Manufacturers of microcement

We are manufacturers of microcements developed with the latest technologies on the market and 100% environmentally friendly. Although our best letter of introduction is the opinion of our customers after almost two decades of experience in the construction sector.

In the search for maximum quality, we carefully select the materials so that each client obtains a unique finish. A working method that sets us apart from the competition and that has led us to be leaders in the manufacture of microcement in Spain and have a great international recognition in more than 58 countries.

But we are not only microcement manufacturers. We also produce all types of decorative coatings (metallic paints, glazes, pigments and metallic coatings) as well as primers, varnishes or sealants, specialised cleaners and accessories related to microcement.

Microcement factory Topciment

Topciment's microcement factory is unique in Spain. Innovative facilities which cover an area of over 4,000 square metres and which are equipped with the most modern machinery on the microcement market and the most advanced technologies.

A privileged infrastructure in which we find the largest showroom in Europe; a room of 140 square metres in which the practical part of our training courses for professionals is imparted; another room of 100 square metres for the theoretical part of our courses and in which various presentations are carried out; and a large laboratory, perfectly equipped, in which our team of qualified chemists work very hard to improve the performance and quality of the microcements that we manufacture.

Would you like to visit Topciment's microcement factory? We offer guided tours to anyone who wants to get to know it.

Fabrica microcementos Topciment
Image of the interior of the Topciment microcement factory

What do we offer you as microcement manufacturers?

Personalised advice

Listening and providing solutions to our customers is our raison d'être. We have a highly qualified technical service to resolve any doubts about the microcements we manufacture quickly and efficiently in several languages. We do not close even on holidays.

Continuous training

Training professionals in the sector is our best investment. We constantly offer courses on the application of the types of microcements we manufacture to guarantee the best possible end result. Our training courses are adapted to the individual level of each person.

Distributor support

Our distributors are the heart and soul of Topciment, they make it possible for the microcements we manufacture to be marketed in more than 58 countries. An extensive network that continues to grow and of which you too can form part.

ISO 9001:2015 certified microcement manufacturers

Quality has to be proven. And at Topciment we have done it. Our hard work to position ourselves as manufacturers of high quality microcement has been accredited with the ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate.

A certification that few companies in the sector possess and which is the reward for our work not only in the manufacture of microcements, but also for the design, development and marketing of the same.

A label that reinforces our strategic move towards continuous improvement, as well as our commitment to strengthen the quality standards in all our internal processes.

Microcement manufacturers with the innovative SME seal

Our commitment to innovation, development and research as manufacturers of microcement leaves no room for doubt. We are proud to bear the seal of INNOVATIVE SME, a distinction that recognises

our extensive business and professional career as well as the enthusiasm and efforts we have made since our beginnings.

A recognition that highlights our firm intention as manufacturers of microcement to offer our customers the best possible services and solutions.

Our values

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Our main driving force is based on the area of research, development and innovation to manufacture the best microcements on the market. An investment that has led us to have an annual production capacity of 200 tonnes.

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We are very environmentally conscious. All our microcements are made from natural materials and mineral raw materials that respect our planet. Our packaging also contributes to reducing our ecological footprint as we use recycled materials.

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15 years is a long time. Our extensive experience and the quality standards of our products endorse us. An experience that has led to the Topciment brand being registered as a microcement manufacturer in the United States, China, Russia and the rest of Europe.

icono garantia


All the microcements we manufacture have the CE marking, a European approval that certifies that the technical performance of our products is unbeatable. A guarantee of up to 10 years that covers possible defects in the manufacture of the material.

Looking to the future

We aim to be the best version of ourselves every day. While we are proud of where we have come and the international reach we have earned as a microcement manufacturer, we want to go even further.

We aim to continue expanding the Topciment brand around the world with the help of our distributors. A desire to excel that would not be possible without a large investment behind it. We will continue to strive to manufacture better and better microcements, which will continue to become a trend and meet the needs of our customers. All this always under the prism of respect and protection of the environment, as one of our objectives is to reduce the ecological footprint in the manufacture of microcement.


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