What is the price of micro concrete per m2? Prices in 2022

Micro concrete is the coating of the moment. A building material that has become fashionable in recent years in the decoration sector for its excellent aesthetic and functional qualities. Among its many virtues is its high adhesion capacity, which allows it to be used to cover all types of surfaces: tiles, concrete, marble, plasterboard, etc.

The versatility of micro concrete compared to other coatings on the market is undeniable. For this reason, this material has become one of the most coveted options when it comes to renovating homes and commercial premises. Quickly executed works, without building work or debris. Another of its great attributes is undoubtedly that it is a continuous cladding without joints. But what is the price of micro concrete?

If you are thinking of tackling a renovation project in 2022 with this versatile material, you should be aware that it is not possible to set an exact price for micro concrete per m2 of floor space. This is because there are a number of factors that will make the final cost fluctuate and that must be taken into consideration from the moment the work is planned.

In this article, we will explore all these determining factors to answer the big question: How much does micro concrete cost? Read on to find out.

suelo micro concrete en cafeteria
micro concrete floor in cafeteria-restaurant Project for a unique cafeteria-restaurant with Topciment micro concrete floor.

What is the price of micro concrete per m2?

Micro concrete is a decorative trend on the rise. The legend that it is a cold-looking, industrial-style cladding is now a thing of the past. A belief that has been completely dismantled by the increasing integration of this material in all types of homes and premises such as restaurants and hotels by architects, decorators and builders.

As previously mentioned, the price of micro concrete per m2 depends on several circumstances. The quality of the material, the square metres of the surface to be covered and the complexity of the work are just some of the elements that will determine the final price of Micro concrete. It is not the same to apply micro concrete on a wall as on a staircase or swimming pool, for example, the latter two being more complicated and therefore more expensive.

In any case, only a professional applicator can accurately determine the price of micro concrete per m2. To obtain a quality result and long-term guarantees in a work with micro concrete, three conditions are necessary: the correct preparation of the surface, the selection of a good decorative coating and the use of a qualified and experienced professional.

Below we explain everything you need to know about the price of micro concrete per square metre. A coating that contemplates the most varied application possibilities as well as a wide range of colours, thus allowing the most exclusive personalisation of spaces.

What elements influence the price of micro concrete?

Beyond the features and benefits that a specific decorative coating can provide, the price of the same conditions, and a lot, in the final choice to tackle a work. The fact that micro concrete is applied over the existing material without debris makes it cheaper than other coatings, as well as speeding up the renovation, as the space or room to be renovated can continue to be habitable while the work in question is being carried out.

These are the six most important factors that determine the price of micro concrete:

1. State of the surface to be coated, fundamental in the price of micro concrete

One of the most important factors in gauging the price of micro concrete is the state of the surface to be covered with this decorative coating. If the substrate is in a bad condition or the conditions are not the most suitable, it will be essential to work on repairing, levelling and conditioning it before applying the Micro concrete.

Repairing a substrate in poor condition will therefore increase the price of micro concrete as it will require more labour. For example, when applying micro concrete on tiles, a series of steps must be taken to prevent the joints from marking under the new micro concrete coating. This procedure increases the final cost.

2. The more complex the work, the higher the price of micro concrete will be.

The more complicated and difficult the work to be carried out, the more expensive the price of micro concrete will be as more hours of work will be required to carry out the renovation. Covering the walls of a bathroom with one or several pillars, stairs with numerous steps or a worktop, will require a more laborious application as they are surfaces with more corners and edges.

micro concrete bathroom Costa Brava
Home in Girona in which the bathroom has been renovated with Desert Tan micro concrete on walls and floor.

3. The choice of colours also affects the price of micro concrete

Although at first sight it may seem a trifle, it is not. The colours are also a determining factor in the price of micro concrete per square metre. If you choose several pigments to cover the same room, the hours of work will skyrocket as the professional will have to meticulously delimit the different areas to be treated using painter's tape to avoid unwanted mixtures.

Also, when using different pigments, it is necessary to wait for the micro concrete colour to dry properly and protect it, so that it does not remain stained before starting to use the next colour.

4. The price of micro concrete depends on the square metres of surface area.

As a general rule, the price of micro concrete per m2 will be lower the more square metres of surface area to be covered, whereas the smaller the surface area the higher the cost. On the other hand, the smaller the surface area, the higher the cost. Why is this? Because there are fixed costs and working hours that do not depend directly on the square metres to be covered with Micro concrete.

5. Professionalism of micro concrete applicators

Only an expert micro concrete applicator can guarantee the success of a work or renovation, as it is necessary to have specific training for the correct application of this decorative coating.

An expert who will control all types of micro concrete application, knowing at all times which work method is the most appropriate in each case and following all the steps scrupulously. Furthermore, although it may seem obvious, each applicator has specific rates for their work which will dictate the price of micro concrete to be one or the other.

