Microcement furniture, decorative exclusivity for unique spaces

The microcement furniture can become a very important part of a house's decorative system.

This trend that seems not very well known is spreading more and more every day and can be easily seen in any type of field, hence fashion stores, homes, offices already have some of these specimens made with this material.

Thus, having some pieces of microcement furniture helps to provide an attractive style combination in which you can mix the avant-garde with the rustic, the coldness with the warmth, or the endless continuous finishes with the most beautiful interruptions produced by nature.

The great benefits of microcement furniture

In a microcement furniture, two of the great characteristics that any decorative-functional piece must have are combined: resistance and beauty. In this way, these are a symbiosis of two materials that belong to different worlds such as wood and a construction material.

Golden and white microcement furniture

Microcement furniture withstands everything

As you may already know, microcement has an unusual resistance, being a coating of, simply, 3 mm thick. This makes this material perfectly adaptable to furniture and can create upper parts of them where placing a glass or a cup will no longer be a problem, just like any kind of hit or impact. But, in addition, for those typical pieces of furniture that when the sun is out, are constantly under a ray of light, they are going to be safe, without fading.

They are easily cleaned

Furniture also tends to get stained and we can panic when we see one of those stains on wood surfaces or other materials. With microcement these feelings disappear because, as if it were any other coated surface, furniture is cleaned just as easily. Just a little bit of neutral cleaner can easily remove rings or splashes of any liquid. If the stain is stronger, you will have to resort to more specialized cleaners but with these, they will be eradicated in a matter of seconds.

The microcement respects the structural loads of the furniture

With a thickness of up to 3 millimeters, microcement has a lightness that is out of the ordinary when we look at other decorative coatings. Thus, this thinness makes it an excessively light coating, capable of being applied on any type of surface, whether floors or walls or pieces of furniture. Don't worry about structural loads, not even your furniture. Thanks to this feature, the structure of your space will also not be affected because the microcement adds very little weight.

Table as a microcement furniture

It adapts, practically, to any material

As a light decorative coating that adapts to any type of structure and area, it should also be said that microcement also adapts to any material. This feature makes it applicable on marble, plaster or drywall, among others. It doesn't matter if these form the living room or kitchen shelf, the dining table or the legs of the same table. Its adhesion is so high that the possibilities are, practically, endless.

Microcement furniture: high decoration at a great price

Think that all the decorative possibilities that this material has, to achieve on floors, walls or countertops, can also be obtained on furniture and give your spaces a different touch and also adapting to the prevailing decorative style in the room, providing different nuances but that cohere said trend with any present element. Minimalists, rustic environments, industrial or Nordic, any aesthetic style can be perfectly reproduced.

Furniture full of distinction in less time

By applying microcement on your furniture, they transform in a very fast way. Thus, you can cover the entire piece or just some part, like the legs, or the board of a table, and always with a speed never seen before. In a blink of an eye, your furniture will have another aspect and much higher technical conditions, in terms of resistance.

View of microcement furniture legs

The table: the microcement furniture par excellence

If you want a dining table or a bedside table, microcement tables will become the undisputed protagonists of any room in which they are located.

On the one hand, as an original piece, they are prepared to attract all eyes while on the other they conquer the rest of your senses thanks to their technical characteristics, such as resistance or ease of cleaning.

In addition, aesthetically, its combinative capacity with other tables that are not covered or that are, allows to find the desired effects by being able to add, coexisting in the same element with elegance, glass tops, or iron or wood legs.

Microcement tables are perfect for any room, indoor or outdoor, due to their resistance and waterproofness to water. You can have a microcement table on your terrace without having to worry about it raining every two or three days because it will be prepared to withstand the rain, without any subsequent consequences due to humidity.

Furniture legs coated with microcement

Countertop: the perfect microcement furniture for your kitchen

The kitchen countertop is one of the main elements of a kitchen, if not the most important. So, how can you have a countertop that is much more resistant to scratches, cuts, fire, water, or impacts? By coating it with microcement.

In addition, with this material, this can be achieved without having to delve into the uncomfortable world of construction with debris in order to enjoy a new kitchen in record time.

Decoratively speaking, with a microcement countertop, we are also giving the kitchen a main element around which the rest revolve. As a nuclear element, it provides aesthetic coherence with other furniture as well as with appliances.

With the help of concrete, wood or metal elements, you can achieve a natural look that is very difficult to achieve with other materials and that will take your kitchen to another level without spending a lot of money.

Washbasin: the microcement furniture full of beauty and anti-humidity

Microcement has increased its popularity over the years. In fact, more and more magazines in the decorative and/or construction sector are echoing all its virtues.

This is among other things due to the large amount of resistances it treasures. Among these we find resistance to moisture, which makes it the perfect material to use in rooms such as bathrooms, which are exposed to permanent and constant moisture.

Gray microcement furniture board

In these spaces, humidity can appear at any time and interfere with the decorative system, spoiling the room due to the stains it can leave or the mold that can arise. By applying microcement on the sink, we avoid all these aesthetic threats and respect the technical characteristics, since this material is resistant and 100% waterproof to running water.

In addition, we are dealing with a material that is extremely easy to clean. This is because it has no joints and the surfaces it creates are continuous and dirt will not accumulate in these lines. Just wipe with a neutral cleaner or anti-limescale, if necessary and the surface of the sink will look like new.

When applied to these surfaces, microcement once again demonstrates its adhesion and its ability to adapt to supports that are not completely smooth, but have edges and vertical and horizontal areas in very little space. It is in these cases when it shows all its flexibility to transform any element into another much more resistant and much more beautiful.

Finally, in this regard, it should be noted that microcement is also often applied in showers, bathtubs, floors or bathroom walls, so aesthetically it will combine perfectly with our sink.

Microcement furniture next to a staircase in a house

Shelves: the microcement furniture for better organization

Order is one of the factors that must be maintained in a house. Simply maintaining it helps us preserve our inner peace. Thus, to achieve it, nothing better than some microcement shelves.

These help us, in addition to separating environments within the same place, to have everything in its place. Also, these are very functional, as at first glance they allow us to locate the element we want to use.

Whether it's in the kitchen, in the living room or in a bedroom, by covering the shelves with microcement we create much more resistant furniture elements that stand up vertically imposing with unique aesthetic characteristics. In fact, in this aspect, the decorative, a material like microcement has a lot to say and contribute since it breaks with all aesthetic limits, giving the possibility to create continuous areas that reduce visual stress. The colors and finishes that can be achieved make each shelf a unique piece. With this coating, any decorative style can support or act as the protagonist of the decoration of a room.

On the other hand, in terms of their technical qualities, since the shelves are coated, they ensure that they will support any necessary weight and will resist any type of scratch or blow that may occur on them.

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