Mistakes to avoid in color combination

The use of bold colours in decoration is a trend, but attention must be paid not to make mistakes. In interior design, the combination of some tones can end up being a real disaster. Combining colours can be a dangerous game but accessible to everyone. It is often thought that this art is only reserved for decoration professionals. At Topciment we propose some tricks to hit the mark when redefining the different spaces of the house.

Error 1 - Associating more than three colours

In interior design, this is one of the basic rules: the combination of more than three different tones in the same room does not achieve harmony. The mix of four or more colours can lead to confusion. A great idea is to opt for the same colour range: for example, from blush pink to fuchsia, through raspberry. The use of different intensities helps to avoid mistakes.

Mistakes to avoid in color combination

Error 2 - Abusing contrasts

Strong tones attract the eye, but applying several at once can complicate day-to-day life. Striking combinations that work inrestaurants or hotels,it may be that in dining rooms they tire the eye and produce visual rejection. A good option is to try on a wall, and if the effect is not desired, you can rearrange or change the decorative elements until you achieve a good result.

Abuse of contrasts

Error 3 - Not differentiating spaces

Within a home, there are rooms where explosive mixtures can be bothersome. Bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms are areas where a lot of time is spent and unusual colours tend to tire. The transit and connection areas such as the hallway or the entrance, allow all mixtures to be challenged, with the perfect opportunity to let the imagination run wild.

Do not differentiate spaces

Error 4 - Only thinking about the walls

It should be remembered that in decoration not only floors and walls participate, skirting boards, doors, furniture or ceilings can also be used. Creating a border within a wall or playing with contrasts on the door frame can achieve a surprising composition. Similarly, sofas, rugs or cushions, among others, will participate in the creation, which have color and can give rise towonderful sets.It's all about varying the proportions, dosing, and daring.

Think only about the walls

Error 5 - Darkening the original decoration

The idea of change can lead to forgetting that the house itself is already dressed in colours, both on walls and floors as well as on windows and doors. Starting a composition without considering the tones already present can impoverish the final result. The simplest thing is to start a project with the existing elements, which serve as a reference, and achieve a balance from this point.

Darken the original decoration

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