Design and comfort for outdoor spaces.

Especially with the arrival of good weather, terraces, balconies and patios become an extension of home life. The decorative inspiration and the variety of materials to make these spaces welcoming are endless. A good combination of textures, colours and coatings are key to creating an aesthetic and pleasant outdoor environment.

exteriores de una manera cálida y acogedora con revestimientos de microcemento

Hydraulic tiles, recycled wood or composite coatings resistant to weathering, are current solutions to dress outside in a warm and welcoming way, which in combination with microcement coatings, will result in a clean, pleasant and modern environment.

Microcement is presented as a quality coating with infinite possibilities of colours and finishes. For its anti-slip properties and high levels of resistance, Topciment recommends Microstone for exterior cladding, porches and facades. Thus, the first terrace and coating walls and external floors has never been so easy, since its seamless application creates a low-thickness continuum that combines technique and design.

Topciment recomienda Microstone para el revestimiento de exteriores, porches y fachadas

It can be applied on any type of substrate: concrete, cement, ceramic, plaster... being resistant to abrasion and water, with anti-slip properties that do not require any further treatment. With simple maintenance, Microstone can be applied next to swimming pools and in all types of climates and environments, always ready to be enjoyed.

Microstone se puede aplicar junto a piscinas y en todo tipo de climas y ambientes

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