XTREMFLOOR® Level Decor: a great decorative self-leveling mortar

In the roadmap of Topciment® innovation is framed XTREMFLOOR® Level Decor. A high-quality system with which we increase our offer of decorative and functional solutions. Specifically, the line of self-leveling for interiors, highly demanded in the construction sector.

Our latest addition, XTREMFLOOR® Level Decor, forms a decorative self-leveling mortar of the latest generation intended for the restoration and smoothing of interior floors. With layers of thicknesses between 5-20 millimeters, the floor is given a final finish of the most functional mineral aesthetics.

The versatility of this self-leveling, in terms of colors and fields of application, as well as its high performance make it a great alternative in the world of coatings. Applied in a thin layer, our product gives the pavement the technical and decorative performances required and a warm and welcoming finish.

In this news, we are going to delve into what type of decorative self-leveling mortar XTREMFLOOR® Level Decor falls under, what its most notable virtues are, as well as detailing the installation process of this material.

A decorative self-leveling mortar that resists everything

The balance between aesthetics and functionality is combined in XTREMFLOOR® Level Decor. Composed of hydraulic binders, polymeric resins, silica and carbonate aggregates and organic and inorganic additives; it grants high mechanical resistances.

Its high resistance to cracking as well as to compression (> 30 N/mm2) and to abrasion (RWA10) make this decorative self-leveling a finishing coating with many options. It can be used both for the restoration and smoothing of residential flooring as well as those that suffer from a moderate and intense traffic such as the case of industrial floors and parking lots.

A variety of application that, however, is limited only to interior spaces; since this product is not suitable for application on terraces or other outdoor spaces. If the professional deems it appropriate, XTREMFLOOR® Level Decor can be sealed with an epoxy or polyurethane varnish.

salón con mortero autonivelante decorativo en pavimento
Housing with bright living room where the decorative self-leveling mortar XTREMFLOOR® Level Decor has been used on the pavement.

Other benefits of our decorative self-leveling mortar

This decorative self-leveling mortar ensures continuous and uniform surfaces, without cuts or joints, easy to clean and that provide greater amplitude to the space to be transformed with it. A system specially designed for durable pavements over time. Among its multiple benefits, we emphasize the following:

Profuse chromatic possibilities

Unlike the rest of our self-leveling products, XTREMFLOOR® Level Decor is pigmented, which exponentially increases the decorative options that this product offers. You will be able to recreate any existing color and achieve the dreamed finish. How? Thanks to the Arcocem® Plus pigmented pastes that are added to the mortar. There will not be two identical surfaces.

Minimum waiting time

Minimizing execution times as much as possible is key, especially in works of large surfaces. Precisely the XTREMFLOOR® Level Decor self-leveling mortar is characterized by a very fast setting in all its fields of application.

Floors decorated with this self-leveling are passable in just 2-3 hours for pedestrian traffic and 24 hours for light traffic. In the case of vehicular traffic, it increases to 3-4 days and, for heavy traffic, a total of 5 days.


One of the main virtues of this decorative self-leveling mortar is undoubtedly that it can be pumped. This aptitude, which is not extendable to many other systems but is to those of Topciment®, dramatically increases the productivity of the professional by speeding up the application process.

Suitable for radiant floor heating

With XTREMFLOOR® Level Decor, uniform surfaces are designed where there is no room for irregularities or unevenness in the base. Being compatible with the radiant heating system, it guarantees the distribution of heat in a homogeneous way as well as the maximum thermal efficiency. This last point means that areas of the pavement where there is accumulation or excessive heat loss are avoided.

The ability of our decorative self-leveling mortar to adapt to the shape and structure of the support is unique. Don't worry about the tensions inherent in temperature changes; XTREMFLOOR® Level Decor is formulated to withstand such tensions without cracks appearing that could compromise the outcome of the system. An added value that further supports the benefits of this product.

What can be coated with the XTREMFLOOR® Level Decor decorative self-leveling mortar?

Our decorative self-leveling mineral aesthetic mortar can be placed on multiple supports. However, before proceeding to specify what materials can be coated with XTREMFLOOR® Level Decor it is important to take into consideration certain limitations:

It cannot be used for outdoor pavements, only in interior rooms.

If the floor has permanent moisture or capillary dampness, do not apply XTREMFLOOR® Level Decor.

Lastly, and no less important, do not use on floors with temperatures below 10ºC or above 30ºC. Also, if the ambient humidity exceeds 80%.

Now yes. Without further delay, these are the supports that can be coated with the decorative self-leveling mortar XTREMFLOOR® Level Decor:


Troweled concrete

Cement mortar




How to apply our decorative self-leveling mortar

Before proceeding to the kneading of the mortar, the support that is going to be coated with XTREMFLOOR® Level Decor must be dry and in good condition, dry and free of dust as well as grease or dirt that compromise its adhesion. Important: the support must have a compression resistance of at least 12 MPa and a tensile strength greater than 1.2 N/mm² (“pull-off” test).

1. Prime with Primapox® 100 Barrier

It doesn't matter if the material to be coated is porous or non-porous, in both cases the same primer will be used to promote the adhesion of our decorative self-leveling mortar: Primapox® 100 Barrier. Apply the product with aggregate saturation and let it dry for 24 hours.

2. Pigment with Arcocem® Plus

As previously mentioned, XTREMFLOOR® Level Concrete is a pigmented decorative self-leveling mortar. That is, any desired color can be obtained. To do this, it is necessary to mix the Arcocem® Plus pigmented pastes with 5 liters of clean water.

3. Add the XTREMFLOOR® Level Decor decorative self-leveling mortar

Once the water is colored, add XTREMFLOOR® Level Decor. The proportion is: 25Kg of mortar for 5L of water. Mix with an electric whisk (500 rpm) until the mix has a homogeneous texture and without lumps.

4. Apply the XTREMFLOOR® Level Decor self-leveling decorative mortar

Pour the mix on the floor. With a leveling trowel spread and smooth the product until the desired thickness is achieved (between 5 and 20 millimeters). We strongly advise the use of a spiked roller to deaerate the dough and remove the occluded air from the mortar. Important: if you want to pour the material by pump, you must respect a distance of 20 centimeters from the ground. To avoid air inclusion, apply the fresh decorative self-leveling on fresh.

5. Protect with an epoxy or polyurethane varnish (not mandatory)

Optionally, the new decorative coating can be sealed with either an epoxy varnish, or polyurethane. But it is not an essential step.


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