Cleaning and maintenance of imprinted concrete: definitive tips

The cleaning and maintenance of the imprinted concrete,as you can see in this news, it is as simple as it is necessary. Therefore, next we are going to give you the best advice to clean it and preserve it so that it does not maintain its properties, exactly, like the first day.

Like all building material it needs some care so that its technical performance does not change and, with this, the decorative ones are weakened and always present the best possible appearance.

We know that we are dealing with a material, imprinted concrete of great durability and resistance and for these to be maintained for as long as possible, we must not avoid the tasks and care it requires. It should be noted that we are dealing with a material that is usually applied to floors, a surface with a lot of foot traffic and exposed to many other threats. One of the areas that is most used and that thanks to proper cleaning and optimal maintenance can increase its usability exponentially.

If these tasks are carried out, there will be no season that can damage the surface of imprinted concrete and they will remain intact in the face of the most abrupt thermal variations that they can suffer in summer or winter. The installation process will also intervene here; if this is done optimally all the properties of the material are naturally preserved much better.

Even so, despite its hardness, it is advisable to protect the surfaces of imprinted concrete with varnishes that protect their colors and maintain their intensity. Once the varnish is applied, you must continue cleaning the surfaces regularly.

What elements are needed for the cleaning of imprinted concrete?

As we indicated at the beginning of the news, the cleaning of imprinted concrete areas is a very easy process to carry out, both in the way of doing it and in the necessary products, as they can be easily obtained. Next, we are going to detail one by one the elements that must intervene in the cleaning of this material so that it always has a spectacular appearance.


Having joints, the imprinted concrete can accumulate a lot of dust, especially when we find it in spaces that are located outdoors. Thus, in this way, water becomes a vital element to eliminate the dust that remains in the nooks and crannies of each surface since, simply by applying it, it is eradicated very easily.

Neutral pH chemical products

Due to its great hardness and resistances, you can choose from many different types of product but the most recommended is soap with neutral pH. This is because, with the use of cleaning products that are more aggressive, there is a risk that the surface, even its structure, could be damaged. However, if this were to happen, under normal conditions, a repair could be carried out without any problem.


For the cleaning of imprinted concrete, certain tools are also needed to remove the dirt that is more difficult to access. When choosing one, for the cleaning tasks to be a complete success, we advise opting for those that have the hardest bristles. When using these, there will be no speck of dust that resists, as an example of the smallest dirt, but you can also remove tree leaves or any type of stain.

Maintenance of imprinted concrete in a garden

Pressure washers

A tool that not everyone has but is not difficult to obtain and guarantees the best cleaning of imprinted concrete on the surface where it is applied is the pressure washer. The results that can be achieved are spectacular, so much so that its cost, although higher than other utensils that can be used to clean this coating, will pay for itself from the first time it is used.

And, what is a pressure washer? A machine that expels water under pressure, with such force that we have areas of imprinted concrete cleaned instantly. In fact, as the jet it emits comes into contact, the dirt peels off the surface, even that which is most hidden.

In addition, it represents a very ecological way of cleaning that protects the environment just as it takes care of your surfaces since the amount of water it uses is relatively small.

Topciment Cleaners: Ecoclean range

At Topciment we have a collection of cleanersof different features that specifically adapt to the type of cleaning or the stains that are on a surface of imprinted concrete.

Among these we find alkaline cleaners such as acids, both stripping and descaling, which will guarantee the absolute cleanliness of any area coated with this material.

Other vital tips in cleaning imprinted concrete

In this section we want to offer you other advice, beyond the products to use, so that you can clean your imprinted concrete surfaces with maximum efficiency.

The frequency, very important

Yes, it is. The regularity with which you clean your surfaces will have a lot to do with the appearance of your areas. So, from Topciment we recommend that you clean the floors or walls of imprinted concrete when you see that there is accumulated dirt and, if there is not, or it is not visible, which can also happen, it is recommended to clean every 2 or three days at most, both in spaces that are located outdoors and those located indoors.

This is the only way to prevent dust or other types of stains from accumulating, in the case of the former, or penetrating, in the case of the latter. It is also more than advisable to increase the frequency of cleaning of imprinted concrete in spaces such as car parks, where oil stains and other products can damage the surface.

Properly performed imprinted concrete maintenance

Indoor floors

As a covered area of imprinted concrete to consider, indoor floors also require cleaning tasks. To clean them the most effective and simple way is with a broom as they are floors where dirt and dust do not accumulate excessively.

As a suggestion, we suggest that the bristles be special, with a hardness slightly greater than that of domestic brooms that are usually used for parquet or tile floors.

It's not good to clean excessively

Following what we were saying earlier, we return to emphasize the frequency of cleaning. Thus, it is not beneficial to clean little or, on the contrary, to clean too much.

Measuring distances with pressurized water

Of all the cleaning methods, the most effective is the pressure water one, this is clear. However, when using the pressure washer, one thing must be taken into account: it is not good for the imprinted concrete to shoot at a very close distance to the surface, due to the power and intensity with which the water jet is shot. If we do not take care of this aspect, the pavement or wall will age earlier because the varnish will come off.

Tips for maintaining imprinted concrete

The durability of imprinted concrete largely depends on the maintenance of the surfaces of this material. Now, we are going to leave some items that are key for proper care of floors, walls or facades.

Cleaning of imprinted concrete with hose

The use of varnish is fundamental

Even being a material with incredible resistances, to maintain these, it is necessary to apply protective layers that keep them intact. It is about applying varnishes that represent a barrier that neither dirt, nor the most aggressive stains such as grease, oil or chemical products can cross.

In addition, another property that these sealers provide is that they form a film that facilitates cleaning tasks, as well as making it difficult for the sun to discolor surfaces.

In addition, aesthetically, floors and walls will also retain their shine and finishes, by applying the corresponding varnish.

At Topciment we have the Sealcem range, a line of varnishesin which each and every one has enormous chemical and mechanical resistances that will reduce the porosity of the imprinted concrete, preventing dust from accumulating or seeping in.

Surfaces should be varnished every 3 years at most since, in this way we will obtain waterproof and protected surfaces for an unlimited time.

Use the exact concrete mix

This will be measured depending on the weather on the day of the application and following this type of conditions, some products or components or others will be used. This will ensure the ease of maintenance of the imprinted concrete.

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