Honolulu microcement

Since 2005, we have been executing microcement works all over Honolulu: downtown Honolulu, Kahala, Kailua, Waianae, Pearl City, Aiea, and so on. Our certified applicators carry out both residential and commercial renovation projects using only the products we produce. Our quality products, well-trained applicators, and experienced sales team are what best define us. We are a trusted brand and a leader in microcement manufacturing in the United States. We assure durable and consistent decorative coatings, as well as complimentary technical advice from inception to completion. We value the importance of listening to customers and going beyond the work scope to satisfy their needs. As specialists in the sale, training, and application of microcement in Honolulu, the systems we propose are tailored to meet the specific needs of each project, making each one unique. We are committed to helping you turn your projects into reality swiftly and efficiently.
Interior microcement staircase

What is microcement?

Microcement is a continuous coating that can be applied to all types of surfaces and rooms: walls, floors, ceilings, stairs, bathrooms, swimming pools, kitchens, pools, etc. This is a feature that allows for time and money saving compared to other coatings and has catapulted it to success. A coating made from cement, resins, pigments, and additives that offers an exclusive finish thanks to its artisanal application. It has excellent adhesion and can be used on a myriad of materials such as stamped concrete, tiles, ceramics, plasterboard, plaster, metals, marble and glass mosaic, among others. This thin thickness coating, only between 2 and 3 mm, has gained importance in the field of decoration in recent years as more and more architects, interior designers, and decorators are opting for microcement to carry out all kinds of renovations in homes and businesses. Its absence of expansion joints results in a smooth and continuous surface, bringing breadth, brightness, and elegance to the space in which it is integrated. A lack of joints that aids in cleaning and maintenance, by not allowing the accumulation of dirt.
Decorative concrete staircase in hotel

Applicators of microcement in Honolulu

If you're seeking microcement applicators in Honolulu, you've come to the right place. Our experience in microcement application, the high performance of the products we use, as well as the training we offer to our affiliate applicators from Topciment, ensures the quality of the work we accomplish. Whether you're wanting to completely redesign your home or if you own a hotel, restaurant, retail space, office, or other types of business; our microcement applicators in Honolulu will examine your situation to provide you with the best possible estimate. Because for us, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. We've been conducting microcement operations in Honolulu for 17 years. Comprehensive renovations of private homes and businesses. Our microcement applicators in Honolulu are skilled professionals who pay attention to the smallest detail to achieve absolute perfection in the final result.
Microcement staircase in museum

Microcement courses in Honolulu

At Topciment, we are concerned about the training of our partner applicators in Honolulu, as the innovative products we manufacture are evolving and improving in their chemical and mechanical resistances. But also because of the release of new products each year. For all these reasons, we frequently hold stamped concrete courses at our Honolulu facilities where we provide hands-on and educational training on the different application techniques of our products. Thanks to the new knowledge they are gaining, the service they subsequently provide on job sites is exquisite. Similarly, our distributors also hold stamped concrete application courses in Honolulu for professionals who want to learn to work with our stamped concrete. Interested? Contact us and learn about the upcoming dates of our courses.
Stairs with white microcement

Prices of microcement in Honolulu

The cost of microcement in Honolulu per square meter depends on various factors. Firstly, the condition of the surface that will be coated with microcement, whether it requires any preliminary repairs that would increase the final cost. The complexity of the undertakings is also a factor to consider. The higher the difficulty, the higher the cost. The same goes for the area to be coated, the size is crucial in this regard. In order to provide the most competitive price possible, we reduce the cost the more square meters need to be coated with microcement. And of course, the transport costs. Yet, as we have microcement stores in the major cities of Honolulu, this is not an issue. Typically, and considering these factors, the price of microcement in Honolulu is between 60 and 100 euros per square meter approximately.
Gray microcement pool with double height

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