Microcement in Columbus - Concrete coatings for outstanding results

In Topciment® we have always had one goal in mind, to work to achieve great decorative solutions for all types of environments in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. That is why we have become a company specialized in microcement, working daily to ensure continuous progress, only in this way we can guarantee to offer inimitable and high performance products and services.

Our dedication and time invested in continuing to grow has meant that today we have an international presence, through our extensive network of distributors that gives us the opportunity to bring our product to influential cities such as New York, Miami, Vancouver, Sydney, Toronto, part of Asia and most of Europe.

Due to the influence we have gained and our potential as a manufacturer of decorative coatings, we have become one of the most recognized companies worldwide. Our goal? To revolutionize the decorative and construction industry with a unique product. That's why we decided to bring our microcement to Columbus, with the aim of taking the wall covering sector to a higher level in a symbiosis that fuses the quality guarantee of a Spanish product with the fine and elegant English style.

As in life itself, gaining people's trust is a really complicated job. In a market with such high competition, the supply of microcement is incredible, however, few have a microcement like ours, which has been recognized by the ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate, a title that brings out our professionalism as designers, producers and sellers. Guaranteeing a successful product like ours is how we get them to bet on us from the beginning.

Our merits are increasingly recognized in the decorative and construction sector, this has led to an exponential increase in the diversity of profiles that request our services to respond to their projects. From construction companies, architects, to interior designers, designers and individuals.

From our team of professionals in the laboratory, to each of the applicators in an installation, are highly qualified experts who ensure that everything works as a gear, thus providing outstanding results. In addition to all this, we have invested heavily in order to keep our machinery and technologies at the forefront, a fact that has allowed us to be valued as an Innovative SME.

Large terrace with cactus and microcement flooring in Columbus.

Microcement, an avant-garde product

The construction and decoration sector is celebrating due to the great popularity that microcement is gaining in recent times. We found a material that can cope with any situation and that has made professionals take it more into account and in appreciation.

The microcement is a decorative coating with a minimum thickness of 2/3 mm, which by its light weight and high adhesion is adaptable to all types of materials: plasterboard, marble, metal, plaster, terrazzo, ceramic tiles, stone, etc; and surfaces: stairs, floors, walls, ceilings, furniture, balconies, indoor and outdoor, etc.. As we have said, it has a minimum weight, a characteristic that means that its load does not affect the structure to which it is applied.

But do you know what one of its most distinctive features is? Installation without renovation. Just like that. It offers such an effective primer that it adheres directly to the original substrate, avoiding the accumulation and, therefore, the formation of debris. The installation is faster, simpler and more effective, however, as easy as it is compared to other materials, it is always recommended that it is done by a professional who knows how to get the full potential and capabilities of the product.

This cement coating is the ideal choice when it comes to the renovation of spaces, as it is able to provide effective solutions to any environment through a decorative coating of high performance. Some examples of where it can be installed are: restaurants, swimming pools, garden nurseries, hotels, industrial complexes, residential areas, homes, leisure stores, etc.

Designer kitchen with dark tones and microcement floor in Columbus.

Professionalism present in our microcement in Columbus

We work with one goal in mind: to achieve excellence in each of our products and services. With this we intend to offer our customers all our potential for their greatest satisfaction. We are fortunate, do you know why? Because of one word, passion, which gives us the wings to continue progressing constantly, an aspect without which such a level of quality would be very complicated. We want to share this dedication and enthusiasm with you, trusting us to be your microcement company in Columbus.

Advanced technical advice

We provide you with free personalized advice 365 days a year. Our highly qualified microcement experts will resolve any technical questions you may have about our systems, as well as advise you on everything you need. Our sales professionals are highly trained and will be responsible for helping you with any type of incidence or doubt related to the selection, service, application and maintenance of the products.

ISO 9001 Quality

We offer quality that has been proven by facts, not words. Our products are CE marked and ISO 9001:2015 certified, a seal that distinguishes us as a specialized manufacturer. It is the competent bodies that have decided to make this decision, as we undergo appropriate periodic quality controls and demonstrate our value as microcement experts, both in terms of design, development and marketing.

Named as an Innovative SME

Time teaches us, but it is not entirely responsible for our progress. From the beginning we have known that there is no better way to ensure continued growth than by investing in better technologies and improving the work of our professionals. All these elements in combination make the gears run perfectly, representing the maximum performance of the company. A fact that has granted us the title of innovative SME, highlighting our solid commercial and professional experience.

Hotel lobby decorated with microcement floor and ceiling in Columbus.

Looking for efficiency? Microcement is the answer

Below we will show you why this coating has become so popular in recent years. Its finishes and the benefits it offers are responsible for making it such a sought after product as it allows you to get the most out of all environments.

