Mistakes to avoid when combining colours

The best dishes are prepared in an environment which is as a source of inspiration.

Chefs want elements in their surroundings to boost their creativity, and microcement is as versatile as people: there is a finish for each style. Whether it is a build-in new kitchen or if it is a remodelling, you can achieve final effects completely unique. In the case of remodelling, it sticks on the existing surface with a maximum thickness of 3 millimetres, which allows a fast renovation on the walls and floor, with no need for works, noise and debris.

Microcement is a neutral material that matches in any type of kitchen, from classic to contemporary options, going through industrial and Nordic style. Light colours bring luminosity and amplitude, while the dark ones create cosy spaces. In open kitchens, microcement offers the possibility of coating the floor exactly like the living room, harmonise and generate continuity in the room. On the contrary, if what is intended is to distinguish and create contrasts, you can choose opposite colours with the aim of differentiating the areas. After choosing the finish of the microcement, the next step is choosing furniture according to the colours used and effects achieved. In this case, furniture can be covered with microcement to get an original design and 100% exclusive.

The kitchen should be clean since in it we work with food. The floor and walls are constantly exposed to grease spatters and/or dripping liquids. In this aspect, microcement has a great advantage: its maintenance is very simple. As there are no joints, the cleaning process is very easy; with Topciment cleaning product range called Ecoclean, floors and walls will be radiant. This prevents the use of aggressive products such as bleach or ammonia, which generate unpleasant fumes and can cause health problems.

Comfort and customisation join together to get fantastic kitchens with one element in common: microcement coating.

Cocinas con microcemento