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Physical Resistance

Calle Rosas 33, Manises 46940, España Our microcements have the CE marking.

What is CE marking? It is a European-level approval that certifies and guarantees, through rigorous tests and trials, that the technical performances of the product we declare are, indeed, the ones it actually has. That is, the product meets the quality and safety standards to be marketed and for its intended use.

Our products meet the highest market demands. We offer high mechanical resistance, to wear, to fire, to cracking, to chemical products and corrosive substances, and high adhesion and impermeability. Optimal products with optimal qualities.

The warranty for Topciment microcements is up to 10 years, with proof of purchase with a valid issue date. The warranty exclusively implies the replacement of the defective product, not the labour.

Covers possible manufacturing defects of the material in terms of the following parameters:


Physical Resistance

We guarantee NO CRACKING. The elastic characteristics of Topciment microcements withstand slight deformations if their application is correct. If cracks were to appear, the warranty does not cover defects caused by the cracking of the support.

Physical resistance

Physical Resistance

Microcement is comparable to natural wood parquet. However, in terms of RESISTANCE TO SCRATCHES, BLOWS AND WEAR, tests conducted following EN standards show that its performance far exceeds most natural wood parquets. The warranty does not cover damage caused by the customer's misuse, such as blows, scratches, cuts or similar damage.

We recommend downloading and printing these maintenance and cleaning of microcement instructions.

Chemical resistance

Chemical Resistance

The microcement coating has good RESISTANCE TO CHEMICAL PRODUCTS for cleaning; but we recommend the use of Ecoclean or Ecoclean PRO for its cleaning and Ceraciment or Ceraciment PRO for its maintenance. Being a continuous coating, without joints, cleaning is much easier.


Physical Resistance

Thanks to the variety of microcements and their different textures, it is possible to adapt the type of finish according to the use and location required. Smoother for interiors and rougher for wet and outdoor areas.

We certify a high anti-slip aptitude, synonymous with safety.

Fire reaction

Fire resistance

The fire reaction of construction materials is the behavior of a material in the face of fire based on its contribution to its development. This behavior is classified according to the CTE SI regulations.

What is the CTE SI regulation? It is a set of standards and protocols that are required of construction elements in their different situations and uses. Along with the CE marking, we certify the safety of our material in case of fire.

The system for walls Microfino, with all its layers, including sealing, obtains the classification B-S1,d0.

The flooring system Microdeck, with all its layers, including the sealant, obtains the classification Bfl-S1.

The classification used by the Technical Code is defined by the following parameters:

Contribution to fire spread.
A1: Non-combustible; without contributing to fire at maximum degree.
A2: Non-combustible; without contributing to fire at a lesser degree.
B: Combustible with very limited contribution to fire.
C: Combustible with limited contribution to fire.
D: Combustible with medium contribution to fire.
E: Combustible with high contribution to fire.
F: Unclassified.

Opacity of the produced smoke.
s1: Low opacity.
s2: Medium opacity.
s3 : High opacity.

Fall of inflamed drops or particles.
d0: Does not produce them.
d1: Produces them to a medium degree.
d2: Produces them to a high degree.

According to its application.
Without subscript for roofing and wall materials.
With FL subscript for floor materials.


Physical Resistance

Topciment guarantees a GREAT ADHERENCE of its microcements on any type of surface, even tiles or glass, thanks to its formulation.

Colour stability

Physical Resistance

The dyes used to give colour to the microcement are of mineral origin, which are the ones that best behave against the alkalinity of the cement, the weather and the sunlight. That's why, they remain stable without suffering evident alterations.

The varnishes used for sealing are aliphatic. Their chemical composition makes them a hard finish and very resistant to ultraviolet rays, so they do not yellow in the face of sunlight.


Physical Resistance

Thanks to the sealers we apply to the finish of our microcements, we manage to enhance their hardness and resistance. We obtain waterproof surfaces resistant to moisture, very suitable for bathrooms and showers.

Certificates and tests

We are at your disposal. You can request the certificates and tests you want about our products, by filling out the following form: