Sale and application of microcement in Jersey City

At Topciment® we specialize in the field of continuous colored coatings. Since 2005 we have focused on innovating in the decoration sector to gradually offer coatings that form functional solutions in interior and exterior. Almost twenty years of experience in which we have become a benchmark company of microcement in Jersey City. Our good work, the high range of our products and the quality of the services we offer are responsible for this. We are leaders because that is what our customers have wanted, who have placed and continue to place their trust in us. A determination that has led us to register the Topciment® trademark all over the world: the United States, China and Europe. Our experience is not limited to manufacturing and designing all types of coatings for professionals in the construction industry in Jersey City, especially microcement. We have a team of expert applicators who execute works all over the state. We also offer technical advice and train professionals who want to learn how to apply our products.

House with stairs and microcement floor in Jersey City

What is microcement?

Microcement is a material of priceless value for the decorative and functional possibilities that it allows simultaneously. It is a continuous colored coating less than 0.11811 inches thick composed of cement, resins, water, additives and pigments.

This coating, which has no expansion joints, allows the creation of continuous surfaces full of unique shades that combine with any surrounding material and facilitates its application on materials such as wood, stone or ceramic.

As it is a coating that can be applied over existing substrates, it avoids the need for construction work and the corresponding debris, which hinder and hinder any renovation. Microcement only provides facilities and is a breakthrough in the sector, becoming a trend that increasingly has more professionals who opt for it.

This coating increases the amplitude of the spaces as it helps to create uninterrupted surfaces in which the feeling of infinity is always present.

House in Jersey City with microcement floor and walls

Microcement applicators in Jersey City

If you are looking for microcement applicators in Jersey City, you have come to the right place. The experience in the application of microcement, the high performance of the products used, as well as the training that Topciment offers to our collaborating applicators, guarantee the quality of the work we carry out.

Whether you want to make a makeover your home or if you have a hotel, restaurant, commercial premises, office or other type of business; Our microcement applicators in Jersey City will study your case to give you the best possible budget. Because for us customer satisfaction is the most important thing.

We have been carrying out microcement works in Jersey City for 17 years. Comprehensive reforms of homes and premises of individuals and companies. Our microcement applicators in Jersey City are qualified professionals who take care of even the smallest detail to achieve absolute perfection in the final finish.

Flat in Jersey City with microcement floor, wall and ceiling

Microcement courses in Jersey City

At Topciment we are concerned about the training of our collaborating applicators in Jersey City, since the innovative products we manufacture are undergoing changes and improvements in their chemical and mechanical resistance. We also regularly bring out new products every year.

For all these reasons, we frequently carry out microcement courses in Jersey City at our facilities where we teach them in a practical and didactic way on the different application techniques of our products.

Thanks to the new knowledge they are acquiring, the service they later offer on site is exquisite. Likewise, our distributors also carry out microcement application courses in Jersey City for those professionals who wish to learn how to work with our microcement. Are you interested? Contact us and find out about the next dates of our courses.

Hotel with microcement staircase in Jersey City

Microcement price in Jersey City

The price of microcement in Jersey City per square feet depends on several elements.

The state of the surface that is going to be covered is the first aspect to consider, whether or not it needs a previous repair that would increase the final cost. The complexity of the work is also a factor to take into account. As well as the sqft to be covered, the dimension is fundamental in this sense. To offer the most competitive price possible, we reduce the cost the more square feet have to be covered with microcement. Furthermore, the costs per trip should be considered.

And finally, the microcement price depends on the city where it is applied.

As a general rule, and taking these factors into account, the price of microcement in Jersey City is approximately 15 $/sqft.

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