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Many times when it comes to think about the finish we want in the walls in some rooms, or the entire house, we ask ourselves what is the best solution to carry out these important changes and what is the technique that will cause less trouble and less money. We also look for a high quality and durable material result.

Revestimiento de paredes en baños

Microcement, due to its resistance and easy maintenance, is the best option to cover every surface. However, it is on the walls where microcement shines with its own light, especially in those that demand constant hygiene and cleanliness, such as the walls of the kitchen or the bathroom.

Using this material there is no need of complicated works and debris, so it is ideal for all types of rooms.

Topciment has developed an unbeatable product for covering the walls: Microfino

Microfino is a microcement for decorative finishes with a fine grain texture, very nice and pleasant to the touch, which produces a characteristic effect of watermarks. These properties make Microfino the ideal product for covering walls and it is also a high demand product by architects and interior designers around the world.

Revestimientos de paredes natural

Another high quality option that Topciment offers to its clients is Microdeck. Microdeck is used mainly in floors and its texture is medium. However, if applied in walls with the technique "fresh on fresh" it offers a very soft and natural finish, even more natural that the one we get with Microfino because watermarks are less appreciated.

Revestimientos de paredes con microcemento

Both products, combined with the wide range of colours, textures and sealers of Topciment offer a good solution to those who are looking for a high aesthetic dimension greater than what we are accustomed.

Topciment recommends Festool for a perfect application.

A good application of microcement is conditioned by several factors, among which it is essential to have high quality products, which should be linked to a professional with a deep knowledge about the application technique, but also who uses the best tools to achieve a superb finish. The combination of the Topciment products and the tools from Festool guarantees the success in the application.

The application method of Topciment requires different tools for each of the steps. According to our step by step of application, we recommend the following Festool machines:

Mixers and Stirrers MX: excellent machines to achieve a uniform mixture and easy to work.

Its ErgoFix system allows the adaptation of the mixer's height to not suffer back injuries. In addition, it has been designed to withstand impacts and blows thanks to its rubber handle.

In these mixers we can incorporate rods without using tools or adapters. In particular, the HS helical rods adapt perfectly to the machines and are capable of mixing up to 60kg of material. They are ideal for heavy and viscous mixtures as microcemento, self-levelling or epoxy resin.

Mixers and Stirrers MX

Sanders eccentric ROTEX: this model is the best one for sanding the microcement and remove imperfections and reliefs. It is a fundamental tool to get the desired finish in the application. It can be highlighted its ergonomic handle, the ease to change the sanding papers and the possibility of having three different movements to achieve several effects with sanding: rough, fine or polished. We recommend to assemble the blue sanding paper ROTEX to the mixer, which has the required hardness for the micromortars Topciment. With the aim of a high performance sanding, with the highest possible quality, and thinking about the health of those who use it, Festool has patented the MULTI-JETSTREAM system, which allows the constant regeneration of air, the cooling of the machine and reduction of obstructions.

Sanders eccentric ROTEX

CLEANTEC mobile systems: modern vacuum cleaners that get an exquisite cleaning in a record speed. It is the best way to avoid clouds of dirt while working. Likewise, it prevents the continuous inhalation of dust that can cause harmful effects on the health of people using sanders on a daily basis. On the other hand, their design is intended for convenient transportation, as it has a robust structure, large wheels and steel shafts to prevent damage during the trip, as well as overturn.

Using these tools together with Topciment products has at a result high quality microcement applications, clean and healthy.

More information:

CLEANTEC mobile systems

Mistakes to avoid when combining colours

The use of bold colours in decoration is trendy, but we must pay attention and not make mistakes.

In interior design the combination of some tones can end up being a simple disaster. Combining colours can be a dangerous game, but accessible to all. It is usually thought that this art is reserved for professional decorators. In Topciment we propose some tricks to hit the marks at the time of redefining the different spaces of the house. In Topciment we propose some tricks to hit the mark,when it comes to redefining the different spaces of the house.

Error 1- Mix more than three colours

In interior design, this is one of the basic rules: the union of three different shades in the same room do not get harmony. Four or more colors mix can lead to confusion.A great idea is to bet on a same colour range: for example, from pale pink to fuchsia, passing by raspberry. The use of different intensities helps to not make mistakes.

Mix more than three colours

Error 2 - Abusing contrasts

The intense tones are eye-catching, but the combination of them may not be very positive. Flashy combinations that work in restaurants or hotels, may not work in living rooms because can produce visual rejection. A good option is to try on a wall and if the effect is not the desired, the decorative elements can be reorganised or changed to achieve a good result.

Abusing contrasts

Error 3 - Not make a differentiation between spaces

Inside a house there are rooms where explosive mixtures of colours may disturb. In places like bedrooms, kitchens and lounges people use to spend a lot of time and the unusual colours tend to deplete. The transit areas as the corridor or the hall, allow to challenge all the mixtures with the perfect opportunity to give free rein to the imagination.

