Metal coatings and covering

Pure Mettal is our range of highly decorative two-component metallic coatings. Thanks to its excellent metal concentration, it gives a genuine and natural metallic finish to any surface on which it is applied.

With this innovative product, lines and contours are accentuated, so that the intensity of textures is much greater, transforming walls, facades, doors or furniture into spectacular and trend-setting designs.

The visual and tactile sensations offered by Pure Mettal are most distinguished, which is why it is one of Topciment's most exciting products. These high-gloss metallic coatings and linings consist of Component A (powdered metal particles) and Component B (organic hybrid resin developed specifically for this system).

The decorative possibilities of Pure Mettal in interiors and exteriors are immense thanks to its wide range of shades: iridium, bronze, aluminium, brass and copper. But there is much more. It is also possible to give surfaces an oxidised finish in the purest vintage style. How? With our rust accelerator Mettal Activator

It can be applied by trowel or roller to play with different textures and finishes. With Pure Mettal, elegance and personalisation are guaranteed.

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Pure Mettal metallic coatings

Five types of metallic coatings make up Topciment's Pure Mettal family: Aluminium, Iridium, Brass, Bronze and Copper. These are some of the most spectacular products in our catalogue and are causing a real sensation among professionals in the sector.

Not to forget that with the rust accelerator Mettal Activator, the impressive metallic finishes of Pure Mettal are transformed into oxide finishes.

Types of Pure Mettal

Pure Mettal Aluminium
Pure Mettal Aluminium
Pure Mettal Iridium
Pure Mettal Iridium
Pure Mettal Brass
Pure Mettal Brass
Pure Mettal Bronze
Pure Mettal Bronze
Pure Mettal Copper
Pure Mettal Copper
Componente B
Componente B

technical characteristic

Two types of application

Can be applied by trowel or roller.

Different textures

Five textures with different metallic elements.

Applicable on any type of surface

Microcemento, concrete, brick, ceramic, etc.

icono alto brillo
High gloss

For its high concentration of metallic components.


The consumption of the first coat of Pure Mettal coatings and metallic coatings is 305g/m2. For the second coat, the consumption drops to 260g/m2.


Pure Mettal component A comes in 5 kg and 1 kg black plastic conical containers. As for component B of Pure Mettal metallic coatings, it comes in a plastic bottle for the 0.5L version and in a plastic container for the 2L version.

Technical data sheet

Download here the data sheet of Pure Mettal

Pure Mettal metallic and oxide finishes

Here we present the nine decorative finishes that Pure Mettal metallic coatings and metallic coatings offer. Depending on the product and pigment chosen, the professional can make multiple combinations and play with the wide range of decorative possibilities that each of them offers. The left column shows the metallic finishes, while the right column shows the oxide finishes resulting from the use of our Mettal Activator rust accelerator.

Pure mettal bronze

Bronze is an alloy of tin and copper that gives a special touch to the application of Pure Mettal. This metallic coating is ideal for rustic, industrial and even Scandinavian environments.

imagen color bronze pure mettal bronze
Pure mettal brass

The shiny appearance of brass, as well as the elegance and warmth it brings to any room, has once again made this metal a trend in high decoration. With this metallic coating you will achieve the sophistication of those evocative atmospheres of the early 20th century.

color pure mettal brass brass

Copper is a material that combines with a multitude of materials and styles thanks to its warm reflections, which will give any room its own personality. Pure Mettal Copper metallic cladding is perfect for achieving not only a natural rustic style, but also an industrial and even Nordic style.

imagen color pure mettal copper copper

Iridium is a material that was once associated with handcrafted decoration and rustic touches. However, the application of our Pure Mettal Iridium metallic coating also fits in perfectly with more modern and avant-garde environments thanks to the feeling of robustness and strength it conveys.

color iridium pure mettal iridium
Pure mettal aluminium

If there is a versatile metal like no other, it is aluminium. With an undeniable industrial character, our Pure Mettal Aluminium metal cladding combines with other materials such as wood or brick. A fusion that replicates the atmosphere of an authentic New York loft.

imagen pure mettal aluminio

Where to apply Pure Mettal metallic coatings

Pure Mettal metallic coatings, which are available in a wide range of colours, can be applied to non-trafficable surfaces both indoors and outdoors. They are ideal for the complete renovation of facades, walls, pillars, ceilings, walls or furniture such as tables.

The range of materials that can be coated with Pure Mettal is very wide, such as microcement, ceramic, plasterboard or concrete, among many others.

Application of Pure Mettal metallic coatings

Step 1. Cleaning and preparation of the substrate.
Make sure it is well consolidated, dry and, if necessary, sanded. Vacuum to clean the substrate.
paso 1 aplicacion pure mettal
Step 2. Priming.
Apply one coat of Primacem ABS primer (absorbent substrate) or Primacem PLUS primer (non-absorbent substrate). Let dry for around 1 hour.
paso 1 aplicacion pure mettal
Step 3. Decoration.
Mix component A and component B of the chosen Pure Mettal finish (Bronze, Aluminium, Iridium, Brass or Copper). Apply two coats, letting each layer to dry from 2 to 4 hours. Let it dry 24 hours.
Pure mettal p2
Step 4A. Metallic finish and sealer
If a metallic finish is desired, once the surface has been decorated and polished, apply two coats of Topsealer WT One Coat to protect the surface (allowing 24 hours drying time between applications). Allow to dry for 24 hours.
Pure mettal p3B
Step 4B. Rust finish and sealer
If an oxidised finish is preferred, once the surface has been decorated and polished, apply Mettal Activator to accelerate oxidation and sand. Then apply two coats of Presealer (allowing 4 hours between coats) and sand. Finally protect the surface with two coats of Topsealer WT One Coat (24 hours between coats). Allow to dry for 24 hours.
Pure mettal p3