6. Quality of the material, the key to setting the price of micro concrete

The quality of the material, of course, has a direct influence on the price of Micro concrete. The better the performance of the micro concrete, the higher the cost. That is why it is very important to trust companies and professionals with guarantees, as skimping on the price of the material can have undesirable consequences in the short or medium term, such as fissures, cracks or flaking.

imagen micro concrete topciment
Image of the living room of the BHMM house in Altea (Spain), whose floor has been covered with our micro concrete

Price of micro concrete bathrooms: one of the most demanded rooms

It is no coincidence that micro concrete has become one of the most common materials to be found in bathrooms. There are more than enough reasons to justify why it has established itself as a decorative trend.

Bathrooms are one of the rooms that require the most continuous cleaning over time and in greater depth. This is not a very pleasant task and requires a lot of effort and time. As micro concrete has no joints, it is much easier to clean than other materials, as dirt does not accumulate as it does with tiles, for example. What is more, water and neutral soap is more than enough to keep micro concrete clean and in perfect condition.

Likewise, micro concrete bathrooms can boast anti-slip and waterproof finishes against running water and environmental humidity, if a sealant is used to protect the surface. Therefore, micro concrete is perfect for covering floors, walls and even washbasins, bathtubs or showers. An endless number of benefits and decorative possibilities that will make micro concrete one of the favourite alternatives for bathroom renovations in 2022.

The price of micro concrete bathrooms varies depending on the surface on which the coating is to be applied. It is not the same to create a shower or bathtub with micro concrete, which requires a more experienced workforce and a longer execution time, as it is to apply it to the floor, for example. For this reason, the vast majority of applicators charge more to cover elements such as showers, bathtubs or bathroom furniture with Micro concrete.

The state of the substrate and the square metres to be covered, as previously mentioned, will also determine the final price of micro concrete bathrooms. This is also the case with the quality of the material and the standard rates that each applicator applies for their services.

What is clear is that the price of micro concrete baths is considerably reduced when compared to other materials. For example, if the bathroom to be refurbished has tiles on the walls and bathrooms, in order to install a new material, the tiles must first be demolished and removed, with the corresponding generation of rubble and dirt.

A use of machinery that is linked to the hiring of more labour and leaving the bathroom unusable during the reform process. On the other hand, all these inconveniences disappear with micro concrete, as it will be enough to fill the tile joints and apply a primer to be able to lay the micro concrete on top of it, without any building work. A comparison in which micro concrete comes out on top and which extends to many other materials.

 Price grey micro concrete floor and walls
Rustic style bedroom with grey micro concrete on floor and walls

Price of micro concrete floor: the favourite surface

If there is one surface that gets all the attention, it is the micro concrete floor. In fact, it is the most common use of a decorative coating that has been incorporated in all types of indoor flooring such as houses, offices, shops, restaurants and hotels, but also outdoors. In fact, it is increasingly common to see terraces and swimming pools that have been created from this material. A decorative trend that will not stop growing in 2022.

A micro concrete floor that owes its recognition to its unbeatable benefits. It is resistant to pedestrian traffic, abrasion and wear as well as temperature changes. It is precisely this last factor that has catapulted its use outdoors.

But what is the price of a micro concrete floor? At this point you will not be surprised to read that the same basic criteria that have already been developed in previous paragraphs are the ones that determine the cost. Firstly, the square metres, as the size of the room in which the future floor will be placed determines the price of the micro concrete floor. In a large surface area, the amount of material and the labour hours increase, and with them the cost.

Following on from the previous point, it is important to emphasise the corners. A space in which corners are numerous requires more meticulous and delicate work. A greater complexity that will be reflected in the price of the micro concrete floor. Linked to this point is the state of the surface, since if a previous repair is not carried out correctly, unwanted fissures and cracks will appear due to the movement and instability of the surface that acts as a base. A false step in this sense and with the passage of time, it will be necessary to make an extra outlay to solve the problems committed in this process.

The execution time for this paving is around a maximum of one week, as it is necessary to wait for it to dry and seal properly in order to enjoy optimum performance. This speed of application favours the price of micro concrete floors compared to other alternatives such as, for example, polished cement or parquet.

Do you have underfloor heating? You have nothing to fear. Micro concrete is fully compatible with this heating system, you just have to comply with an ignition protocol to avoid cracking due to sudden changes in temperature. And no, this will not make the price of the micro concrete floor more expensive.

The price of micro concrete compared to other materials

By not having to decompose and carry out building work, micro concrete saves a considerable amount of money and time compared to other materials. As well as its rapid application and good adherence, it is compatible with a multitude of coatings.

In this way, the price of micro concrete is lower than other decorative coatings that require the removal of the existing coating. These materials, which cannot be laid directly, considerably increase the cost of the labour involved in applying them. In addition to the need to request the corresponding building permit. This is the case of wood, some types of tiles, parquet, polished concrete, marble and ceramics, among others.

Price of micro concrete in 2022

In short, the price of micro concrete in 2022 may vary depending on all the factors detailed above. The final price is between 60 and 100 euros per square metre, approximately. Although it will also depend on each manufacturer and applicator.

If you need more information on the cost of micro concrete per square metre or to request a personalised quote, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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