Distributors of microcement and imprinted concrete

We want to continue growing by your side. We have a consolidated network of microcement and imprinted concrete distributors in more than 58 countries. We would like you to be part of it.

If you join Topciment, you will be able to offer your customers innovative coatings, high-performance and with a high demand in the market. We put at your disposal our extensive experience in the construction sector and all the necessary tools so that you can distribute our products.

Advantages of being a distributor of microcement and imprinted concrete Topciment

Being a distributor of microcement and imprinted concrete from Topciment has infinite advantages. We care about you from the first moment, accompanying you throughout the process from the moment you become an official distributor.

We will help you enhance your skills in order to gradually increase your sales. Because if you win, we also win. We will be by your side in everything you need, because we want to grow with you.

Some of the advantages of being a distributor of microcement and imprinted concrete from Topciment are:

  • Commercial and technical advice
  • Graphic and advertising support
  • Communication and marketing support
  • Training courses
  • Respect for the distribution channel
  • Being part of a prestigious international brand registered in the United States, China, Russia and the rest of Europe.

If you need more information before becoming an official distributor of Topciment, don't worry. We inform you without obligation!

What do we offer you if you become a Topciment distributor?

If you are interested in becoming a Topciment distributor of microcement or imprinted concrete, you will not be alone. We provide a whole range of services to help you achieve your goals.

Microcement and imprinted concrete courses at the distributor's facilities

At Topciment we offer continuous training to our distributors. We conduct microcement courses and imprinted concrete courses at the distribution points of the Peninsula so that professionals can know in detail and first-hand the application procedures of Topciment coatings.

And also courses at the distributor's facilities at a European level. A resource that is important to emphasize that is subject to the availability of our instructors and that will not always be possible to combine.

Our approved courses are taught by professionals who teach the techniques to apply Topciment microcement and imprinted concrete. Experts who will take care of, through a predominantly practical course, to resolve all the doubts that may arise.

Graphic and advertising support

If you become our distributor, you will receive the necessary advertising support to be able to carry out your daily work without problems. Our goal is to provide you with tools and solutions through a personalized advice.

We will provide you with exhibitors, catalogs, brochures, color and finish charts with more than 30 samples, images of our products, etc. In short, all the necessary tools to make the sale of the products easier for you.

Tintometric system

We offer you a tintometric system that is unique in the market. This computer application prepares the pigment requested by the customer within the Topciment color chart. Thanks to this innovative tool, the requested color can be reproduced with the utmost reliability.

And it does so through four variables: type of product, quantity of product, selected color from the Topciment chart, and finish with which it is going to be sealed. A machine will automatically prepare the pigment to be applied to the product, minimizing the margin of error.

Experience in the microcement and imprinted concrete sectors

We are manufacturers of microcement and imprinted concrete with almost two decades of experience. Based in Valencia (Spain), our distribution network extends to over 58 countries such as Germany, Holland, Portugal, Greece, United Kingdom, Denmark, Italy, United States or China, among many others.

An experience that is the result of a highly qualified team that makes us specialists and references in decorative coatings. We offer you the opportunity to join a great group, with excellent service and that guarantees results from the first day.

Pricing Policy

We are fully aware that our expansion and international recognition would not be possible without our microcement and imprinted concrete distributors. Therefore, we have set a pricing policy based on discount percentages with which we guarantee that the distributor's economic benefit is as high as possible.

A pricing policy in which we commit not to sell our products to applicators or the end customer, in the areas of confluence with them. A strategic alliance so that you, as an official distributor of Topciment, always have preference over our coatings.

We want to establish with you a lasting union over time from which we can mutually benefit. We, as manufacturers of microcement and imprinted concrete, invest in our production processes, research and new products. While your mission will be to facilitate our products to the applicators in time and space.

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