Pigments for concrete resistant to UV light and alkalis

The best decorative coatings require the best pigments. Color is a transcendental factor in decorative pavements since they beautify the final result of them. And more in the floors of imprinted concrete, a continuous pavement that imitates the texture and color of other materials such as brick, stone and even wood.

A need that Arcocem® responds to, our complete range of pigments for concrete to give a personal touch to any creation. High-strength coloring pigments with which a wide variety of colors can be acquired. With high covering power, they provide an extraordinary and lasting finish.

Pigments that stand out for their high color stability, being suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. With magnificent resistance to UV light, weather and alkalis.

Our pigments undergo complex and strict quality controls.

Thanks to their excellent chemical stability, our pigments are capable of remaining unaltered in the most extreme environments. The color is maintained without losing an iota of intensity thanks to its good thermal resistance.

Diseñados para colorear de manera profesional morteros, terrazo, revocos, microcemento, prefabricados y morteros de enlucido. Además de concreto y concreto estampado. La intensidad del tono dependerá de la cantidad empleada de pigmento.

Other factors such as the granularity of the aggregates, the relationship between water and cement, the troweling or the porosity can also affect the coloration of the concrete or mortar.

Dentro de Arcocem®, contamos con pigmentos para concreto en formato polvo, base agua y al solvente. Cada subfamilia contempla su propia carta de colores, en la que se encuentra desde colores más intensos y vivos a colores más neutros y de tonos pastel.

Logo de pigmento para concreto Arcocem® WT Basic

Pigments for water-based concrete Arcocem® WT Basic

Arcocem® Basic nombra a los pigmentos a base de agua con los cuales se pueden lograr todos los colores de concreto estampado de la carta de Topciment. Un producto listo para usar que no requiere dilución y que ofrece resistencias extraordinarias a los álcalis y a la luz solar.

Un total de 13 pastas pigmentarias en dispersión acuosa que pueden aplicarse en infinidad de sistemas: concreto, concreto estampado, revocos, enlucidos, microcemento, microcemento epoxi, morteros de reparación de concreto, etc. Asimismo, son pigmentos perfectamente compatibles con nuestros barnices Sealcem®.

Pigments for concrete that are stable outdoors and that make up the base of the wide spectrum of colors that make up the Arcocem® Plus range. Pigment pastes that offer a wide range of application possibilities: crafts, crafts, enamels, paints, etc.

Descarga la ficha técnica de Arcocem® WT Basic aquí

Characteristics of water-based concrete pigments Arcocem® WT Basic

icono ph
Densidad (g/cm³)

2 ± 1

Densidad aparente
Viscosidad (L3, 20 rpm)

5000 ± 3000 mPa•s

Compatibles con los sistemas acuosos
icono de dureza
Resistentes a los álcalis y a la luz solar


The performance of Arcocem® WT Basic varies depending on the color of the dose to be made.


The water-based dispersion pigments Arcocem® WT Basic are presented in 0.5 and 1 liter containers.

Logo pigmentos para concreto Arcocem® Fast

Pigments for concrete in powder Arcocem Fast®

Arcocem® Fast are Topciment's concrete pigments in powder form. Fabulous performance inorganic pigments that incorporate special additives. Specially designed for mass coloring of concrete and mortars, either in plant or on site.

Its formulation promotes the dispersion of the pigment and, consequently, homogeneous and totally stable colorations. Its high resistance to sunlight as well as to alkalinity, make them the best ally for outdoor spaces.

Powder pigments for easy incorporation. A dosing system that avoids homogeneity errors in the final coloration. In addition, they do not harm at all the final resistances of the coating or alter the conditions of consistency and hardening.

The terrazzo, prefabricated or plastering mortars are other materials that can be colored thanks to Arcocem ®Fast pigments. Products that limit the possible appearance of efflorescence in the future.

Descarga la ficha técnica de Arcocem® Fast aquí

Technical features of Arcocem® Fast powder concrete pigments

icono ph
Densidad aparente

2,5 ± 1 g/cm³

Densidad aparente
High resistance to degradation by sunlight and alkalinity
Empacados en bolsas solubles en agua de PVA


The performance of Arcocem® Fast powder pigments is subject to the intensity and desired color. Applied on concrete, it is 10 Kg/m³ (2 bags).


The Arcocem® Fast powder pigments are presented in boxes with water-soluble bags of 5 Kg each.

Logo de pigmentos para concreto Arcocem® WT Plus.

Pigments for water-based concrete Arcocem® WT Plus

Arcocem® WT Plus son nuestras monodosis de pigmentos para concreto a base de agua. Pastas pigmentarias fácilmente mezclables que nos permiten obtener las diferentes cartas de colores de Topciment®.

They are used to color the Covercem® Stone concrete repair mortars and Covercem® Texture, as well as the Covercem® Monocrom mineral consolidating coatings and Covercem® Restaura.

Ready-to-use products that do not require dilution. Suitable for water-based systems and to also give color to our microcement systems. They guarantee a high color stability. Over time, they remain undamaged by light or aging.

Therefore, they are ideal pigments for outdoor concrete. They are very resistant to the effects of sunlight and alkalis. Free of plasticizers, emulsifiers, solvents and ammonia.

Descarga la ficha técnica de Arcocem® WT Plus aquí

Características pigmentos para concreto de base agua Arcocem® WT Plus

icono ph
De base agua y fácilmente mezclables
Densidad aparente
Compatibles con sistemas de concreto y microcemento
Free of plasticizers, solvents, ammonia and emulsifiers
icono de dureza
Alta estabilidad del color en exteriores


The performance of Arcocem® WT Plus water-based concrete pigments depends on the color of the dose.


The Arcocem® WT Plus pigments are presented in containers of different sizes depending on the color and the dose.

Logo Arcocem® DSV Plus

Pigments for solvent-based concrete Arcocem® DSV Plus

Arcocem® DSV Plus are our solvent-based concrete pigments. Just like with water-based ones, they present extraordinary color stability both indoors and outdoors.

Single-dose pigments that are easily miscible. They are mainly used with our solvent-based Sealcem® DSV imprinted concrete varnishes. Thanks to them we get the 24 colors from the Stonecem® Floor imprinted mortar chart.

Pigments for concrete that can also be applied to other solvent systems, as well as on cementitious and mineral surfaces such as microcement. They stand out for their excellent resistance to UV rays, thus being perfectly suitable for applications in outdoor spaces. Free of plasticizers and emulsifiers.

Descarga la ficha técnica de Arcocem® DSV Plus aquí

Características pigmentos para concreto al disolvente Arcocem® DSV Plus

icono ph
Solvent-based and easily miscible
Densidad aparente
Compatibles con concreto y otros sistemas al disolvente
imagen microcemento Topciment
Libres de plastificantes y emulsionantes
icono de dureza
Adecuados para aplicar en exteriores

High color stability. Resistant to sunlight and alkalis.


The performance of Arcocem® DSV Plus solvent-based concrete pigments is subject to the color of the dose to be performed.


Monodosis que se presentan en envases de varios tamaños dependiendo del color y la dosis.