Muebles con microcemento

@the_ply Moscú, Rusia.
Fotos: @the_ply

The infinite possibilities of Topciment microcement have let the imagination of our Russian colleagues fly to incredible places. @the_ply has discovered in our products the possibility of making incredible furniture. With Microbase as rustic finish microcement, and with a most original design, this company has achieved true gems: sofas, tables, mirrors, and much more... Every day a new challenge, a new creation and a new success.

Sofá de microconcreto de color gris con cojines azules.
Sofá de microconcreto de color gris con parte trasera sobresaliente.
Sofá de microconcreto con cojines de color azul
Espejo de microcemento moderno
Espejo de microcemento con base de color gris
Mesa de microconcreto
Mesa de microconcreto con tablero de vidrio
Mesa de microconcreto gris