Microcement Jacksonville - Polished concrete ideal for floor and wall

We are Topciment®, a company specialized in the manufacture, design and sale of microcement for more than 17 years. With our origins in Valencia, we have grown our presence to the point of becoming an international organization. We started with an objective, which has been fulfilled over time, to carry out a coating of unattainable quality that guarantees the best results on any surface where it is applied. For this reason we bring our microcement to Jacksonville, in order to provide professionals with a material that is revolutionizing the decoration sector.

Our constant effort to keep growing has meant that today we have a wide network of distributors around the world in cities such as New York, Vancouver, Sydney, London, Shanghai, Madrid, Paris, among many others, which already have our high performance products.

It is undeniable the influence we have acquired in recent years, however, we are aware that we could not have done it alone to get here. It is thanks to all the people who have decided to trust us and who continue to do so today, that we have become one of the most recognized microcement companies on the international scene.

Living room and terrace decoration in white and microcement floor in Jacksonville.

This trust is earned with time and with a job well done, but also by giving guarantees of success from the very beginning. Because maintaining a long-term professional relationship involves a lot of effort, but to be trusted the first time is not an easy task either, however, we have the feat of having one of the most exclusive quality titles, the ISO 9001:2015. A seal that few companies have and that allows us to stand out from the rest, guaranteeing the success of each project.

We have never imposed limits to our professionalism, both thanks to the product, which guarantees excellent finishes in any field or environment where it is applied, as well as our workers, highly qualified and experienced experts who strive like no one else to give the best of themselves every day. This has led to our microcement being in demand for various types of rooms.

Regardless of the size or conditions, they have found in our coating the material that best suited to cover their surfaces. Hospitals, swimming pools, factories, homes, residences, supermarkets, restaurants, offices, terraces? These are just a small example of all the areas in which our microcement can be applied.

Smooth cement: the all in one decoration

In a very simple way we would say that it is a product that is made from additives, cement, resins and mineral pigments. We would say that this is the simple definition, however, microcement is much more, it is the most demanded decorative coating in recent years by the great professionals of the decoration and below we will show you part of why.

Its use has increased dramatically in recent years, as it is a decorative material that can restore rooms faster and more easily than other coatings, while ensuring excellent performance and durability.

Smooth cement has a low thickness of 2/3 mm, which, added to its incredible adhesion, makes it suitable for application on any type of material or substrate: plasterboard, plaster, marble, brick, cement, metal, stone, ceramic, tiles, etc. Without having to remove the original surface. This is because microcement is applied directly on the existing material, thus avoiding the generation of debris and affecting the infrastructures where it is installed, thanks to its low weight.

A decorative coating without limits to achieve exclusive results, since it can be applied in all types of environments: floors, bathrooms, kitchens, walls, ceilings, stairs, terraces, balconies, showers, furniture, swimming pools... It is thanks to its wide versatility that we have so much freedom in its use, since we offer the specialist a specialized microcement for each project. This has attracted the attention of different professional profiles such as construction companies, architects, interior designers, designers and even individuals; for all of them, microcement is the product that has given an answer to their decorative projects.

  Kitchen renovation in minimalist style and microcement floor in Jacksonville.

Our expertise guarantees success with our microcement in Jacksonville

Our goal as a Jacksonville microcement company is to ensure the complete satisfaction of all our customers and partners. To do so, we strive to offer a high performance product and service to ensure the success of each project and to respect the trust placed in us.

We know that a good material is not enough, it is the whole process from the beginning to the end, starting with the elaboration of the microcement until its application, which makes us true professionals in our field. We create and maintain bonds and make sure all parties are happy.

ISO 9001:2015

Our good work as a microcement company in Jacksonville and around the world has earned us one of the most recognized certifications in the coatings industry, the ISO 9001:2015 seal of quality. A prestigious title enjoyed by only a select few, and one that enhances our value as a company in the design, manufacture and sale of microcement.

Innovative SME

Our goal of continuous improvement and development allows us to advance in technology and state-of-the-art equipment to guarantee the excellent quality of our products. As a result of this effort, we have been awarded the title of Innovative SME, a recognition that highlights our professional and business trajectory.

Personalized advice

To make you feel accompanied throughout the process, we have a dedicated technical service through which you can contact us with questions, suggestions or proposals, and one of our experts will be in charge of helping you until they have been resolved.

Hotel with entrance bar and microcement surfaces in Jacksonville.

Efficient solution in all spaces with the qualities of microcement

If you think that's all, wait and see, because if microcement is known for something it is because it offers enormous advantages as a decorative coating, making it the perfect solution for all kinds of spaces.

