Terra Bean To Bar project with microcement.

Taipéi (Taiwán)
Photographs: Hey! Cheese
Architects: Soard Design Studio
Design: Jiaxun Wu

"From the bean to the bar" is the motto of Terra, this impressive shop specialising in chocolate located in the heart of Taipei (Taiwan). A peculiar establishment where the aim is for customers to live an authentic experience: to enjoy the most original and primary taste of cocoa while feeling as if they were immersed in the heart of nature.

A value proposal implicit in the interior design of the space, in which the Topciment microcement contributes to transmit the naturalness sought not only in the food, but also with the plants and mounds that surround the customers, thus creating a microclimate.

A common thread that favours the intrinsic continuity of the microcement. The result is a bright, warm and welcoming room in which the boundary between indoors and outdoors disappears. fino in Brown has been used to clad walls, ceilings and structures.

proyecto con microcemento terrabean