6 reasons why microcement bathrooms will be a trend in 2021

If you are thinking of renovating or enlarging your bathroom in the coming months, this article is for you. Microcement bathrooms, a high-performance decorative coating, will be a trend in 2021. At Topciment we know very well what we are talking about, there is a reason why we are leading manufacturers of microcement in Spain.

Here are six reasons why microcement bathrooms are going to be all the rage next year. Take note!

Topciment grey microcement bathroom
Grey microcement bathroom countertop and grey microcement walls by Topciment.

1. Greater feeling of spaciousness

In most cases, the bathroom is the smallest area of the house and, therefore, optimising its size as much as possible is a priority when the decision is made to renovate it. A microcement bathroom provides that greater feeling of spaciousness that is so much sought after, thanks to the continuity of this decorative covering. A spaciousness that will be even more enhanced if it is combined with light colours on floors and walls.

You can imagine it, you can do it.

2.Resistance to humidity

Another of the great advantages of microcement that will contribute to microcement bathrooms becoming a trend in 2021 is its high resistance to humidity. The bathroom is an area that constantly suffers from humidity, which is why it is so important to select the materials to be used correctly. With microcement in bathrooms this problem disappears and, in addition, its non-slip finish will prevent those treacherous slips that we all suffer from at some time in our lives. Covering wet floors such as shower trays or washbasins with microcement is an ideal option.

3. Versatility

Microcement is compatible with practically all existing surfaces (walls, floors and ceilings) as well as being applicable to furniture. A versatility that allows you to create infinite designs in any colour you want, as there is a wide range of microcement colours. For all these reasons, microcement for bathrooms is ideal as you can apply microcement on tiles, build a microcement bathroom countertop or a microcement shower, among many other options.

Bathroom with Topciment grey microcement
Topciment grey microcement applied on bathroom floors and walls.

4. Easy and simple cleaning

Decorating a bathroom is one of the most lazy things in the world, isn't it? A problem that disappears with this continuous coating. As for how to clean microcement, you should know that a microcement bathroom is very easy to clean because the absence of joints in this coating prevents dirt from accumulating, you only need to use a neutral soap and a cleaning cloth for daily care and... that's it!

But if you want to guarantee the best possible cleaning, at Topciment we have created specific cleaners for your microcement bathroom

5. Boost natural light

If there is one thing that occupies and worries when renovating a bathroom, it is to make it bright, to create a relaxed atmosphere. Microcement bathrooms are ideal because they enhance natural light as if it were reflected on them, as long as light colours are used.

6. Quick installation

As the application of microcement does not require building work, installation will be very quick. Just a few hours after placing the material on the surface or furniture of your choice, you will be able to walk through your new microcement bathroom without any problems. Isn't it fantastic?

You've seen. Getting a magazine bathroom has never been so easy. Visit the Topciment website and find inspiration in our images of microcement bathrooms You're going to love them!

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