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    Microcemento bicomponente

    Two-component microcement

    This is the two-component product line (cement + resin). It is the traditional microcement and the most used. Its versatility offers a wide variety of finishes and allows its application on an infinite number of surfaces.

    Microcemento monocomponente

    One-component microcement

    It is the one-component microcement (cement + water). It simplifies mixing, preparation, possible application errors and even transport and storage costs.

    Microcemento para piscinas

    Microcement for pools New formula!

    It is the range of microcement two-component microcement (cement + resin) for swimming pools and for spaces in permanent contact with water. Its innovative formula substantially improves resistance in immersion.
    Microcemento listo al uso

    Ready to use microcement

    It is the ready-to-use microcement. Although it is synthetic, it offers a very natural, high quality and inimitable decorative finish. It reduces the effect of water marks while maintaining the texture of the microcement.

    Two-component epoxy microcement

    It is the epoxy microcement (arid + epoxy resin) used as a continuous coating for interior floors and walls. It stands out for its extraordinary hardness, excellent resistance to abrasion and traffic and greater impermeability than conventional microcement systems. Available in 16 colours.

    Tadelakt microcement New!

    It is a two-component lime-based microcement with a tadelakt and concrete appearance. Natural finish coating, greater hardness and workability.

    Microcemento metálico

    metallic coating

    Pure Mettal is the two-component metallic coating that stands out for its ability to create authentic and high-gloss metallic effects. It offers the possibility of obtaining oxidised finishes.

    Pintura metálica natural y óxido

    Rust-effect metal paint

    Classic Mettal is the ready-to-use range of coatings characterised by its ability to create authentic, high-quality rust effects.

    Efecto metálico y veladuras

    Metallic glazes

    It is the range of glazes with metallic reflections. It offers two varieties of results: metallic finish (Glaze) and glitter metallic finish (Glitter).

    Pintura para azulejos

    Tile paint

    Tile paint with extraordinary resistance and durability that does not require priming. Can be used in interiors and exteriors. Extra fast drying, resistant to running water and resistant to UV light. Available in 10 colours.


    Resin for microcement

    Acricem is our microcement resin par excellence. Water-based, this acrylic resin increases the mechanical resistance and waterproofing of the mortar. It is especially recommended for two-component microcement.

    promoter and microcement adhesion promoters

    Range of promoter and adhesion promoters for microcement by Topciment. A set of products that form part of the process prior to the application of microcement, facilitating and optimising the bond between the existing substrate and the new coating.

    Pigments and microcement colours

    This is Topciment's line of microcement pigments and colours. Composed of 13 basic colours (Arcocem Basic) that allow the creation of an infinite number of tones and colour ranges to achieve authentic and personalised finishes (Arcocem Plus).

    Sealers and microcement varnishes

    Topsealer is the set of sealants and varnishes for microcement. Products with high chemical and mechanical resistance that will protect surfaces covered with microcement for much longer.

    Microcement cleaning

    Highly specialised products for cleaning microcement. They are characterised by being biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

    Microcement care

    Maintenance waxes that give microcement floors an attractive natural shine and extra hardness. Essential products for the care and maintenance of microcement.

    Microcement tools

    Tools tested by Topciment for optimum application of microcement. We have mixing rods, aluminium trim, rubber and steel trowels, fibreglass mesh and short pile roller.