Absolute adhesion on any surface

As we have already mentioned, microcement is a material that naturally offers great adhesion. This property allows it to adapt to any surface or material without the need for any building work or debris.

A unique resistance

Its use extends to all areas, since it offers excellent resistance, which makes it an excellent product against any element. It stands out for its excellent resistance to constant traffic, abrasion, temperature changes, UV rays, impacts and scratches.

No more accidents, anti-slip surfaces

We ensure the safety of working with our product through its non-slip finish. We know that our microcement is used in environments where an accident could result in an accident: kitchens, hospitals, industries, bathrooms... In this way, we want to reduce as much as possible the unfortunate slips by means of our anti-slip product.

Exceedingly customizable

We know that every project is different. Customers' tastes and the environment in which the microcement is placed can vary greatly, so we have a product that adapts to individual preferences and provides a tailored premium effect.

Sophisticated continuous finish

With the help of microcement, a continuous, seamless surface is achieved, giving the room an elegant and sophisticated character. Hygiene is also important, as it prevents the accumulation of dust and dirt in crevices and promotes cleanliness.

Restaurant with lounge decorated with microcement flooring in Jacksonville.

Amazing moisture resistance

A coating naturally very resistant to environmental humidity, but also, through the use of varnishes or sealants, microcement is an almost impermeable material.

We share our knowledge through our microcement courses

At Topciment® we offer the best microcement application course dedicated for experienced applicators or beginners looking to boost their learning as well as perfect their coating skills and techniques. These courses are taught by experienced applicators who are up to date with the latest trends in the microcement industry.

Training is tailored to the individual level of the student, so that instruction is offered in a way that is adapted to the individual's knowledge. The classes will go in depth on all the essential aspects of microcement: application process, techniques, curiosities of each type, tips, etc.

Satisfaction at its best with our microcements in Jacksonville

We make sure to respond to all the demands that come our way on a daily basis through an extensive range of microcements. Each type is different from the rest, with unique qualities and finishes that give us personalized results tailored to the customer's wishes.

In the following, we are going to present the various lines of microcement, going deeper into their properties and functions:


Microbase, our most traditional microcement line, is now available in both single-component (Evoluttion) and two-component (Sttandard ) versions. This cement-based coating offers surprising hardness and resistance, making it the ideal line for the preparation phase. On some occasions it has also been valued as a finishing product, offering results of great character through its unique texture that helps to see the environments with a more rustic tone. Microcement is available in L, XL and XXL grain sizes.

Restaurant bathroom decorated with natural elements and microcement floor and wall in Jacksonville.


This microcement is available in single-component (Evoluttion) and two-component (Sttandard) versions. Because of its finer particles, it is a specialized microcement that can be used on non-trafficable surfaces. Recently, some professionals have also used it as a flooring product because, despite its thin thickness, it has excellent mechanical and chemical resistance, guaranteeing maximum safety. An elaborate and natural product, capable of creating environments of great elegance. It is available in XS, S and M particle sizes.


Microdeck, unlike the previous line, is a covering created to be applied in walkable areas. This material is available in monocomponent (Evoluttion) and bicomponent ( Sttandard). Recognized for highly resistant finishes that do not deteriorate with the wear and tear of pedestrian traffic or abrasion, it also adds a surprising slip resistance to surfaces. The granulometry of this microcement is classified in M and L.


The Microstone line of microcements is a professional coating for exterior cladding that imitates the appearance of natural stone thanks to its attractive appearance that blends in with the environment. It is a very durable and non-slip material that creates a safe surface. Granulometries of this microcement are available in L and XL.

Atlanttic Aquaciment®.

If your idea is to cover a space that is located in an area of high environmental humidity or directly in contact with water, the line you are looking for is Atlanttic Aquaciment®. This waterproof and non-slip microcement is ideal for swimming pools, bathrooms, showers and any surface affected by high humidity. It is based on an innovative formula that improves its behavior in contact with water, enhancing its properties.

Its appearance is also worth commenting on, as it has the capacity to create distinguished spaces of high decorative value. Atlanttic Aquaciment® is available in L and XL granulometries.

Modern triple-height house with gray tones and microcement surfaces in Jacksonville.


The microcement stands out for offering durable and resistant surfaces thanks to its exclusive formula composed of epoxy resin and aggregate. This coating is designed for environments where a heavy load is placed on the floor, such as warehouses, industries, etc. A product with high resistance to traffic, ideal for home decoration.

Get Industtrial in up to 16 different colors and 4 granulometries: Industtrial XL, Industtrial Base, Industtrial Medium and Industtrial Smooth.

