Natture lime mortar: what is it, types, advantages and what is it used for? 01/04/2022

Natture lime mortar

Discover what lime mortar is and what it is used for. We take a closer look at its benefits and properties compared to other materials, how it is made, types and colours.

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CE Marking and the importance of Topciment products having it 29/03/2022

 Tecnalia workers testing Topciment products.

Building materials require CE marking to be marketed, a symbol that not all companies have. Topciment® decorative systems do.

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Decorative painting: what it is, types and techniques 10/12/2021

 Microcemento epoxi pintura Topciment

Decorative painting is one of the smartest choices for transforming spaces. The textures and effects are varied. Discover the most popular types and techniques.

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Topciment launches Primacem Joint, a new filling and smoothing joint filler 13/10/2021

 Microcemento epoxi pintura Topciment

Topciment launches Primacem Joint, a new filling and smoothing putty with extraordinary adhesion and fast drying. A product suitable for interior and exterior use.

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Wall coverings : types, advantages and professional advices 8/10/2021

 Microcemento epoxi pintura Topciment

Find out about the main wall coverings on markets and their most outstanding advantages. Our experts will advise you which one to choose for each situation.

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All about epoxy floors: much more than industrial flooring 28/09/2021

 Microcemento epoxi pintura Topciment

Epoxy floors are one of the best quality continuous floorings. In this article we look at what this flooring consists of, as well as its main uses and advantages.

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Topciment launches Industtrial, a new epoxy coating for the industrial market 20/09/2021

 Microcemento epoxi Topciment

Topciment presents Industtrial, a new epoxy coating that joins its exclusive line of microcements. A product with superior mechanical resistance and hardness and 100% waterproof.

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Topciment certifies the quality of its products and services under the ISO 9001 standard 07/09/2021

imagen certificado iso

Topciment obtains ISO 9001:2015 certification for quality management in the design, development, manufacture and marketing of its decorative coatings.

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Microcement on walls: everything you need to know about its use 14/07/2021

Proyecto Carmen House con microcemento

Microcement has become an indispensable element for decorating spaces. Discover the 5 most used and trend-setting microcement colours.

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The 5 most used microcement colours in decoration 5/7/2021

Proyecto Carmen House con microcemento 17

Microcement has become an indispensable element for decorating spaces. Discover the 5 most used and trend-setting microcement colours.

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Venetian plaster: all about this wall decoration technique 29/06/2021

pared con estuco veneciano en salon Venetian plaster is one of the most widely used decorative techniques for walls and ceilings. Find out what it consists of, all its advantages and how to apply it correctly. Read more

Microcement in exteriors: floors that make a difference 22/06/2021

microcement en exteriores Outdoor microcement floors are a decorative trend on the rise. Find out about its advantages and make the most of a continuous paving that makes a difference. Read more

Microcement stairs: how to coat them correctly 9/05/2021

imagen escalera microcemento plata

Microcement stairs are the decorative element of the moment. Follow our tips and learn how to make microcement stairs step by step.

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How to apply microcement on old tiles: step by step 8/06/2021

baño con azulejos

Microcement is the best material for coating old tiles without building work. We explain how to apply microcement on tiles, step by step.

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Microcement worktops: aesthetics and functionality 5/05/2021

encimeras de cocina con microcemento

Microcement worktops are becoming more and more common due to their functionality, aesthetics and wide variety of uses. Find out about their main advantages.

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Opinions on microcement: pros and cons of this coating 23/4/2021

mircrocemento gris en suelo dormitorio

Microcement is very popular in interior and exterior decoration of homes and businesses. A coating that generates all kinds of opinions. In this article you will discover its main pros and cons.

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Polished concrete: qualities and differences with other coatings 21/4/2021


There is a lot of confusion about polished concrete. In this article you will find everything you need to know and didn't know: what it is, the differences with other coatings such as microcement or concrete and much more.

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How to clean microcement: specialised products and recommendations 31/3/2021

icono resistencia alcalis

Do you want to know everything about cleaning microcement? In this article you will find out which are the most suitable products for cleaning any surface covered with microcement: floors, walls, etc.

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Successfully applying microcement over underfloor heating 29/3/2021

imagen comedor con microcemento suelo radiante

Not only is it possible to apply microcement over underfloor heating, but it is also an alternative that offers numerous advantages. Take a look at this article and learn how to carry out a successful installation with the advice of our technical team.

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Microcement kitchens: advantages, styles and tip 17/3/2021

imagen isla cocina microcemento

Microcement in kitchens guarantees unique creations. At Topciment we tell you about its advantages and propose four styles of microcement kitchens. What are you waiting for to discover the latest trend in decoration?

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Microcement flooring: application, types, advantages and tips 17/3/2021

microcemento suelos

Microcement can be applied in many ways on a floor. In this article we tell you everything you need to know about microcement flooring: how it is applied, its main advantages, the types available and tips for use.

