usually chosen if you want to create rustic environments.

Microfino, microcement for wall finishes

Microfino was originally developed for use on vertical surfaces, internal and external, but due to its high resistance, it is also used to cover all types of pavements, regardless of the traffic conditions they must withstand.

It is a microcement that overcomes the possible inconveniences of being outdoors, chemical stains and any kind of stress. In addition to its finishes, always natural, it allows the water effect to be achieved on any surface, both in single-component and two-component versions.

 Modern bathroom with natural elements with microcement floor and walls in Getzville.

Microdeck: microcement finish for floors

This microcement is the most recommended and the one that the great professionals apply on floors that suffer high wear and traffic. It is also indicated to achieve non-slip surfaces, being a great option for terraces.

Whether single-component or two-component, it allows the use of different application processes, proving once again that it has a very high decorative performance.

Atlanttic: microcement for swimming pools

Atlanttic is a microcement that transforms swimming pools into safer, more durable and elegant spaces. Thus, being able to be applied on glass, curb and crown, these are protected from direct and constant contact with water, and the outside, the blows and slips, for its ability to create non-slip surfaces.

There is no other better microcement for use in spaces such as ponds, saunas or fountains.

Microstone: microcement for exteriors

To expand the possibilities of finishes and construction horizons, we created products such as Microstone. Made of coarse aggregates, it creates a surface that is slip-resistant and highly resistant to all outdoor weather conditions.

Large house clad with microcement in Getzville.

Efectto Quartz: ready-to-use microcement

This microcement full of qualities is already mixed and ready to be applied and deploy those properties on any surface. It combines speed of application with the most beautiful finishes. In addition, it has a very wide range of colors and different granulometries to get renovated floors and walls to taste both indoors and outdoors.

Industtrial: microcement epoxy

Industrial environments also have their own specific microcement: Industtrial. This is the product indicated for application in large commercial areas and offices, parking lots, warehouses, even hangars. Thus, and thanks to its superior resistance, it is ideal for use in these areas where humidity or traffic conditions can be harmful to other materials.

It also has a very wide color palette that allows it to adapt precisely to any type of aesthetic pretension.

Natture: lime-based microcement

This two-component lime-based product has a large number of properties, decoratively and technically speaking. This coating has outstanding resistance and aesthetic possibilities. As a tadelakt microcement, it allows you to create areas that stand out both indoors and outdoors.

 Top of the range restaurant with central stairs in microcement in Getzville.

Discover the most extensive collection of microcement colors

At Topciment® we believe that color also contributes to increasing people's quality of life and personalizing their spaces to the maximum. Therefore, we have a huge catalog of colors with as many colors as possible to achieve the desired effect.

Moreover, in addition to the wide variety of colors that make up our menu, we must add those that customers or professionals can create, as they wish.

Here are our ornamental coverings to customize your spaces to the maximum.

At Topciment® we know that aesthetics is also important in a renovation. Therefore, in addition to our microcements, which already have great ornamental qualities, we have coatings to achieve different trendy styles such as paints, enamels, glazes, glazes, etc., which can facilitate the realization of totally different effects to achieve surfaces with an excellent degree of customization.

Pure Mettal and Classic Mettal: metallic paints

Both Pure Mettal, a two-component paint with metallic powder particles, and Classic Mettal, in ready-to-use format, are capable of creating metallic finishes with shines and contrasts that are inconceivable with any other product. This visual game is amplified by the possibility of choosing between totally different colors, giving rise to walls with a novel style that can surprise even the most expert applicators.

 Kitchen connected to living room with microcement floor in Getzville.

Mettal Activator: changing finishes

To achieve absolute aesthetic coherence in a space, it is not enough to place some details of furniture or objects. Therefore, to realize the whole vintage style it is necessary to use Mettal Activator, our rust accelerator, which once applied on our antimonial paints creates the finishes to get as close as possible to the style required for each occasion.

Emottion: paint for tiles

Emottion is our tile paint, able to adapt to the material present demonstrating its good adhesion. This coating is able to maintain its initial color due to the series of resistances it contains such as running water and sun rays. Moreover, once applied, it dries very quickly, giving the possibility to completely transform an area during really fast.

Elitte: glitter with glitter touches

Glitter and antimonial sparkles move during this ornamental glaze that allows surfaces to be filled with glamour, making areas have a great decorative component that brings class and something totally different.

Printed concrete: imitation of nature

This material can also be considered a cladding. Thus, it allows to reproduce on its surface natural pieces such as natural stone, brick or wood, due to the molds that give the possibility to adapt to different styles. Each finish can have a smoothness that offers an additional realism to the impression used. Printed concrete is intended to be applied on horizontal surfaces.

Large company office with glass doors and microcement floor in Getzville.

The microcement company in Getzville that best suits you

Since we started in 2005, Topciment® has strived to improve day by day, until we have reached the point where we are now: we are leaders in the microcement and other decorative coatings industry, from the United States to the rest of the world.

Thus, our coatings have achieved worldwide fame and therefore the Topciment® set has become a reference for architects, decorators, applicators and builders around the world, being registered in Europe, the United States and China.

This has been possible because of our investment in each and every one of our departments, such as customer service, which has been trained for years in each and every one of our products to be prepared to solve any doubt about our merchandise instantly.

Are you in the construction or decoration sector and would like to offer a high quality product? Do you want to distribute our microcements in Getzville? Contact our customer service department and you can be our partner in no time.

Our products are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

This means that our microcements are a guarantee. To have such a certification, approved by the CE, you have to do things very well. And that is our quality standard: excellence. So when our partners decide to bet on our products, they know that they can be sure that everything will work and that they will be loyal customers, probably for life.

Designer shower clad with microcement in Getzville.

We are also experts in training professionals.

At Topciment®, in addition to being great producers and distributors, with proven experience, we can say that we have become specialists in training.

Thus, in each of our courses, we make available to our students all the expertise acquired during almost two decades of operation as a company.

We believe that the acquisition of knowledge is the basis of everything, to be able to improve, and that's just what we do in our training sessions, which makes us a training authority in microcement worldwide.

Be the leading microcement company in Getzville

And, now you ask yourself, how can I do it? How can I become the reference company for microcement in Getzville? The answer to all these questions is very simple: by relying on Topciment® products.

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