Services for professionals in microcement and stamped concrete

At Topciment, we have been at the side of professionals in the construction sector for almost two decades. Attentive to their needs, we have evolved to offer them products and services with high added value.

As part of our commitment to microcement and stamped concrete professionals, we not only manufacture the best possible decorative coatings for them and their clients. We offer them a compendium of services to help them thrive in the professional environment

What do we offer to microcement and stamped concrete professionals?

First and foremost, at Topciment we are specialists. An experience contrasted over the years that we put at the disposal of the professional. We guide and support them in everything they need so that they can grow and improve their business.

Among the services available, continuous training and instant assistance from our technicians are two of the most valued by our customers.

servicio Specialised technical service

Available in several languages, our sales technicians advise and resolve any doubts that the professional may have about Topciment products.

An experienced team that not only advises on the application, care and maintenance of our microcements and the stamped concrete system, but also helps to solve any problem that may arise for the customer.

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cursos Microcement and stamped concrete courses

In order to guarantee the best possible results in the application of our continuous coatings, we provide continuous training courses for professionals for each level of specialisation. Available in several languages and in both face-to-face and online modalities.

In the Topciment microcement courses, instructors teach the different methods of applying microcement, as well as the other products we manufacture: primers, varnishes, metallic paints, rust-effect paints, glazes, etc.

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The courses on stamped concrete provide training in the application of this decorative technique on paving and vertical surfaces. Both in interior and exterior spaces. Likewise, these courses are offered in several languages and are both face-to-face and online.

Likewise, stamped concrete professionals will have the opportunity to be trained in the application of the different products that we have developed to complete the system. Courses on varnishes, decorative and repair mortars, release agents, paint strippers, descaling agents, deactivating agents, etc.

All our courses are theoretical-practical and, at the end of them, the microcement or stamped concrete professional will receive a certificate certifying him as an authorised Topciment applicator.

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distribuidor Opportunity to become a microcement and stamped concrete distributor

The marketing of Topciment products would not be possible without the collaboration of our microcement and stamped concrete distributors. An extensive network of professionals in continuous expansion that offers numerous advantages.

We give you the possibility of becoming a supplier of a registered and contrasted brand at an international level. You will sell decorative systems that are in high demand in the market. We have CE marking, ISO 9001:2015 certification and we are an innovative SME. Not many companies can say the same.

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aplicacion Pautas para la aplicación de microcemento y hormigón impreso

Recommendations, tips and tricks. Everything you need to know about applying microcement and stamped concrete can be found in this section. Discover them.

Find out about microcement application methods

Learn about stamped concrete application methods

calculadora Microcement material calculator

Although our technical service is responsible for making individualised budgets according to the needs of each client, we have a microcement material calculator.

This calculator estimates the amount of microcement needed to cover floors, walls and exteriors depending on the type of surface, its square metres and the colour of microcement chosen.

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catalogo Technical data sheets of all our products

We provide technical data sheets for all our products. This way, professionals can choose the microcement or stamped concrete system that best suits their requirements.

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