8 reasons why microcement bathrooms will be a trend in 2024

If you are thinking of renovating or enlarging the bathroom in the coming months this article is for you. Microcement bathrooms, high-performance decorative coating, will be a trend in 2024. At Topciment we know very well what we are talking about, for a reason we are leaders in themanufacture of microcementin Spain with over 15 years of experience.

There are many advantages of this coating that have led architects, interior designers and construction professionals to increasingly opt for microcement in bathrooms. Not only durability that it provides among many other benefits.

What is microcement?

Microcement is a decorative coating that has revolutionized bathroom renovations for some time now. A material composed of cement, aggregate, resin, and pigments that is placed directly on the existing coating without demolitions and rubble.

This advantage is one of the supporters of the popularity of microcement baths, since not carrying out works in itself allows the bathroom to remain passable during its renovation. But there are many more benefits implicit in the bet of this material in one of the most used rooms of any home.

Bathroom with gray microcement on the wall.
Grey microcement bathroom countertop and grey microcement walls by Topciment.

Main advantages of microcement bathrooms

Microcement can be applied in bathrooms in many ways. A versatility that not many materials offer and that ends up conquering everyone who knows it. Mainly as flooring and wall cladding, but also to create shelves or the bathroom furniture itself with this material.

Next, we give you the eight main reasons why bathrooms with microcement are going to cause a real furor this 2024. Take note!

1. The microcement in bathrooms enhances the feeling of spaciousness

In most cases, the bathroom is the smallest area of the house and, therefore, optimizing its size as much as possible is a priority when deciding to renovate it.The continuity of microcement in bathrooms provides a greater sense of spaciousness that will be further enhanced if combined with light colors on floors and walls.

This is the case of the white, an ideal color for the microcement bathroom to appear much larger than it really is and that also combines perfectly with other materials such as wood.

2. Resistance to ambient humidity in microcement bathroom

Another of the most notable advantages of microcement in bathrooms that will contribute to it becoming a decorative trend in 2024, is its extraordinary resistance to ambient humidity. The bathroom is an area that constantly suffers from this type of humidity, that's why it's so important to correctly select the materials to use. With microcement this problem completely disappears.

With microcement this problem completely disappears, because it not only resists ambient humidity very well, but also water vapor.

3. Versatility of microcement bathrooms

If there is one feature that perfectly defines microcement bathrooms, it is their versatility, as this coating enjoys excellent adherence to virtually any support such as tiles, one of the star materials in bathrooms.

That is why we can apply microcement in bathrooms in many ways, not only on walls and floors. It is common to see bathroom furniture coated with microcement, sinks and even shower trays and bathtubs.

A versatility that allows creating infinite designs and of any color you want, since this innovative decorative coating has a wide range of pigments.

Bathroom with gray microcement on walls and floor.
Topciment's gray microcement applied on bathroom floor and walls.

4. Easy and simple cleaning of bathrooms with microcement

Tidying up a bathroom is one of the most tedious things in the world, right? A problem that disappears with this continuous coating. A bathroom with microcement is very easy to clean because the absence of joints prevents dirt from accumulating. You just have to use a neutral detergent and a cloth for daily care and... ready!

Although we recommend our Ecoclean Basic microcement cleaner for domestic use, capable of removing any type of dirt.

5. Microcement in bathrooms promotes natural light

Si hay algo que ocupa y preocupa a la hora de renovar un baño es que sea luminoso, crear una atmósfera relajada. El microcemento en baños es idóneo porque potencia la luz natural como si se reflejase sobre él.

6. Quick application of microcement in bathrooms

As the application of microcement in bathrooms does not require construction work, the installation will be very quick. If applied to floors, you will have to wait about 2 or 3 days to be able to walk on the new pavement without problems. Isn't it fantastic?

On the other hand, if you decide to cover the bathroom furniture pile with microcement or the shower tray, the period increases to a week.

As for the application of microcement in bathrooms, the process varies depending on the type of microcement chosen and the surface to be coated (whether it is walkable or not walkable).

7. The microcement in bathrooms is non-slip

The humidity from condensation and the water inherent in the bathroom can cause slips and falls. A problem that is avoided by applying microcement in the bathroom. Since according to the finish that is given to the pavement, that is, the varnish with which it is sealed, and the type of microcement used, the floor acquires this property. So it is a perfect solution for this room.

8. The microcement bathroom offers waterproofing

The hundreds of renovation projects in which shower trays and furniture have been coated with microcement, is not a coincidence. The excellent resistance to running water of this material allows creativity to run wild. Forget about possible leaks. We recommend sealing the support with Topsealer WT One Coat or Topsealer WT All in One (for ready-to-use microcement).

Of course. Make sure that the support on which the microcement is going to be applied does not have dampness. In the case of having them and not being rectified, the microcement would "copy" such dampness.

Bathroom with microcement on floor and sink.
Bowling alley in A Coruña (Spain) with microcement on the floor and bathroom sink.

Price of microcement in bathrooms

The price of microcement in bathrooms depends on several elements such as the difficulty of the work, the quality of the microcement to be used as well as what is going to be covered. It is not the same to apply microcement on the floor or walls of the bathroom as to make a shower tray or a bathtub.

At Topciment we have approved applicators in all provinces of Spain, accustomed to carrying out all types of microcement bathroom works.

5 Ideas to apply microcement in bathrooms

Microcement in bathrooms can be applied in many ways and in many places. Topciment experts give you some of the most interesting ideas to achieve a magazine-worthy bathroom.

1. Microcement bathtub and shower

Lately, the creation of microcement bathtubs and showers has skyrocketed. Mainly because, apart from its beautiful aesthetics, microcement is a decorative coating whose maintenance is scarce and its cleaning minimal.