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Topciment launches its new water-based polyurethane varnish: Topsealer WT All in One 12/3/2021

imagen barniz microcemento

Topsealer WT All in One water-based polyurethane varnish joins the Topciment family of sealants. A new product to protect surfaces coated with our ready-to-use Efectto microcement better and for much longer. The mechanical and chemical resistance it offers is unbeatable.

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Tips to avoid stains and marks on microcement 14/3/2021

marcas aplicación microcemento

Learn about the main defects of a bad application of microcement on floors and walls. Our experts provide solutions to the main problems: stains and marks.

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Topciment obtains the INNOVATIVE SME seal as a reward for its efforts in research, development and innovation 9/3/2021

imagn pyme innovadora topciment

We have received the seal of INNOVATIVE SME from the Ministry of Science and Innovation. Great news that shows that the Ministry of Science and Innovation values Topciment's significant investment in R&D&I.

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Topciment continues its international expansion and registers its trademark in the United States 8/3/2021

imagen con fondo negro

At Topciment we are in luck. The TT brand has been registered in the United States by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This news confirms our growth and international expansion.

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Renovating your house without building work and in a short time is possible 16/11/2020

Habitación suelo con microcemento

It has been a few years since you bought your house with all the enthusiasm in the world, but the passage of time has taken its toll. With Topciment's microcement, a high performance decorative coating, you can renovate your house without building work and in a short time.

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Microcement in the bathroom: a trendy material for 2022 2/11/2020

pared lavabo con microcemento

If you are thinking of renovating or enlarging your bathroom in the coming months this article is for you. Microcement bathrooms will be a trend in 2023. Find out why here.

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8 reasons why microcement is the future of renovations 13/10/2020

topciment shka 2

Microcement is the decorative coating of the present, but above all of the future, as its many advantages over other materials make it ideal for creating all kinds of spaces and styles. Here we explain the main benefits of microcement that you will fall in love with and with which you will achieve the house of your dreams.

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Microcement swimming pools, the best possible option 2/10/2020


Having your own swimming pool is usually one of the most recurrent dreams. Who wouldn't want to spend the whole day soaking in the water or on the lawn of their house, sunbathing in the sun? And, if we want the best, a microcement pool is the perfect option.

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The most famous house on social media is designed with Topciment 26/08/2020

Proyecto carmen House con microcemento 5

The architect Carles Faus has designed the most viral house of the moment: a beautiful home located in Denia that stands out for its luminosity and its effect of continuity thanks to the application of microcement.

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We are already a registered trademark in China and Russia 22/06/2020

imagen con fondo negro

Our brand TT Topciment has been registered in China and Russia by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

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New anti-slip sealing varnish! 30/03/2020

imagen barniz anti-slip

Topsealer WT Ansti Slip joins the family of sealers to offer a key product for microcement surfaces: the anti-slip sealer.

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Topciment changes its image! 13/01/2020

imagen noticia Sttandard

From Topciment we have decided to go a step further in terms of design and we have updated our image and the aesthetics of our cubes.

We present our range of Sttandard products, with the same quality and features, but with a renewed image, much more visual and modern, without losing the essence of Topciment.

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Topciment presents Efectto! 13/01/2020

imagen microcemento listo al uso Efectto

Topciment presents Efectto , the new line of continuous and ready-to-use highly decorative coatings.

Efectto is a very wide range of products with a wide variety of finishes that will be unveiled in the coming months. The first of these new products to be unveiled is Efectto Quartz.

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What is the price of microcement per m2? Prices in 2023 13/01/2020

imagen microcemento topciment

Are you thinking about coating walls or floors with microcement? We discover the price of microcement per square meter in 2023 and the advantages of this material.

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Essays and AIDIMME certification 13/01/2020

microcemento aidimme

The certification tests carried out by AIDIMME consist of reproducing the conditions to which the products may be exposed and seeing how they respond. AIDIMME's laboratories are accredited by ENAC and other international bodies such as ISTA.

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Topciment recommends Festool for perfect application 13/01/2020

imagen festool

A good application of microcement is conditioned by is conditioned by several factors factors, the quality of the products quality products, the application technique application technique, but also but also the use of the best tools. tools.

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5 Mistakes to avoid when combining colours 13/01/2020

colores microcemento

On Topciment we we propose some tricks to get it right right when it comes to redefining the different spaces in the home.

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Topciment confirms its Participation in Cevisama 2018 in Feriavalencia 13/01/2020

feria microcemento

The Topciment team will be found at Cevisama 2018 in Feriavalencia to willingness of everyone who wants to solve his Doubts on.You we facilitate a link so that can get free admission.

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Topciment renews with CYPE for another year13/01/2020

imagen limpieza microcemento

Topciment has renewed for another year with Cype and with this agreement, it will continue to provide service to construction professionals in terms of preparing budgets for works with microcement.

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Slipperiness 13/01/2020

tests of slipperiness of microcement at the only testing laboratory in Spain specialised in this field

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