Kitchen countertops with microcement?

Microcement countertops? Absolutely yes!

Let nothing ruin the ideal kitchen project you've always dreamed of. The renovation or design of our kitchen, deserves foresight and good advice, and in Topciment we work to offer you all the solutions related to your idea of renovation with microcement as a coating. It is important to define the style and range of colours, but also technical and functional issues that facilitate the movement, cleaning and use of space for cooking, storing and enjoying comfortably in this area of the home.

Microcement countertops are possible

Nowadays, there are many materials to choose from for the design of our kitchen. In the case of the countertops, the choice of material should not be limited to a simple selection of colour or texture, since in areas such as the front of the worktop, the water area and the fire area, materials that are unalterable to stains and easy to clean are required. Likewise, it is important to ensure a good section of the bench, especially next to the fire zone, to work comfortably.

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The elegance and timelessness of microcement allows it to be covered and adapted to surfaces of any shape and decorative style, from the most rustic and vintage to the most urban and industrial. It has a natural mineral aspect that is very difficult to find in other materials and can be combined with other types of elements (iron, concrete, wood...). Likewise, its thin layer of thickness makes it lighter than traditional marble or granite pieces, with the advantage of being equally resistant to scratches.

Functionality and maintenance without complications

Resistant to stains and dirt, microcement surfaces are easy to clean with minimal maintenance. As long as it is used properly and its simple cleaning and maintenance care is followed, our microcement worktop will look perfect as it did on day one, with the advantage of making future renovations of colours, finishes and styles in a simple and much more economical way than that offered by other materials.

With a good response to humidity and heat, it avoids the need for expansion joints, while repelling water without letting it pass through. Furthermore, in a space such as the kitchen where cleanliness is so important for food preparation, microcement is an easy-to-clean hygienic material that prevents the proliferation of germs and bacteria on its surface.

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Topciment Microcement, a professional and distinguished bet for your kitchen countertop.

As mentioned above, characteristics that make microcement a good material for covering kitchens and worktops are its resistance, impermeability, easy cleaning and maintenance, as well as its adaptability to any shape. The naturalness and delicate appearance of Topciment's Microfino and Microdeck systems make it possible to customise and design exclusive kitchens, allowing them to cover walls, floors, worktops and even furniture, offering their distinctive feeling of continuity.

With chromatic variety and the possibility of achieving different aspects and finishes, the surfaces and possibilities of covering worktops with microcement are infinite, with a unique and personal style, where elegance and style define exclusivity without limits.

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