Technical sheets and catalogues of coatings

On this page you will find all the information regarding our decorative coatings and other related products. Information that is collected schematically in the corresponding technical sheets, with the most relevant technical data regarding the formulation and application of our products.

For a more global and visual perception, as a summary we attach the different catalogues of decorative systems we work with. Catalogues in which we integrate real photographs of projects carried out with Topciment products.

Technical sheets for Topciment microcements and coatings

Check here the properties of all the decorative coatings and microcements we manufacture. Technical data, uses and fields of application, yields, special precautions and methods of application.

Download the technical sheet of the Topciment coating or product that interests you.

Technical sheets microcements







Fichas técnicas revestimientos

Pure Mettal

Classic Mettal

Mettal Activator







Limpieza y mantenimiento


Fichas técnicas hormigón impreso









Topciment coatings catalogues

Get an overview of all the decorative solutions and products we manufacture thanks to our catalogues. Each system or line is reflected in a specific catalogue that collects detailed information about all the coatings we develop at Topciment.

A consultation tool that is continuously updated by the different decorative coatings that we are incorporating. Discover more about Topciment as a company, our way of working and the quality that our products treasure. Catalogues that become something alive and in constant renewal. Enjoy them!

Topciment microcements and coatings catalogue

Among all the decorative coatings we develop, the great international recognition we have received as a company is due to the microcement. A coating in which we are experts and thanks to which we have obtained the INNOVATIVE SME seal and the ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate.

The catalogue that has accompanied us since our origins but that we have been versioning as we have evolved. Improving the existing microcements, adding the new ones that our team of chemists has formulated.

If you still don't know the wide range of microcements we have, it's time for that to change. Let yourself be surprised by our different lines of microcement as well as by the rest of the essential products for quality work: primers, varnishes or sealers, pigments, cleaners and other accessories and tools.

In this catalogue you will find, in addition to microcement, other decorative coatings in which we are specialists: metallic coatings, metallic and rust effect paints as well as metallic glazes and with glitter. What are you waiting for to delve into the Topciment world?

Topciment imprinted concrete catalogue

We expand the range of decorative coatings thanks to imprinted concrete. A system to which we transfer our experience in construction materials to offer new alternatives to customers. In this catalogue, you will find all kinds of products to create projects from scratch, or make renovations in existing ones, of imprinted concrete.

From imprinted mortars, decorative or repair mortars to release agents, varnishes or mineral consolidants. But also positive surface deactivators, cleaners, strippers and acid descalers. And even colouring chemical reagents to achieve an oxidised finish on imprinted pavements. Take a look!

Topciment imprinted concrete moulds catalogue

Discover all the shapes, textures and finishes that you can provide to floors and vertical walls with our imprinted concrete moulds. A vast catalogue that includes more than 150 types of moulds and a wide variety of indispensable tools for the application of this decorative system.