Local Inmobiliaria + Interiorismo

Valencia, Spain.
Silvia Martínez.
Photos Mariela Apollonio.

There is nothing better than showing your own project in your office. This is the case of the Valencian company I+I, Inmobiliaria e Interiorismo, which decided to take advantage of its experience in interior design to create a comfortable and functional space that reflects its style. Microdeck in the colour Piedra París was chosen for the floors and Microfino in a lighter shade, Marfil, for the bathroom cladding. Together with the rustic finish of the Microcement, the curves of the partition elements and the furniture create a perfect harmony.

pasillo de oficina con microcemento Topciment
sala de reuniones con pavimento Topciment
sala de reuniones con microcemento Topciment
revestimiento de suelos en sala de reuniones
baños de microcemento Topciment en oficinas
Microcemento en la alta decoracion de oficinas