Efectto Quartz

Efectto Quartz, a ready-to-use microcement line, free of cements that could cause possible shrinkage or cracking in the future. A product that provides a great workability to the applicator and allows him to do his job faster and more efficiently, achieving outstanding results, which makes it the most suitable microcement for the renovation of inhabited houses.


The Natture series of cladding is our lime-based microcement that can be used to create a unique ambiance similar to traditional tadelakt cladding, but modified to ensure greater strength and durability. The room will be more attractive and elegant, as well as shine with its own essence. Granulometry of microcement available in XL, L, M and S.

Hotel-restaurant with microcement floor and stairs in Jacksonville.

Microcement growth in Jacksonville is in our hands

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of one of the fastest growing decorative and construction sectors in Jacksonville through our renowned microcement, which we bring to this wonderful city in order to improve the quality of renovations and provide more distinguished results.

Our presence expands internationally around the world, however, we remain committed to bringing our coatings to all those places where they can be the ideal material for professionals.

Find out how to become one of our microcement distributors in Jacksonville. To do so, fill out the form at the bottom of the page to be contacted by one of our professionals explaining the benefits and requirements of collaborating with us.

Feed your creativity with our extensive product catalog

We are experts in microcement, but we also provide precise and exclusive results, where we have a wide catalog of products with other coatings, colors and glazes to ensure maximum satisfaction in every job.

Printed concrete

We find in printed concrete one of our most demanded coatings by experts. It is a product that guarantees high functional and aesthetic performance. Its composition is based on water, binder, aggregates and some additives, making this coating a material of great hardness and resistance, ready to coat all kinds of surfaces.

Its strong point is in the design, because it does not offer an ingenious system by which in the process of elaboration, when the concrete is fresh, we proceed to apply different molds with which to determine the appearance of our coating. In this way we achieve that the concrete represents other designs and textures, as well as imitations of other products: slate, brick, wood, paving stones, tiles, cement, etc.

 American style kitchen with wood elements and microcement floor in Jacksonville.


Introducing our new range of metallic glazes, Elitte. With this unique product, it allows you to achieve results that are completely different from what was previously known. It can be used on both trafficable and non-trafficable surfaces, providing a wonderful metallic (Glaze) or shiny (Glitter) effect.

All Mettal, Classic Mettal Paint and Pure Mettal coating

Metal in decoration is in fashion, and here come our two lines Classic Mettal and Pure Mettal to give the maximum brilliance to the rooms. Both products can be used in exteriors and interiors as they are very durable and do not deteriorate.

Decorative materials that inspire creativity and innovation, as you can give surfaces an industrial and vintage look with our Mettal Activator product, which gives them a unique rust effect.


And here comes our Emottion tile paint, a product which does not require priming and with which you can give a totally renewed look to your spaces quickly and easily, thanks to its extra fast drying. It is resistant to abrasion, UV rays, running water and scratches, which gives it the ability to decorate both indoors and outdoors.

Initially created for use on tiles, experts have proven that it achieves the same successful results on other materials such as: plasterboard, metal, plaster, microcement, wood, concrete, among others. Find it available in 10 different colors.

 Company with work offices covered with microcement flooring in Jacksonville.

Jacksonville microcement project? Know the variables in pricing

To establish an approximation of the price of microcement in Jacksonville we will need the help of a professional who knows how to evaluate each of the variables that will influence the final cost: the dimensions of the project, the material used, the state of the support, the conditions of the place, the transport, the professional's fee... Calculating a price beforehand would be inaccurate until all the variables are perfectly known.

Contact us in a simple and direct way through the form and a professional will help you.

Design festival with the colors of microcement

As we have already mentioned above, one of our objectives is to guarantee highly customized finishes, in order to meet the most demanding requirements of our customers.

We have an elaborate catalog of more than 30 colors for microcement, which allows us to achieve this decorative goal, achieving unique finishes of unparalleled beauty.

Our two ranges of liquid colorants: Arcocem WT Basic and Arcocem WT Plus, are the two lines that allow us to work without limits. We form the pigments of Arcocem WT Plus through the use of Arcocemn WT Basic. The second line are pigment pastes in single doses with which we form our color chart.

Hotel with microcement retiled room in Jacksonville.

Let us make your expectations come true

Do not think twice, this is the best time to carry out what you have been thinking about for so long with illusion. With us you have the guarantee of obtaining really successful results. Our reputation and experience are the proof of it.

Fill out the form below and our team of highly qualified professionals will contact you via email or phone and help you with any questions or suggestions.