Metallic paints and rust effect | Classic Mettal

Classic Mettal it is our range of ready-to-use metallic paints that gives the coated surface an authentic metallic finish as it contains metallic particles of copper, bronze, iron, and brass, depending on the desired result. The decorative possibilities of these metal paints are endless on non walkable surfaces such as walls or furniture. Finishes that are most attractive and provide an industrial, sophisticated, and very original touch in interiors and exteriors.

But the versatility of this innovative paint goes much further. Thanks to the application of our rust activator Mettal Activator , Classic Mettal becomes a rust effect paint that gives the surfaces on which it is applied a very natural aged effect. A rust effect paint highly recommended for walls and ideal for replicating that vintage style that never goes out of fashion.

In addition to the varied decorative finishes it offers, Classic Mettal stands out for being a metallic paint and rust effect of great durability, magnificent adherence and high resistance to the weather if the appropriate varnish or sealer is applied. That's why, it can also be used without problems on exterior surfaces such as building facades, pillars or walls.

Types of metallic paints and effect óxido Classic Mettal

At Topciment we have five types of metallic paints and rust effect Classic Mettal: Cobre, Bronce, Hierro 004, Latón y Hierro 030. Each one of them offers unrepeatable decorative finishes as it allows to play with the mixtures in such a way that there will not be two identical coatings, especially if our rust accelerator is used. Mettal Activator.

Classic Mettal
Classic Mettal Cobre
Classic Mettal
Classic Mettal Bronce
Classic Mettal
Classic Mettal Hierro 004
Classic Mettal
Classic Mettal Latón
Classic Mettal
Classic Mettal Hierro 030

Technical features

Applicable on any type of support

Microcement, concrete, brick, ceramic, gypsum board panel, plaster, glass, paper and metals.

High adherence to the support

In low absorbency areas, the use of our adhesion promoter is recommended first. Primacem Plus.

Product ready to use

Do not dilute with water.

versatility application icon
Application versatility

Applicable by trowel, brush, paintbrush, sponge, roller or gun.


The performance of metallic paints and rust effect Classic Mettal they will depend on the support to be coated and the application method. En una aplicación mediante llana el rendimiento es el siguiente: 0,2 Kg/m².


Metallic paints and rust effect Classic Mettal they come in 1 Kg jars.

Technical sheet

Download here the technical sheet of Classic Mettal

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Metallic finishes and oxides Classic Mettal

Next, we show the different metallic finishes (left) and oxides (right) that can be achieved depending on the chosen pigment of Classic Mettal.

Bronce + Mettal Activator

oxide bronce color classic mettal oxido bronce

Hierro 004 + Mettal Activator

oxide hierro classic mettal oxide hierro ao

Hierro 030 + Mettal Activator

metal hierro classic mettal hierro grueso AO

Latón + Mettal Activator

laton brass classic mettal laton

Where to apply metallic paints and rust effect Classic Mettal

The paintings Classic Mettal it can be applied practically on any type of material. They are compatible with microcement, concrete, brick, ceramic, glass, plaster, plasterboard or paper, among others. In this sense, its use as a paint for metal is highly recommended due to its high content of metallic particles.

You will get the most out of the walls, ceilings, facades, walls, pillars and furniture with Classic Mettal. You will manage to transform any room into a completely new one that will not leave you indifferent. Classic Mettal it is applied with a trowel, brush, paintbrush, sponge, roller or gun.

+ Application of metallic paints and rust effect Classic Mettal

Step 1. Cleaning and preparation of the support.
Debemos asegurarnos de que está bien cohesionado, seco y si es necesario lijado. Aspirar para dejar limpio el soporte.
step 1 pure mettal application
Step 2. Priming.
Apply a coat of primer Primacem ABS (absorbent support) or Primacem PLUS (non-absorbent support). Let dry for about 1 hour.
step 1 pure mettal application
Step 3. Decoration.
Apply one or two layers of the product of Classic Mettal (Cobre, Bronce, Hierro 004, Hierro 030 o Latón) with trowel or roller on the surface leaving between 2 and 4 hours of drying between coats. Let dry for 24 hours and sand.
classic mettal decoration
Step 4A. Metallic finish and sealer
If a metallic finish is sought, once the surface is decorated, then apply two coats of varnish. Topsealer WT One Coat (letting it dry for 24 hours between applications) to protect the support. Let it dry for 24 hours.
classic mettal sanding
Step 4B. Oxidized finish and sealer.
If instead a rusted finish is sought, once the surface is decorated, apply Mettal Activator to accelerate oxidation and sanding. 24 hours later, apply two coats of Presealer (leaving 4 hours in between) and sanding. Finally, protect the surface with two layers of varnish Topsealer WT One Coat (24 hours between coats). Let it dry for 24 hours.
classic mettal sealing