Debris-free application

We mentioned previously the incredible adhesion that microcement offers. This property gives it the ability to adapt to any support, surface or material, making it possible to carry it out without renovations or generating debris.

Great resistance capacity

A coating that can be used in any type of environment due to its reliability, as well as its amazing durability. It stands out for its great resistance to wear and tear due to pedestrian traffic, abrasion, temperature changes, UV rays, knocks and scratches.

No slipping

Microcement provides us with the property of creating safer environments thanks to its splendid non-slip finish, an ideal feature when it comes to places where any kind of accident could be catastrophic: hospitals, industries, kitchens, bathrooms...

Get creative

We offer highly customized results through our wide variety of microcements types, through which we can obtain different properties such as shapes, textures, sizes, colors, designs and much more.

Luxurious infinite finish

Microcement is a continuous coating which has the great capacity to provide seamless surfaces. This quality elevates the decorative level by creating truly elegant and sophisticated spaces. In addition, it benefits in equal parts to greater hygiene by preventing the accumulation of dust in its grooves and facilitating cleaning.

Bordering on impermeability

In a natural way it already presents a surprising resistance to humidity, but in addition, by applying varnishes or sealants, we will achieve that this even reaches almost impermeability.

Restaurant lounge in light and dark tones and decorated with microcement in Columbus.

Recognised trainers of microcement professionals

We transfer our knowledge through various channels and one of them is through the training of microcement applicators. Our experienced teachers offer personalized instruction according to the level of the individual, from beginner to expert, and ensure the learning of new techniques and indispensable knowledge.

Want to be the next certified Topciment® microcement applicator in Columbus? Fill out our form below to have one of our experts provide you with all the necessary information.

Tailor-made results with our microcement in Columbus

When you bet on finding results that match the tastes of each client, you are in turn promoting maximum customization of the results, which will considerably increase satisfaction. We understand the importance of providing the right response to the most pressing requirements, which is why we have created a rich and diverse range of microcements to ensure the success of all our customers.

Microbase, high-strength base microcement

With our line of microcement preparation, Microbase, you will obtain more resistant and therefore durable surfaces. This product is available in single-component (Evoluttion) and two-component (Sttandard ). Some experts also use it as a finishing coating to achieve a wonderful rustic effect. Microcement is available in L, XL and XXL grain sizes.

Microfino, finishing microcement for walls

Our line of microcement finish created for use on walls. Microfino is available in mono-component (Evoluttion) and bi-component (Sttandard). Thanks to its mechanical and chemical resistance, experts have expanded its use on floors, generating fantastic environments full of subtlety and elegance. Microcement is available in XS, S and M granulometries.

Modern boho style bathroom in restaurant with microcement surfaces in Columbus.

Microdeck. microcement floor finish

Microdeck is our finishing coating for walls. Microcement is available in single-component (Evoluttion) and two-component (Sttandard ). Its properties make it stand out in terms of resistance to abrasion, pedestrian traffic and its non-slip nature. Available in M and L sizes.

Microstone, outdoor decorative microcement

The most suitable microcement for those seeking to decorate an outdoor area such as terraces or gardens. It provides comfort and quality through its abrasion resistance and non-slip finish. With an aesthetic that is designed for this type of environment, with an appearance that imitates natural stone. This product is available in L and XL granulometries.

Atlanttic Aquaciment®, the microcement created for wet areas.

The exclusive line of microcement specialized for areas with water or high humidity. Atlanttic Aquaciment® is made from a formula that makes it waterproof and anti-slip, two properties that are enhanced when in contact with water.

Aesthetically, it is a product with great potential for generating exclusive spaces with infinite surfaces. Granulometry available in XL and XXL.

Industtrial, epoxy microcement for indoor floors.

Our microcement made of epoxy resin and aggregates, Industtrial. Made for indoor floors thanks to its strong resistance to abrasion and pedestrian traffic, as well as withstanding high loads and pressures, such as machinery or heavy goods.

Product of great decorative variety with up to 16 different colors and 4 types of granulometries: Industtrial XL, Industtrial Base, Industtrial Medium and Industtrial Fine.

Luxury living room with artificial fireplace and microcement surfaces in Columbus.

Quartz effect, microcement ready to use without work

The stellar appearance of the Efectto Quartz microcement line has arrived, a ready-to-use coating free of cements that can cause cracks or shrinkage in the material. It simplifies the installation work and avoids the generation of debris.

Natture, eco-friendly microcement tadelakt

We present our innovative line, Natture, our lime-based microcement. This product aesthetically imitates the famous Marrakech technique, the tadelakt coating, but in this case, we reinvented it with the objective of providing a more efficient material with better mechanical and chemical resistance. You can get it in grain sizes S, M, L and XL.