Not make a differentiation between spaces

Error 4 - Only think about the walls

We must remember that not only decoration involves floors and walls, it may also be used in plinths, doors, furniture, or rooftops. Create a border within a wall or play with contrasts on the door frame can get a surprising composition. Likewise, in this composition will participate carpets, sofas or cushions, among others, that have colour and can lead to wonderful sets. Everything is a matter of combining proportions , dosing and dare.

Only think about the walls

Error 5 - Darken the original decoration

The idea of changing can lead to forget that housing itself is already dressed in colours, walls and floors in both windows and doors. Start a composition without taking into account the already present tones can impoverish the final result. The simplest is starting a project with existing elements, which serve as reference, and achieve a balance from this point.

Darken the original decoration

Microcement in kitchens

The best dishes are prepared in an environment which is as a source of inspiration.

Chefs want elements in their surroundings to boost their creativity, and microcement is as versatile as people: there is a finish for each style. Whether it is a build-in new kitchen or if it is a remodelling, you can achieve final effects completely unique. In the case of remodelling, it sticks on the existing surface with a maximum thickness of 3 millimetres, which allows a fast renovation on the walls and floor, with no need for works, noise and debris.

Microcement is a neutral material that matches in any type of kitchen, from classic to contemporary options, going through industrial and Nordic style. Light colours bring luminosity and amplitude, while the dark ones create cosy spaces. In open kitchens, microcement offers the possibility of coating the floor exactly like the living room, harmonise and generate continuity in the room. On the contrary, if what is intended is to distinguish and create contrasts, you can choose opposite colours with the aim of differentiating the areas. After choosing the finish of the microcement, the next step is choosing furniture according to the colours used and effects achieved. In this case, furniture can be covered with microcement to get an original design and 100% exclusive.

The kitchen should be clean since in it we work with food. The floor and walls are constantly exposed to grease spatters and/or dripping liquids. In this aspect, microcement has a great advantage: its maintenance is very simple. As there are no joints, the cleaning process is very easy; with Topciment cleaning product range called Ecoclean, floors and walls will be radiant. This prevents the use of aggressive products such as bleach or ammonia, which generate unpleasant fumes and can cause health problems.

Comfort and customisation join together to get fantastic kitchens with one element in common: microcement coating.

Cocinas con microcemento

Microcement without problems

A remodelling with microcement carried out by experienced professionals and with high quality products avoids the emergence of problems during and after its finalisation.

The first step is to choose a specialist who knows the different materials and chooses the best quality.

Differentiate the types of microcement and apply them on the surface for which have been developed is essential to guarantee a successful remodelling. Appropriate advice begins with the analysis of the surface to be coated and a calculation of the products, time and costs adjusted to the square metres to be remodelled.

To place the microcement it is not necessary to remove the original support, but it must be prepared correctly. If there are joints in the floor or walls, the difference in height between the material and the joints must be levelled. Once the base is levelled, a primer must be applied, this will guarantee the adherence between the existing and the new material, leaving the surface with a homogeneous porosity. It is also advisable to use a fibre glass mesh to prevent the base from cracking.

The instructions for using the microcement must be strictly followed to ensure a work without problems. A good professional will correctly mix the components of the different products to ensure the maximum performance of the products (hardness, impermeability, etc ...). On the other hand, respect the drying times is essential to avoid the appearance of moisture stains. Following the step of application, there won't be any problem.

Microcement without problems

New products for microcement’s cleaning and maintenance

Topciment launches onto the market four new products especially recommended for the care, maintenance and cleaning of the microcement. The Ecoclean and Ecoclean PRO cleaners are eco-friendly and their use is indicated for domestic and professional use respectively.

With the floor maintenance waxes Ceraciment and Ceraciment PRO, we are able to maintain natural hardness and shine for much longer. Its special formula, allows the penetration and enrichment in treated floors, especially indicated for Microcement floors.

In the section for Professionals >> Technical Sheets, you can download in pdf the sheets of this new range of Topciment’s products for cleaning and care.

New products for microcement’s cleaning and maintenance

Topciment renews with CYPE for another year

Topciment has renewed its contract with Cype for a further year. With this agreement, the micro-cement company will continue to provide services to professionals in the construction industry in the field of works budgeting.

In this way, the company located in Manises has become consolidated as one of the companies most committed to working with architects and engineers. This agreement will allow architects and engineers to employ in their measuring an accurate and exhaustive description of the characteristics of each work-unit, in this case Microcemento, through price generation.

The Price Generator, whose platform is accessed by more than 2 million users per year, is an efficient computer tool used by architects and project managers, providing prices with cost forecasts, which facilitates the preparation of complete quality project documentation. At the same time, it includes direct information of manufacturers and their products.

Topciment has integrated its products into the Price Generator, thus placing its products in the first effective showcase of the construction industry. Technicians will be able to find information and images of Topciment products, adjusted according to the characteristics selected, and in a prominent form, when choosing which materials to integrate into each constructive solution.

The Price Generator in an efficient design guide, more comprehensive thanks to the presence of Topciment products.


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