with Micro concrete.

Düsseldorf, Germany
Photos Frank Drees

Düsseldorf is the German city of fashion, known for its combination of fun and tranquillity. Here we find a beautiful villa where architect, applicator and end client chose Topciment for their project. In the renovation of this bathroom with a sloping ceiling, the interior design is resolved with minimal elements, both in terms of materials and colours and furnishings. Micro concrete as flooring material, in steel colour, and in Himalaya colour for the walls and the washbasin countertop. White details for the sanitary ware crown an incredible result.

Photos of tiled bathroom refurbished with micro concrete
Photos of tiled bathroom refurbished with micro concrete
Fotos de baño de azulejos reformado con Microfino Topciment
En cuartos de baño el micro concrete soluciona problemas de humedades
Nuevas tendencias en la reforma de cuartos de baño
Paredes de micro concrete gris en cuartos de baño
Baño reformado con micro concrete Topciment
Cuarto de baño con paredes de micro concrete
Reforma con micro concrete Topciment