Topciment renews with CYPE for another year

Topciment has renewed its contract with Cype for a further year. With this agreement, the micro-cement company will continue to provide services to professionals in the construction industry in the field of works budgeting.

In this way, the company located in Manises has become consolidated as one of the companies most committed to working with architects and engineers. This agreement will allow architects and engineers to employ in their measuring an accurate and exhaustive description of the characteristics of each work-unit, in this case Microcemento, through price generation.

The Price Generator, whose platform is accessed by more than 2 million users per year, is an efficient computer tool used by architects and project managers, providing prices with cost forecasts, which facilitates the preparation of complete quality project documentation. At the same time, it includes direct information of manufacturers and their products.

Topciment has integrated its products into the Price Generator, thus placing its products in the first effective showcase of the construction industry. Technicians will be able to find information and images of Topciment products, adjusted according to the characteristics selected, and in a prominent form, when choosing which materials to integrate into each constructive solution.

The Price Generator in an efficient design guide, more comprehensive thanks to the presence of Topciment products.