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  • Courses on the application of microcement.

    We invest in your future

    Cooperation, listening and commitment are the values that lead the relationship between Topciment and its approved applicators. The continuous training of the professional is the basis for obtaining the best possible result.

    Topciment provides its collaborators with a series of courses adapted to different levels of specialisation in which an enriching exchange of knowledge and experience is encouraged. In order to guarantee the expected level of learning, the training courses are reserved only for professionals in the construction sector.

    What will you learn?

    In the Topciment training courses, master applicators will teach you the different techniques that exist depending on the type of decorative coating and the surface or substrate to be coated. They will advise you on the preparation, application, sealing and maintenance of microcement and other decorative finishes with tips and tricks.

    We have a wide variety of courses so that you can find just what you are looking for. From microcement or varnish courses, to texture courses or metallic paints, among others. Discover them all.

    Types of training courses

    Introductory course on microcement

    If you are looking for an introduction to the application of microcement, this course is the most suitable. You will learn the basics of the application process, from primer to sealer, and the different tools.

    It will last approximately 8 hours (2 hours theory + 6 hours practice) and will be imparted by Jorge Coimbra, a master applicator with more than 15 years of experience applying microcement.

    The programme of this microcement course will focus mainly on "Sttandard", Topciment's traditional two-component microcement line. But the rest of the ranges will also be presented so that students can try out other products such as "Evoluttion", one-component microcement; "Efectto", ready-to-use microcement; and "Unlimited", the two-component microcement that improves workability.

    Course on advanced microcement application techniques

    Designed to be used by the expert applicator who seeks to improve productivity in the application of microcement while reducing costs as much as possible.

    Thanks to the instructor César Orellana, you will learn how to cover more metres of surface in a shorter period of time. The course of advanced microcement application techniques will last approximately 8 hours (1 h theory + 7 h practice).

    Advanced Texture Course

    Course aim to the applicator who already has experience in the sector but wants to go deeper into the methods to achieve different textures with our coatings.

    During the course, which will last approximately 8 hours (1 hour of theory + 7 hours of practice), the trainer Jorge Coimbra will show you how to play with the grain sizes depending on the surface to be covered and the finish that you want to obtain.

    Advanced Varnish Course

    Aimed at the professional applicator who is looking to go deeper into the most important step in the application of microcement.

    You will practise with all the sealers available (Topsealer WT One Coat, Topsealer WT Anti Slip, Topsealer WT Quick Dry, Topsealer Pro +, Topsealer DSV and Presealer) and learn how to use each one of them in every type of application.

    The course will last approximately 8 hours (2 hours theory + 6 hours practice) and will be conducted by master applicator Jorge Coimbra.

    Advanced microcement course for swimming pools

    Aimed at the veteran applicator who is skilled in the application of microcement and who is looking to take a further step in training by learning to coat microcement pools. This is a very complex subject for those who do not have much experience in the sector and have attended other courses before.

    With an approximate duration of 8 hours (1 h theory + 7 h practice), the master applicator César Orellana will teach the particularities of "Atlanttic", the two-component microcement for swimming pools designed exclusively by Topciment. A product that can also be used to coat other surfaces in permanent contact with water such as ponds or fountains.

    Advanced epoxy microcement course

    Designed for professionals with expertise in the application of different microcement systems and who now wish to train in our latest addition: Industtrial. A microcement that is more waterproof, harder and more resistant than conventional ones and developed especially for coating industrial environments.

    Course of about 8 hours (1 h theory + 7 h practice), where the teacher Jorge Coimbra will instruct on the characteristics, fields of application and techniques of this epoxy coating for interior.

    Other types of courses

    Advanced course in metallic coatings and paints

    Ideal for painters and stuccoists who are looking for further knowledge about different decorative coatings..

    With the help of Cédric Vichar, a prestigious Swiss applicator with international experience who specialises in metallic and oxide paints, you will learn about "Pure Mettal" system (high-gloss metallic coating); "Classic Mettal" system (coating with metallic particles to create oxide finishes); or "Elitte" system (range of glazes offering metallic and glitter finishes), among others.

    The course will last approximately 8 hours (1 h theory + 7 h practice).

    Courses à la carte

    We also offer on-demand courses for those interested in learning very specific knowledge that is not covered in the other courses.

    Training modalities of microcement

    We have several training courses that are adapted to the level of knowledge of each applicator.

    In order to make the learning as complete as possible, it is essential to choose the course that best suits your skills. All our courses on microcement application and continuous coatings are taught by master applicators with many years of experience and are available in four modalities: face to face, on-site training, online and video tutorials.

    Face-to-face courses

    Topciment's in-person courses can be held at our microcement factory or at the premises of a distributor in your area.

    Those taught in Topciment's microcement factory have a maximum capacity of 12 people. With this limitation we guarantee that each person will make the most of the course by having an individual work space, where they will apply the material on horizontal and vertical surfaces.

    As for the on-site courses at the distributor's facilities, which are previously trained by Topciment's team of expert applicators, they are subject to a minimum quota of places.

    On-site training courses

    Are you immersed in a construction site and need help? Don't worry. At Topciment we offer you our instructors to train your workers in the application of microcement or other decorative coatings.

    Online courses

    All the courses we give for the application of microcement, varnishes and decorative finishes can also be done at home.

    Topciment's online training courses are designed both for people who cannot travel to our facilities and for those who wish to reinforce their knowledge or review very specific concepts.

    nceptos muy específicos.

    Video tutorials

    We have video tutorials for those interested in learning very specific things about the application of microcement.

    In addition, those who take a face-to-face course will have unlimited access to our video tutorial platform for the next 3 months.

    Topciment Master Applicators

    The most important thing for us is to provide professionals with notions that they can implement quickly and effectively on the construction site, which will help them to improve their day-to-day work.

    For this reason, at Topciment we have specialist instructors with a long professional career who will individually supervise the work of each applicator, guiding and advising them at all times.

    And now, we introduce the Topciment trainers:

    cedric maestro aplicador

    Cédric Vichard

    Much more than a master applicator, Vichard is a renowned Swiss artist with whom products acquire another dimension when they pass through his hands. Specialist in the coating with metallic paints and oxides, he is able to coat from walls and floors to furniture, cars and even electric guitars.

    Jorge aplicador de microcemento

    Jorge Coimbra

    Trained at home, Coimbra has travelled half the world teaching our courses on the application of microcement. 15 years of experience make him the oldest instructor in Topciment.
    cesar aplicador microcemento

    César Orellana

    Although he started as a commercial technician, his extensive knowledge in the application of microcement led him to become a Topciment trainer at national level. Orellana leads, above all, the courses aimed at our distributors in Spain.

    Price of Topciment microcement courses

    The price of the Topciment training courses depends on several factors such as the level of specialisation.

    The cost will be lower in the introductory course, where a simple introduction to continuous coatings is made, and higher in the advanced courses.

    The cost of the material, which Topciment provides to each professional for the completion of the course, is another element that influences the amount. The material becomes more expensive the higher the level of specialisation is.

    The teaching staff also affects the price, as some of the instructors live outside Spain and come specifically to teach the course in Valencia. This travel costs are reflected in the final price of the course.

    Where do the courses of microcement take place?

    Topciment's microcement application courses are held in modern facilities covering 4,000 square metres.

    While the theoretical part takes place in a room with a capacity for 100 people, the practical part takes place in a large training room of 140 square meters where each professional has an adequate work space.

    Our microcement factory is located at Calle Viena 31 del Polígono Industrial Mas de Tous de Pobla de Vallbona (Valencia).