But also for the ability of this innovative coating to create anti-slip finishes to avoid those treacherous slips that we all suffer at some point in our lives. Our Topsealer WT Anti Slip varnish makes the microcement bathtub and shower a 100% safe space.

Following this, a waterproof finish can also be achieved with the use of another sealant to prevent water from stagnating in the shower tray and fungi from breaking in.

2. Microcement on countertop and bathroom sink

A waterproofing that makes it very suitable to coat the countertop or bathroom sink with microcement, two elements constantly exposed to water. The vast color chart of Topciment microcement allows numerous designs for countertops and bathroom sinks. However, white microcement and gray microcement continue to be the most popular when renovating a bathroom.

3. Microcement shelves in bathroom

The organization and storage in the bathroom is fundamental. On some occasions it can become a real headache when the bathroom in question is very small. Therefore, optimizing space as much as possible is a priority.

Regardless of its size, opting for a bathroom shelf with microcement is a success, as it not only allows you to store hygiene items such as towels, but also contributes to providing a sense of continuity throughout the room. Likewise, the flexibility of this material allows creating any type of microcement furniture in the bathroom, not just shelves.

Grey microcement bathtub
Large gray microcement bathtub matching the wall that has also been covered with Topciment microcement.

4. Microcement walls and floors in bathrooms

The most widespread use of microcement was not going to be an exception in the case of bathrooms. Coating the walls with microcement, but especially the bathroom floors is one of the preferred options. A type of flooring to be taken into account since, as mentioned before, it can become non-slip.

5. Microcement sinks

Una de las mejores ideas para aplicar microcemento en baños es construir un lavabo por su bajo mantenimiento, su funcionalidad, diseño y estética moderna. Sea cual sea el color de microcemento, el acabado final será muy atractivo, suave y gustoso al tacto.

When manufacturing a microcement sink, a series of considerations must be taken into account that we are going to develop below.

Bathroom with microcement on the countertop and in the sink.
Industrial style bathroom with Slate colored microcement sink. The work, where our microcement has also been applied on the floor, was carried out in a house in Belgium.

- Microcement sink with good slope to the drain

It is necessary to ensure that the future microcement sink has a good fall or slope to the drain to prevent water stagnation, something that would be fatal. By guaranteeing this, most problems when applying microcement in a sink will be avoided.

- Reinforce the edges of the microcement sink

One of the tips from our experts, although not necessary at first glance, is to reinforce the edges of the microcement sink with aluminum profiles. By doing so, an extra quality, consistency, and design is added to the sink coated with smoothed microcement.

- Waterproofing of the microcement sink

One of the great advantages of making a microcement sink is the waterproof character that can be given to this coating with specialized sealers. With our varnishes, the microcement sink will resist environmental humidity and running water without problems.

- Wide possibilities of microcement sinks

Microcement sinks offer wide decorative possibilities depending on the type of coating. If a marked water or stucco appearance and soft touch is sought, it is recommended to use Microfino microcement.

Si por el contrario se prefiere un aspecto más natural, la mejor elección es el microcemento Microdeck. Pero también se puede lograr un acabado pétreo o rústico si se aplica con la técnica fresco sobre fresco.

Bathroom with gray microcement on the walls, the floor, and the countertop.
Our Himalaya color microcement is the star of the bathroom in this house in Germany. The bathroom wall and sink have been coated with microcement.

Most popular colors for microcement bathrooms

White, gray, and beige are the most used colors in microcement bathrooms. The white, as previously mentioned, is the preferred shade to promote brightness and cleanliness of the room as well as the feeling of spaciousness in smaller microcement bathrooms.

Por su parte, el beige y resto de marrones claros es un color de microcemento ideal en aquellos baños que busquen un ambiente y estilo más rústico. Si se busca justo lo contrario, un estilo más moderno y actual, el gris es el mejor aliado. De todas formas, es importante remarcar que la versatilidad del microcemento en baños permite combinar varios colores

As you may have noticed, the potential of microcement in bathrooms is immense. Qualities that have captivated architects, interior designers, and other construction professionals.

What microcement to use for the bathroom

The choice of one type of microcement or another for the bathroom is subject to the customer's taste. To the finish they have in mind. Based on that premise, at Topciment we have developed different systems that are ideal for being applied in this room.

Microfine, microcement for bathroom walls

For the vertical and non-walkable surfaces of the bathroom, we have Microfino. An ideal microcement for its smooth finish that promotes the cleaning of them. It also stands out for a very characteristic watermark effect. Within this line are Sttandard Microfino (two-component microcement) and Evoluttion Microfino (one-component microcement).

Microdeck, microcement for the floor and bathroom furniture

On the other hand, Microdeck is the most suitable microcement for coating the floor and bathroom furniture. A more robust and natural, rustic-looking coating. It stands out for its excellent resistance to wear by abrasion and traffic. It also has the particularity of being able to be applied with the fresh on fresh technique.

Bathroom with white microcement on the walls.
Luxurious home with spacious microcement bathroom on walls and ceiling.

Industtrial, higher impermeability microcement for the bathroom

Industtrial is a microcement for bathrooms that must be taken into account. It can be applied both on walls and floors, but that's not why it stands out. But for its greater impermeability, hardness and resistance. This is due to its composition with aggregates and epoxy resin.

Efectto Quartz, ready-to-use microcement for the bathroom

To complicate less, but obtain the same finishes and resistances. For that we created Efectto Quartz, a ready-to-use microcement that serves equally for floors as for bathroom walls. It is available in different granulometries.

As you may have noticed, the potential of microcement in bathrooms is immense. Qualities that have captivated architects, interior designers, and other construction professionals. Which one do you prefer?

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