Topciment introduces Efectto!.

Topciment introduces Efectto, the new line of continuous coatings and ready-to-use highly decorative coatings.


Efectto is a wide range of products with a variety of finishes that will be unveiled over the coming months. The first of these new products to see the light of day is Efectto Quartz.

In addition, we have associated a specific colour to each of the products to make it much easier to identify them and thus facilitate the work of all the people who work with our materials.

In addition, one of the great advantages of Efectto Quartz is that it comes ready to use, so its preparation is less laborious and more practical. All you need to do is open the bucket and start working.


Efectto Quartz and all the products of the Efectto family are the result of an arduous research of new materials and production techniques, in order to offer our customers a top quality product.

Topciment, in its desire to innovate, offers the professional a unique product, outside stereotypes and that breaks with decorative conventions.