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Rust Activator for Metal Surfaces | Mettal Activator

Mettal Activator is a rust activator that reacts when it comes into contact with metal particles creating all types of highly decorative metallic rust finishes. A high performance rust activator that has been designed to accelerate the oxidation process of our Classic Mettal metallic paint and our Pure Mettal metallic coating.

In addition, this water-based rust activator can also be used on all types of ferrous surfaces, bronze, copper and brass to create the most distinguished and sophisticated rust finishes and effects. An optimum rust activator for both indoors and outdoors use.

Download the Mettal Activator data sheet here.

Technical characteristics of Mettal Activator rust activator

Suitable for interior and outdoors use

Mettal Activator rust activator can be applied on facades, porches and interior rooms.

Can be applied on ferrous surfaces

Optimal rust activator for application also on bronze, copper and brass.

To be applied by spraying.

Increases the precision, convenience and quality of rust activator application.

Suitable as rust activator for Classic Mettal and Pure Mettal.

Accelerates the oxidation of our metallic coatings and paints.


Mettal Activator is an rust activator . Therefore, depending on the desired finish and rust effect, the consumption can vary between 13-15 m² per litre.


Mettal Activator rust activator is packaged in:
400 mL container with sprayer.
1 L bottle without sprayer.

How to apply Mettal Activator Rust Activator

The application of the rust activator Mettal Activator varies depending on the surface on which you want to achieve a specific metallic rust finish. Below we explain how to apply Mettal Activator rust activator on our Classic Mettal and Pure Mettal coatings metallic paints. For further application possibilities of our rust activator, please check the data sheet.

Application of rust activator Mettal Activator on Classic Mettal and Pure Mettal

1. 24 hours after the last coat of Pure Mettal or Classic Mettal, sand the surface with 120 grit sandpaper to facilitate the oxidation of the metal particles.

2. Apply the first coat of Mettal Activator rust activator. Leave to act for 3 to 4 hours.

3. Apply second coat of Mettal Activator rust activator until the desired metallic rust finish is obtained. Allow to dry for 24 hours.

4. Seal the surface with two coats of Presealer water-based acrylic varnish, allowing 4 hours drying time between coats.

5. Finally protect the surface with two coats of the water-based polyurethane varnish Topsealer WT One Coat, allowing 24 hours drying time between coats.

Mettal Activator rust activator for metallic oxide finishes

Mettal Activator rust agent applied on Classic Mettal and Pure Mettal allows the professional to obtain up to 10 metallic oxide finishes. Unique finishes that make a difference both indoors and outdoors.

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Bronze + Mettal Activator

Brass + Mettal Activator

Copper + Mettal Activator

Aluminium + Mettal Activator

Iridium + Mettal Activator

Logo Classic Mettal

Copper + Mettal Activator

Bronze + Mettal Activator

Iron 004 + Mettal Activator

Iron 030 + Mettal Activator

Brass + Mettal Activator