Highly decorative floors and walls with microcement

At Topciment® we are specialists in the development of products to generate customized surfaces. We provide solutions with functional and aesthetic qualities that, when carried out by our advanced team of highly qualified professionals, will prove how microcement is an efficient coating in any type of environment.

Our microcement systems are effective for both interiors and exteriors. Generating environments where strength and beauty are united and creating resistant surfaces of distinguished character to the tastes of each client.


It is thanks to the walls that we acquire a surface that serves us ideally as a showcase in order to display the properties of microcement highlighting its decorative qualities. Due to their elevation, these areas motivate us to make a clear visual connection where custom finishes can be appreciated at a glance.

Staircase in bar covered with microcement in Columbus.


It is necessary that they have elementary resistances as they are walkable surfaces, in this way, we will avoid that in the future irregularities such as fissures or different cracks may appear, due to the high pedestrian or vehicle traffic. The microcement is capable of providing these qualities and many more, in this way, the pavement will gain in strength and durability, keeping the coated surfaces in perfect condition.

Without losing its potential in terms of resistance, its decorative talent is far superior to that of other coatings, giving rise to exclusive artistic finishes with different shapes, colors and textures, and of a quality that is maintained over time in optimal conditions.

Success lies in variety: an extensive catalogue

Our catalog does not stop at the microcement level only, it is true that we are experts in this coating, but we also provide high performance decorative solutions and to achieve this, the best way is to ensure a wide range of products in which we are also experts in manufacturing.

Printed concrete

We present one of the most demanded construction and decoration coatings by the experts. It is a product with high hardness and resistance that guarantees a beautiful and flexible result.

This material is composed of a binder, water, aggregates and some additives. Its qualities include its high versatility to guarantee aesthetic finishes that imitate other materials or textures such as: wood, brick, cement, gravel, slate, tiles, among many other materials.

 Kitchen connected with living room and microcement flooring in Columbus.


We show you our line of metallic glazes, Elitte, where creativity can be seen in full action. Unique product to create an environment with a different tone to everything seen so far. Its use can be dedicated to both walkable and non-walkable surfaces. It makes the result reflect a beautiful metallic effect (Glaze) or shiny (Glitter).


Our exclusive line of tile paint, Emottion, stands out for its highly decorative finishes. It is a paint that does not require the use of primer in its application. This product is resistant to abrasion, water, scratches and UV rays. All these properties make it an ideal material for the decoration of exterior and interior spaces.

Although it was initially designed as a paint for tiles, its application has also been extended to: metal, microcement, plaster, wood, stucco, concrete, etc. An easy to use and fast drying product that you can find in up to 10 different colors.

Classic Mettal and Pure Mettal

With our metallic paint Classic Mettal and Pure Mettal coating the bet to decorate your spaces will be a success. Products that offer innovative metallic effects, to create environments with an exclusive look. The decoration products can be applied in interiors and exteriors, creating an attractive and elegant atmosphere.

For fans of vintage style, you can also apply on surfaces our product Mettal Activator, a rust activator that will allow you to recreate environments in a wonderful industrial style.

 Work office decorated with microcement flooring in Columbus.

Let's get microcement off the ground in Columbus, join us!

For more than 17 years we have been dedicated to the development, design and marketing of microcement and other decorative coatings, targeting specialized companies or professionals looking to achieve high performance results through their trust in us.

We have earned a reputation as one of the leading microcement companies worldwide through continuous effort and experience. In addition to all this, there are those who bet on us by becoming Topciment® distributors.

By collaborating with us, the opportunities and advantages are extended, obtaining tools that allow the professional advancement of the company such as: Advertising material, transport aids, training, communication support, etc.

Would you like to become one of our microcement sales points in Columbus? Fill out the form below and our professionals will provide you with all the necessary information.

A specific colour? With microcement it is possible

One of the most optimal ways to achieve customer satisfaction is through the high level of customization offered by our products. In this case, we have a wide and varied range of colors, all of excellent quality, through which you can give the style you prefer to your rooms. Our catalog has more than 30 shades of microcement with which we have the freedom to create fantastic and unique designs.

However, we are aware that sometimes our tastes may not be reflected 100%, to solve this, we have created an elaborate system of pigmentation through which to capture your desired color to measure. Because if Topciment® stands for something, it is not giving up, working hard to achieve the most efficient results.

 Hotel room with microcement floor and shower in Columbus.

A first step towards success

There are moments in life when you feel that your intuition asks you to take the step, you must listen to it. Now that we have introduced ourselves, we want you to tell us about your goals and plans for your decorative project. We want to be the company that helps you to reach the final success.

Contact us so we can discuss in more depth your wishes and everything we can do to achieve your maximum satisfaction.